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Fighting for Rights: From Holy Wars to Humanitarian Military Interventions

by Tal Dingott Alkopher

In the light of NATO's humanitarian war in Kosovo is it possible to understand or explain wars as an outcome of perceptions of rights? How did rights, be they divine rights in the Middle Ages, territorial rights...

European and American Extreme Right Groups and the Internet

by Manuela Caiani & Linda Parenti

How do right wing extremist organizations throughout the world use the Internet as a tool for communication and recruitment? What is its role in identity-building within radical right-wing groups and how do...

Rational Ritual: Culture, Coordination, and Common Knowledge (New in Paperback)

by Michael Suk-Young Chwe

Why do Internet, financial service, and beer commercials dominate Super Bowl advertising? How do political ceremonies establish authority? Why does repetition characterize anthems and ritual speech? Why were...

Out of Order: An Incisive and Boldly Original Critique of the News Media's Domination of Ameri

by Thomas E. Patterson

Why are our politicians almost universally perceived as liars? What made candidate Bill Clinton's draft record more newsworthy than his policy statements? How did George Bush's masculinity, Ronald Reagan's theatrics...

Down the Up Escalator: How the 99 Percent Live in the Great Recession

by Barbara Garson

One of our most incisive and committed journalists—author of the classic All the Livelong Day—shows us the real human cost of our economic follies.

The Great Recession has thrown huge economic chal­lenges...

Supreme Court Jurisprudence in Times of National Crisis, Terrorism, and War: A Historical Perspective

by Arthur H. Garrison

This book will provide the reader with a chronological review of the Supreme Court jurisprudence on the Commander-in-Chief power of the President and how the Court developed and enforced the boundaries around...

Negative Capitalism: Cynicism in the Neoliberal Era

by Taylor J.D.

Tested in the fire of violent politics, financial chicken, depression, online sex and cynicism, comes a vicious love-letter to contemporary life.

The Changing Role of Nationality in International Law

by Serena Forlati & Alessandra Annoni

The book explores the current role of nationality from the point of view of international law, reassessing the validity of the 'classical', state-centered, approach to nationality in light of the 'new' role...

Politics, Identity and Education in Central Asia: Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan

by P?nar Akçal? & Cennet Engin-Demir

Focusing on the areas of politics, identity and education, this book looks at some of the most pressing and challenging issues that Kyrgyzstan faces in the post-Soviet era. It argues that Kyrgyzstan is challenged...

Sustainable Practices: Social Theory and Climate Change

by Elizabeth Shove & Nicola Spurling

Climate change is widely agreed to be one the greatest challenges facing society today. Mitigating and adapting to it is certain to require new ways of living. Thus far efforts to promote less resource-intensive...

Power, Realism and Constructivism

by Stefano Guzzini

This book brings together Stefano Guzzini's research on power, realism and constructivism, framed by a new and substantial introductory chapter. It explores the diversity of different schools and their intrinsic...

State Violence and the Execution of Law: Biopolitcal Caesurae of Torture, Black Sites, Drones

by Joseph Pugliese

State Violence and the Execution of Law stages a provocative analysis of how the biopolitical divide between human and animal has played a fundamental role in enabling state violence, including torture, secret...

African Agency in International Politics

by William Brown & Sophie Harman

This book analyses the rapidly increasing role of African states, leaders and other political actors in international politics in the 21st Century.

In contrast to the conventional approach of studying how external...

The Death of the Grown-Up

by Diana West

Diana West sees a US filled with middle-age guys playing air guitar and thinks "No wonder we can't stop Islamic terrorism."  She sees Moms Who Mosh and wonders "Is there a single adult left anywhere?" ...

The Civic Health Diagnostic Workbook

by Sarah J. Read & Dave Overfelt

The Civic Health Diagnostic Workbook was written with purpose: to help you diagnose your community's "civic health", plan for effective public engagement, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your engagement...

Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Why Public Efforts to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Have Failed--and What to Do About It

by Josh Lerner

Silicon Valley, Singapore, Tel Aviv--the global hubs of entrepreneurial activity--all bear the marks of government investment. Yet, for every public intervention that spurs entrepreneurial activity, there are...

Whatever Happened to Class?: Reflections from South Asia

by Ronald J. Herring, Rina Agarwala & Christopher Candland

Class explains much in the differentiation of life chances and political dynamics in South Asia, yet has fallen from favor. In this volume, original empirical work investigates the contributions and limits of...

No Votes for Women: The New York State Anti-Suffrage Movement

by Susan Goodier

An evenhanded look at the women who fought not to vote

The Normalization of War in Israeli Discourse, 1967 2008

by Dalia Gavriely-Nury

The Normalization of War in Israeli Discourse, 1967–2008, by Dalia Gavriely-Nuri, provides intensive research on various manifestations of the Israeli “war-normalizing discourse,” a set of linguistic,...

China and East Asia's Post-Crises Community: A Region in Flux

by Wei Liang & Faizullah Khilji

China and East Asia’s Post-Crises Community: A Region in Flux, by Wei Liang and Faizullah Khilji, explores how an East Asian community is taking shape as a result of China’s emergence as a global economic...