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The Education of the Negro

by Charles Dudley Warner

Right before his death in 1900, American essayist Charles Dudley Warner delivered in Washington an essential lecture about African Americans, education and citizenship, "The Education of the Negro". 

This short...

Courting Migrants

by Katrina Burgess

Migrants have, for some time, engaged in the politics of their homelands from a distance, but, as this book argues, politicians are increasingly looking beyond their national boundaries for electoral and political...

Never Trump

by Robert P. Saldin & Steven M. Teles

As it became increasingly apparent that Donald Trump might actually become the Republican party's 2016 presidential nominee, alarmed conservatives coalesced behind a simple, uncompromising slogan: Never Trump....

Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop

by Lee Drutman

American democracy is at an impasse. After years of zero-sum partisan trench warfare, our political institutions are deteriorating. Our norms are collapsing. Democrats and Republicans no longer merely argue;...

Journalism and Truth in an Age of Social Media

by James E. Katz & Kate K. Mays

Truth qualities of journalism are under intense scrutiny in today's world. Journalistic scandals have eroded public confidence in mainstream media while pioneering news media compete to satisfy the public's...

The Long Southern Strategy

by Angie Maxwell & Todd Shields

The Southern Strategy is traditionally understood as a Goldwater and Nixon-era effort by the Republican Party to win over disaffected white voters in the Democratic stronghold of the American South. To realign...

We’re Going to Run This City

by Stefan Epp-Koop

Stefan Epp-Koop?s "We?re Going to Run This City: Winnipeg?s Political Left After the General Strike" explores the dynamic political movement that came out of the largest labour protest in Canadian history and...

Schuman report on Europe

by Pascale Joannin

A complete book to understand better the affairs of the European Union in 2019, drafted by specialists.

The Schuman Report 2019 on the State of the Union offers a complete panorama of the European Union.

The latest...

Orange Chinook

by David Taras, Richard Sutherland, Keith Brownsey & Duane Bratt et al.

In 2015, the New Democratic Party won an unprecedented victory in Alberta. Unseating the Progressive Conservatives-who had won every provincial election since 1971-they formed an NDP government for the first...

State Capture

by Alex Hertel-Fernandez

Most Americans pay little attention to the massive number of elections that occur at the state level every year. Yet cumulatively, a party's success in state-level races across the country can produce major...

Political Realignment

by Russell J. Dalton

The process of electoral change is accelerating in contemporary democracies, and this book explains why. The emergence of Green parties in the 1980s and recent far right parties, Brexit and Trump's 2016 victory...


by Kathleen Hall Jamieson

The question of how Donald Trump won the 2016 election looms over his presidency. In particular, were the 78,000 voters who gave him an Electoral College victory affected by the Russian trolls and hackers? Trump...

Ideology and Identity

by Pradeep K. Chhibber & Rahul Verma

Indian party politics, commonly viewed as chaotic, clientelistic, and corrupt, is nevertheless a model for deepening democracy and accommodating diversity. Historically, though, observers have argued that Indian...

The Dravidian Years

by S. Narayan

From Haryana to Gujarat to Maharashtra, numerous Indian states have been witness to protests by backward classes pressing for quotas and reservations. In stark contrast is the exemplary case of Tamil Nadu, which...

Nixon & Rockefeller

by Stewart Alsop

A fascinating analysis of two of the most important figures in 1960s American politics, written during their battle for the GOP presidential nomination.


Richard Milhous Nixon was one of the most controversial...

A Thousand Days

by Arthur M. Schlesinger

Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner: “Of all the Kennedy books . . . this is the best.” —Time

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. served as special assistant to President John F. Kennedy throughout...

The Resistance

by David S. Meyer & Sidney Tarrow

Even before the 2016 presidential election took place, groups and individuals angry at Donald Trump, and frightened about what a Trump presidency could mean, were taking to the streets. After the election, and...

The Oxford Handbook of Polling and Survey Methods

by Lonna Rae Atkeson & R. Michael Alvarez

The methodologies used to study public opinion are now in flux. The primary polling method of the last half-century, the telephone survey, is rapidly becoming obsolete as a data collection method. At the same...

Ctrl Alt Delete

by Tom Baldwin

We all know something has gone wrong: people hate politics, loathe the media and are now scared of each other too. Journalist and one-time senior political advisor Tom Baldwin tells the riveting--often terrifying--story...

Electoral Rules and Democracy in Latin America

by Cynthia McClintock

During Latin America's third democratic wave, a majority of countries adopted a runoff rule for the election of the president, effectively dampening plurality voting, opening the political arena to new parties,...