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Comparative Studies Policy Agendas

by Frank R. Baumgartner, Christoffer Green-Pedersen & Bryan D. Jones

Previously published as a special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy, this book draws on the insights of the existing literature on agenda setting and policy changes to explore the dynamics of attention...

The Constitutionalization of the European Union

by Berthold Rittberger & Frank Schimmelfennig

Previously published as a special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy, this volume presents a theory of constitutionalization as well as comparative analyses and case studies to underscore the claim...

Globalization and the Global Politi

by Barry K. Gills

This book brings together a set of distinguished academics and activists to analyze, critique, and debate the global politics of poverty and justice and the contemporary nature of globalization.

It examines...

The Global Politics of Globalization: "Empire" vs "Cosmopolis"

by Barry K. Gills

Are we moving inexorably towards a 'new empire' or is global civil society transforming global politics into a 'new cosmopolis'?

In The Global Politics of Globalization, the alternatives of 'Empire' and 'Cosmopolis'...

Politics of Rights - Cornwall: Dilemmas for Feminist Praxis

by Andrea Cornwall & Maxine Molyneux

Since the late 1990s, development institutions have increasingly used the language of rights in their policy and practice. This special issue on feminist perspectives on politics of rights explores the strategies,...

Managing Insecurity - Peake: Field Experiences of Security Sector Reform

by Gordon Peake, Eric Scheye & Alice Hills

Effective peacebuilding in the aftermath of civil war usually requires the deep reform of security institutions, a process frequently known as security sector reform. Nearly every major donor, as well as a growing...

Cultures Globalization - Archer: Coherence, Hybridity, Contestation

by Kevin Archer, M. Martin Bosman & M. Mark Amen

Much has been written about the economic and political implications of the contemporary process of globalization. Much less has been written about the specific cultural implications.

Previously published as...

Islamic Attitudes Israel - Karsh

by Efraim Karsh & P.R. Kumaraswamy

This book draws on the research of some of the leading scholars in the fields of Jewish-Islamic relations, the Israeli-Arab conflict and political Islam. These highly topical essays examine the relationship...

DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION IN UKRAINE: From Kuchmagate to Orange Revolution

by Taras Kuzio

In 2000 a beheaded journalist was found in a remote forest near Kyiv. The corpse led to a scandal when it was revealed that it was that of a journalist critical of the authorities. The President was heard on...

Environmentalism in the United Stat: Changing Conceptions of Activism

by Elizabeth Bomberg & David Schlosberg

Environmentalism - defined here as activism aimed at protecting the environment or improving its condition - is undergoing significant change in the United States. Under attack from the current administration...


by Susannah Verney

Euroscepticism has emerged as a growing constraint on European integration, starting with the Maastricht Treaty in the early 1990s, continuing with the mid-2000s constitutional debacle and intensifying with...


by Noel O'Sullivan

In its political form, the existence of a public realm is the basis of a shared relationship between rulers and ruled which makes politics more than mere power or domination. How to construct and maintain a...

Challenging Communism in Eastern Europe: 1956 and its Legacy

by Terry Cox

Marking the 50th anniversary of events in 1956, that were a major turning point in the history of communist-ruled Eastern Europe, this book contains a selection of some of the most recent research on those momentous...

INTEREST GROUP POLITICS IN EUROPE: Lessons from EU Studies and Comparative Politics

by Jan Beyers, Rainer Eising & William A. Maloney

Interest organizations have always assumed a prominent place in European politics because they link states with citizens, institutionalize the resolution of social conflicts, regulate important sectors of the...


by Richard Hoefer

This book provides fresh perspectives on the state of policy practice. Leading scholars explore such vital conceptual topics such as how to impact social justice, what the strengths-based perspective means to...

Global Governance Food - Curran

by Sara R. Curran, April Linton & Abigail Cooke

Food provides a particularly exciting and grounded research site for understanding the mechanisms governing global transactions in the 21st century. While food is intimately and fundamentally related to ecological...

Climate Change and Liberal Prioriti

by Gideon Calder & Catriona McKinnon

Can, and should, liberalism make itself hospitable to a politics which does justice to climate change? To what extent are the values, methods, and assumptions of liberalism adaptable to the challenges raised?...

Environmental Movements and Waste I

by Christopher Rootes & Liam Leonard

As rates of consumption grow, the problem of waste management has increased significantly. National and local waste authorities seek to manage such problems through the implementation of state regulation and...

Climate Change & Political Strategy

by Hugh Compston

Although the science of climate change is well-established and there are well-known policy instruments that could significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions without prohibitive economic costs, political...

The Internet and European Parliamentary Democracy: A Comparative Study of the Ethics of Political Communication in the Digital Age

by Xiudian Dai & Philip Norton

This book investigates the ethical challenges the internet presents to contemporary parliamentary democracy in Europe and how these challenges are being addressed. It fills an important gap: current literature...