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Strategies of Democratization

by Tatu Vanhanen

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Political Economy of Reform and Change (Routledge Revivals)

by Jan Winiecki

First published in 1997, this collection of articles and essays analyses the political economy of reform and change in Eastern Europe during the years of Gorbachev's perestroika and the years immediately following...

The Democratic Experience and Political Violence

by David C. Rapoport & Leonard Weinberg

An incisive analysis of the connections between democracy and violence by acknowledged experts in the field. The connection between the two activities has often been largely ignored because of a widespread reluctance...

The IRA  1968-2000: An Analysis of a Secret Army

by J. Bowyer Bell

The study focuses on the intricate workings of an organization involved in armed struggle for over 30 years, and is based on thousands of interviews, accompanied by penetrating analysis.

Mediating in Cyprus: The Cypriot Communities and the United Nations

by Oliver P. Richmond

This study investigates the Cypriot parties' views of peacemaking, to shed light on the problem, and on the theoretical debates surrounding mediation.

Civil Society and Democracy in Africa: Critical Perspectives

by Nelson Kasfir

A careful and broad critique of the conventional wisdom in applying the concept of civil society to politics in sub-Saharan Africa, and particularly to democratization.

In Pursuit of Military Excellence: The Evolution of Operational Theory

by Shimon Naveh

This work offers an interpretation of the intermediate field of military knowledge situated between strategy and tactics and traces the evolution of operational awareness and its culmination in a full-fledged...

Security Challenges in the Mediterranean Region

by Roberto Aliboni, George Joffe & Tim Niblock

Contributions to this book question the concept of the clash of cultures. The challenge to the West does not lie in the monolith of Islam turning aggressively outward to Europe and the US, but in the rivalries...

Britain's Failure to Enter the European Community 1961-63

by George Wilkes

The essays collected here outline a number of factors which made the EC too young to be able to assimilate Britain's important interests, and the British over-optimistic in their approach to negotiations with...

Air Power at the Battlefront: Allied Close Air Support in Europe 1943-45

by Dr Ian Gooderson

Ian Gooderson presents a study of close air support in World War II, with the analysis focusing on the use of tactical air power by British and American forces during the campaigns in Italy and northwestern...

Military Legitimacy: Might and Right in the New Millennium

by Rudolph C. Barnes Jr

Focusing on the challenges faced by the US military in responding to "operations other than war" in the post-Cold War era, Rudolph Barnes makes a plea for the US government to address the "organizational bias...

Warriors in Peacetime: New Directions for Us Policy the Military and Democracy in Latin America

by Gabriel Marcella

What should military warriors do in peacetime? Such was the theme of an international conference at the Inter-American Defense College in 1992 which brought together diplomats, military officials and distinguished...

The Evolution of Soviet Operational Art  1927-1991

by David M. Glantz & Harold S. Orenstein

This collection of texts has been taken from formerly classified material in the official Red Army General Staff journal 'Military Thought'. The results are two volumes of great scope based on archival evidence....

Research Methods in Critical Security Studies: An Introduction

by Mark B. Salter & Can E. Mutlu

This new textbook surveys new and emergent methods for doing research in critical security studies, thereby filling a large gap in the literature of this emerging field. 

West African Studies

by Mary Kingsley

Contains important eye-witness accounts by English traders who had many years experience in the Delta area.

Where is Britain Going? (Routledge Revivals)

by León Trotsky

First Published in 1926, Where is Britain Going? focuses on the historical factors and circumstances which were to define Britain's development in the midst of social unrest at that time. The book considers...

Philosophy of Manufactures

by Andrew Ure

Andrew Ure (1778-1857) was a professor at the University of Glasgow and an enthusiast for the Industrial Revolution's new systems of manufacturing.

As we know, a consequence of these new developments was the...

Emerging Trends in Indian Politics: The Fifteenth General Election

by Ajay K Mehra

This study presents 13 articles interrogating themes likely to impinge on India's 15th general elections in 2009. These were written following intense discussion between the contributors and use available data...

Becoming a Borderland: The Politics of Space and Identity in Colonial Northeastern India

by Sanghamitra Misra

This book discusses the politics of space and identity in the borderlands of northeastern India between the early 1800s and the 1930s. Critiquing contemporary post-colonial histories where this region emerges...

India's Foreign Relations, 1947-2007

by Jayanta Kumar Ray

The book examines the lapses in leadership which led to certain crucial problems in foreign policy at the time of India's independence in 1947, unresolved even in the first decade of the 21st century. It argues...