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Shaping U.S. Military Forces for the Asia-Pacific: Lessons from Conflict Management in Past Great Power Eras

by Michael R. Kraig

Shaping U.S. Military Forces for the Asia-Pacific examines how U.S. Joint Forces should be used to face the threat of a rising China at a time when future crises and even wars are likely to be defined by relatively...

A War Like No Other: The Truth about China's Challenge to America

by Richard C. Bush & Michael E. O'Hanlon

"Nobody approaches the objectivity and precision of Bush and O'Hanlon when it comes to analysis of the military and political dimensions of the Taiwan issue. This is one challenge that U.S. policymakers and...

How the End Begins

by Ron Rosenbaum

The president loses control of fifty nukes for nearly an hour. Russian nuclear bombers almost bump wingtips with American fighter jets over the Pacific coast. North Korea detonates nuclear weapons underground....

The Legacy of the Cold War: Perspectives on Security, Cooperation, and Conflict

by Zhu Liqun, Vojtech Mastny, Lawrence S. Kaplan & Vincent Keating et al.

In The Legacy of the Cold War Vojtech Mastny and Zhu Liqun bring together scholars to examine the worldwide effects of the Cold War on international security. Focusing on regions where the Cold War made the...

Peddling Peril

by David Albright


With the revelation of Iran’s secret uranium...

America's Strategy in Southeast Asia: From Cold War to Terror War

by James A. Tyner

Since the end of the Second World War, Southeast Asia has served as a surrogate space to further American imperial interests, which are economic, political, territorial, and moral in scope. America's Strategy...

Mortal Crimes: The Greatest Theft in History: The Soviet Penetration of the Manhattan Project

by Nigel West

An in-depth investigation shows how the Soviet Union successfully infiltrated America's atomic bomb project.

National Security and Arms Control in the Age of Biotechnology: The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention

by Daniel M. Gerstein

Daniel M. Gerstein, a former Army Colonel and current Under Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, traces the origins of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention while prescribing ways for the...


by Kenneth Pollack

The world’s foremost expert on Middle Eastern relations examines Iran’s current nuclear potential and charts America’s future course of action.

Banning Landmines: Disarmament, Citizen Diplomacy, and Human Security

by Jody Williams, Stephen D. Goose & Mary Wareham

Banning Landmines: Disarmament, Citizen Diplomacy, and Human Security looks at accomplishments and setbacks in the crucial first decade of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. Edited by Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams...

America Unbound: The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy

by Ivo H. Daalder & James M. Lindsay

"A splendidly illuminating book."

-The New York Times

Like it or not, George W. Bush has launched a revolution in American foreign policy. He has redefined how America engages the world, shedding the constraints...

Brokering Peace in Nuclear Environments

by Moeed Yusuf

One of the gravest issues facing the global community today is the threat of nuclear war. As a growing number of nations gain nuclear capabilities, the odds of nuclear conflict increase. Yet nuclear deterrence...


by Phyl Amadi

Phyl Amadi looks back at life growing up in Nigeria in this collection of essays that celebrates a time of simplicity when tribes lived in harmony.

But that idyllic life did not last: He also lived through the...

Gun Control

by Beverly L. Norwood

This book is an exploration of the gun control debate. The pros and cons of the gun control controversy are examined. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is reviewed. Gun Violence Statistics...

Peacebuilding with Women in Ukraine: Using Narrative to Envision a Common Future

by Maureen Flaherty

Peacebuilding with Women in Ukraine: Using Narrative to Envision a Common Future, by Maureen P. Flaherty, explores the process and outcome of a participatory action study that invited women from two diverse...

Building Your IR Theory Toolbox

by Eric K. Leonard

This concise and accessible text provides a balanced introduction to international relations theory, recognizing that theories are the framework students use to understand the world around them. When exploring...

Selling Reagan's Foreign Policy

by N. Stephen Kane

This book examines President Reagan’s and his administration’s efforts to mobilize public and congressional support for seven of the president’s controversial foreign policy initiatives. Each chapter deals...

Weapon of Choice

by Matthew Ford

This book examines Western military technological innovation through the lens of developments in small arms during the twentieth century. These weapons have existed for centuries, appear to have matured only...

Dark Beyond Darkness

by James G. Blight & janet M. Lang

In Dark Beyond Darkness, James Blight and janet Lang, among the world’s foremost authorities on the Cuban missile crisis, synthesize the findings from their thirty-year project on the most dangerous moment...

Can the World Tolerate an Iran with Nuclear Weapons?

by Amos Yadlin, Charles Krauthammer, Vali Nasr & Fareed Zakaria et al.

With tensions between Iran, Israel, and Western powers reaching new highs over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear enrichment program, the tenth edition of the Munk Debates investigates how the world should respond...