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Soldiers, Spies and Statesmen: Egypt's Road to Revolt

by Hazem Kandil

Revolutions are difficult to understand, let alone predict. Egypt’s revolt last year was no exception. The military’s abandonment of Mubarak confused many observers, who had always assumed that the leader...

The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy Of American Empire

by Sam Gindin & Leo Panitch

The all-encompassing embrace of world capitalism at the beginning of the twenty-first century was generally attributed to the superiority of competitive markets. Globalization had appeared to be the natural...

Politics and Foreign Direct Investment

by Nathan Jensen & Glen Biglaiser

For decades, free trade was advocated as the vehicle for peace, prosperity, and democracy in an increasingly globalized market. More recently, the proliferation of foreign direct investment has raised questions...

Researching Black Communities: A Methodological Guide

by James S. Jackson & Cleopatra Howard Caldwell

Experts from a range of disciplines offer practical advice for conducting social science research in racial and ethnic minority populations. Readers will learn how to choose appropriate methods-longitudinal...

Local Government in Early America: The Colonial Experience and Lessons from the Founders

by Brian P. Janiskee

In Local Government in Early America, Brian P. Janiskee examines the origins of the 'town hall meeting' and other iconic political institutions, whose origins lie in our colonial heritage. This work offers an...

Capitalism at a Dead End: Job Destruction, Overproduction and Crisis in the High-Tech Era

by Fred Goldstein

Explaining how the recent U.S. economic crisis, which quickly spread around the world, marked a turning point in the history of capitalism, this book contends that the system will not bounce back and will not...

Beside the Golden Door: U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization

by Pia M. Orrenius & Madeline Zavodny

Beside the Golden Door: U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization proposes a radical overhaul of current immigration policy designed to strengthen economic competitiveness and long-run growth. Pia...

US Policy Towards the Muslim World: Focus on Post 9/11 Period

by M. Saleem Kidwai

The volume, comprised of fourteen contributions from specialists in the field, is a serious attempt to address and analyze key factors affecting US interests. It suggests measures for the US policy makers and...

Eternal Colonialism

by Russell Benjamin & Gregory O. Hall

This book examines 'eternal colonialism,' which describes policies designed by the Western world and United States to keep most of the world in a permanently subordinate political, economic, social, and military...

Go Get Mother's Picket Sign: Crossing Spheres With the Material Culture of Suffrage

by Cathleen Nista Rauterkus

This book tells the story of American suffragists within both political and domestic spheres, who worked to balance their public and private lives. The work is original and takes a fresh approach to this most...

Telling, Turning Moments in the Classical Political World

by Jan Blits

Turning, Telling Moments in the Classical Political World examines developments in the classical political world which are both turning and telling moments. All the moments-from Theseus's founding of Athens...

How Not to Be Governed: Readings and Interpretations from a Critical Anarchist Left

by James Martel, Jimmy Casas Klausen & Banu Bargu

How Not to Be Governed explores the contemporary debates and questions concerning anarchism in our own time. The authors address the political failures of earlier practices of anarchism, and the claim that anarchism...

Images for a Generation Doomed: The Films and Career of Gregg Araki

by Kylo-Patrick R. Hart

Images for a Generation Doomed: The Films and Career of Gregg Araki provides an interpretive critical history of director Gregg Araki's career trajectory to date. In doing so, Kylo-Patrick R. Hart articulates...

Fight for the Bay: Why a Dark Green Environmental Awakening is Needed to Save the Chesapeake Bay

by Howard R. Ernst

Hailed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as 'a must read for anyone concerned about environmental protection,' this challenging book provides a wake-up call for those concerned about the future of the Chesapeake Bay...

State Criminality: The Crime of All Crimes

by Dawn L. Rothe

Referencing a broad range of cases of state crime and international institutions of control, State Criminality provides a general framework and survey-style discussion of the field for teaching undergraduate...

Marxist Theory, Black/African Specificities, and Racism

by Babacar Camara

This book sheds a radical light on the issue of race, showing that social and racist discourses are ideological and political mystifications masking exploitation. It deals with substantive issues that have the...

The Book of the Poor: Who They Are, What They Say, and How To End Their Poverty

by Kenan Heise

This stirring work takes readers on a heartbreaking, illuminating, and inspiring journey into the homes and lives of the 16 percent who live below the poverty threshold. Author and retired Chicago Tribune reporter...

George Osborne: The Austerity Chancellor

by Janan Ganesh

“Ganesh’s dissection of what has driven the intellectual and political revival of the Tories is forensic and incisive.”

– Anne McElvoy, Mail on Sunday

“A lively account of the Chancellor’s career …...

When the Iron Lady Ruled Britain

by Robert Chesshyre

Returning to Britain in the mid-1980s after spending several years in the US as the Observer's Washington correspondent, Robert Chesshyre found a country shockingly altered by the rule of 'The Iron Lady', then...

BFF Economics: It's an Emergency!

by M. James, PhD Freeman

BFF ECONOMICS makes a compelling argument for how America's economy must change, and change quickly. The book explains in everyday terms and uses unique and powerful analysis how to best vote in November, and...