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Empire and International Order

by Noel Parker

Empire and International Order presents a critical examination of how useful the concept of empire is for understanding varieties of international order across time and place. Original contributions from an...

Water Governance as Connective Capacity

by Jurian Edelenbos & Nanny Bressers

Bringing together case studies from countries including The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Italy, India, Canada and the United States, the book focuses on the question of how to deal...

Building Walls and Dissolving Borders: The Challenges of Alterity, Community and Securitizing Space

by Max O. Stephenson Jr. & Laura Zanotti

This book explores walls as the consequence of a changing web of social relationships. Whether walls are physical objects on the landscape or metaphors for difference among specific groups or communities, the...

Towards an African Peace and Security Regime: Continental Embeddedness, Transnational Linkages, Strategic Relevance

by Ulf Engel & João Gomes Porto

This book provides an informed and critical reflection on the adequacy of the emerging African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) to the medium- and long-term challenges and opportunities of conflict prevention,...

Courtyard Housing and Cultural Sustainability: Theory, Practice, and Product

by Donia Zhang

Using an innovative architectural and social science approach, this book examines the political, economic, social, and spatial factors that affect cultural sustainability. Supported by a multiplicity of data...

The Dream Palace of the Arabs: A Generation's Odyssey

by Fouad Ajami

From Fouad Ajami, an acclaimed author and chronicler of Arab politics, comes a compelling account of how a generation of Arab intellectuals tried to introduce cultural renewals in their homelands through the...

Doing What's Right: How to Fight for What You Believe--And Make a Difference

by Tavis Smiley

In Doing What's Right, Tavis Smiley shows how each one of us can battle complacency and fight for the causes we support. Smiley is the host of "Black Entertainment Television Tonight with Tavis Smiley," a one-hour...

America by Heart

by Sarah Palin

In the fall of 2009, with the publication of her #1 national bestselling memoir, Sarah Palin had the privilege of meeting thousands of everyday Americans on her extraordinary 35-city book tour. Inspired by these...

The Small Nation Solution: How the World's Smallest Nations Can Solve the World's Biggest Problems

by John H. Bodley

In The Small Nation Solution, John Bodley argues that the contemporary global problems of poverty, conflict, and environmental degradation are problems of scale and power. Bodley’s solution involves keeping...

Almost President: The Men Who Lost the Race But Changed the Nation

by Scott Farris

Updated with a new section on the 2012 presidential election: Profiles of twelve men who have run for the presidency and lost, but who, even in defeat, have had a greater impact on American history than many...

The Making of the Great Communicator: Ronald Reagan's Transformation from Actor to Governor

by Kenneth Holden

One week after Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for governor of California, the San Francisco Chronicle gibed: “It was simply a flagrant example of miscasting.” Reagan was tanking, and his businessmen...

To Sin Against Hope: Life and Politics on the Borderland

by Alfredo Gutierrez

Alfredo Gutierrez’s father, a US citizen, was deported to Mexico from his Arizona hometown—the mining town where Alfredo grew up. This occurred during a wave of anti-immigrant hysteria stoked by the Great...

Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control

by Medea Benjamin & Barbara Ehrenreich

Drone Warfare is the first comprehensive analysis of one of the fastest growing—and most secretive—fronts in global conflict: the rise of robot warfare. In 2000, the Pentagon had fewer than fifty aerial...

The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story Behind the Wikileaks Whistleblower

by Chase Madar

Bradley Manning was arrested, imprisoned in solitary confinement for nine months, and court-martialed for leaking nearly half a million classified government documents, including the infamous “Collateral Murder”...

The Roberts Court: The Struggle for the Constitution

by Marcia Coyle

The Roberts Court, seven years old, sits at the center of a constitutional maelstrom. Through four landmark decisions, Marcia Coyle, one of the most prestigious experts on the Supreme Court, reveals the fault...

Critically examine the factors that have contributed to nationalism and xenophobia in Germany after reunification

by Florian Mayer

For at least the last two-and-a-half decades, critical theory in the humanities and social sciences has been concerned, amongst other things, with exploring the myths and fictions of nationalist thought. Instead...

Tourism and nation-building in South Sulawesi: Tourism promotion as threat for national unity?

by Marion Zimmermann

In the 1970s the aim of the new Indonesians government was to lead the diverse, multicultural state to a national unity. This was a difficult task for which good ideas were necessary. By promoting tourism the...

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of global free trade? Does it exist in practice?

by Anne Uhlhaas

The posed question comprises three different issues which have to be investigated. The first thing, implied in this question is, whether or not there are more arguments for or against global free trade both...

Enlargement of the EU is primarily a political and not an economic project. Discuss.

by Anne Uhlhaas

The posed question comprises three different issues which have to be investigated. To answer the question properly you have to fragment the project of enlargement and analyse enlargement in terms of reasons...

The EU's Northern Dimension - rich in rhetoric, poor in substance?

by Ralf Segeth

It has been maintained that the European Union can best be considered a political system. Following this argument, foreign policy making in the EU should also be approached from a systemic perspective. Roughly,...