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Rethinking the Rhetorical Presidency

by Jeffrey Friedman & Shterna Friedman

In The Rhetorical Presidency, Jeffrey Tulis argues that the president's relationship to the public has changed dramatically since the Constitution was enacted: while previously the president avoided any discussions...

Governing Through Pedagogy - Pykett: Re-Educating Citizens

by Jessica Pykett

This edited collection brings together researchers from education, human geography, sociology, social policy and political theory in order to consider the idea of the 'pedagogical state' as a means of understanding...

Democracy Promotion and the 'Colour Revolutions' - Stewart

by Susan Stewart

This book reviews the interplay between domestic contexts and democracy promotion efforts in selected countries of the former Soviet Union and the Western Balkans. The idea behind the six case studies is twofold....

Agency Governance in the Eu - Rittberger

by Berthold Rittberger & Arndt Wonka

The rapid proliferation of EU agencies represents one of the most significant changes to the EU's organisational set-up in past decades. At the same time, this development has significantly affected regulatory...

Migration, Work and Citizenship in the New Global Order

by Ronaldo Munck, Carl Ulrik Schierup & Raúl Delgado Wise

Any consideration of global migration in relation to work and citizenship must necessarily be situated in the context of the Great Recession. A whole historical chapter - that of neoliberalism - has now closed...

Situating Global Resistance - Coleman: Between Discipline and Dissent

by Lara Montesinos Coleman & Karen Tucker

The book examines some of the ways in which contemporary forms of political dissent are situated within processes of global ordering. Grounded in analysis of concrete practices of discipline and dissent in specific...

Democracy in Theory and Practice

by Stephen Elstub

Democracy is an issue of major importance in theory and practice in politics throughout the world. However, democracy's study and advancement has been significantly compromised by a dichotomy between theorising...

Marx for Today

by Marcello Musto

Since the onset of global crisis in recent years, academics and economic theorists from various political and cultural backgrounds have been drawn to Marx's analysis of the inherent instability of capitalism....

Fighting Corruption in Eastern Europe: A Multilevel Perspective

by Diana Schmidt-Pfister & Holger Moroff

Anti-corruption programmes, projects and campaigns have come to constitute an essential aspect of good governance promotion over the last two decades. The post-communist countries in Eastern Europe have presented...

Elites and Identities in Post-Soviet Space - Lane Society

by David Lane

The dissolution of the communist system led to the creation of new states and the formation of new concepts of citizenship in the post-Soviet states of Central and Eastern Europe.

The formation of national identity...

Antifeminism in America: A Historical Reader

by Gillian Swanson

The documents in this paperback inform the reader's understanding and appreciation of the social and political context of opposition in which the advocates of women's rights labored from 1848 to 1996. Arranged...

Black Conservatism: Essays in Intellectual and Political History

by Peter Eisenstadt

This volume is the first comprehensive examination of African American conservative thought and politics from the late eighteenth century to the present. The essays in the collection explore various aspects...

A Roadmap for Understanding African Politics: Leadership and Political Integration in Nigeria: Leadership and Political Integration in Nigeria

by Victor Oguejiofor Okafor

This book examines the impact of post-colonial leadership on political integration in Nigeria, offering an in-depth understanding of the historical and contemporary forces that shape Nigeria's national politics...

The Ngo Factor in Africa: The Case of Arrested Development in Kenya: The Case of Arrested Development in Kenya

by Maurice N. Amutabi

The book breaks new ground in understanding the role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Africa. The book historicizes NGOs using the Rockefeller Foundation as a case study, looking at its tripartite...

Africa and IMF Conditionality: The Unevenness of Compliance 1983-2000: The Unevenness of Compliance, 1983-2000

by Kwame Akonor

Ghana was one of the first African countries to adopt a comprehensive IMF reform program and the one that has sustained adjustment longest. Yet, questions of Ghana's compliance - to what extent did it comply,...

The Suppression of Dissent: How the State and Mass Media Squelch Usamerican Social Movements: How the State and Mass Media Squelch Usamerican Social M

by Jules Boykoff

Despite longstanding traditions of tolerance, inclusion, and democracy in the United States, dissident citizens and social movements have experienced significant and sustained - although often subtle and difficult-to...

Market Sense: Toward a New Economics of Markets and Society: Toward a New Economics of Markets and Society

by Philip Kozel

This book concentrates upon the historic associations of the marketplace in the work of Aristotle, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and demonstrates how what markets were imagined to entail for society was critical to...

The Politics of Moral Sin: Abortion and Divorce in Spain Chile and Argentina: Abortion and Divorce in Spain, Chile and Argentina

by Merike Blofield

This book analyzes the problems that arise when women's rights conflict with the views of conservative organized religion.

Specifically, it addresses the legalization - or lack thereof - of divorce and abortion...

Left in Transformation: Uruguayan Exiles and the Latin American Human Rights Networks 1967-1984: Uruguayan Exiles and the Latin American Human Rights

by Vania Markarian

This book takes an innovative look at international relations. Focusing on the worldwide campaign against abuses by the right-wing authoritarian regime in Uruguay (1973-1984), it explores how norms and ideas...

The Ecological Native: Indigenous Peoples' Movements and Eco-Governmentality in Columbia: Indigenous Peoples' Movements and Eco-Governmentality in Col

by Astrid Ulloa

This text analyzes indigenous peoples' processes of identity construction as ecological natives. It opens space for reconstructing all the different networks, conditions of emergence, and implications (political,...