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Governments, Ngos and Anti-Corruption: The New Integrity Warriors

by Luís|Hindess, Barry de Sousa & Peter Larmour

The purpose of this book is to understand the rise, future and implications of two important new kinds of "integrity warriors" - official anti-corruption agencies (ACAs) and anti-corruption NGOs - and to locate...

21st-Century Diplomacy: A Practitioner's Guide

by Kishan S. Rana

Text that focuses on the contemporary practice of diplomacy, looking

at how states deal with each other and analyzing elements of change.

The Europeanization of Judicial Review

by Nicola Ch. Corkin

Europeanization of Judicial Review argues that the higher complexity of the political framework in which laws are made today leads to less well-designed laws and loop-holes, allowing politicians to leave decisions...

Policy change in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: How EU institutions matter

by Florian Trauner & Ariadna Ripoll Servent

The EU plays an increasingly important role in issues such as the fight against organised crime and the management of migration flows, transforming the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ) into a priority...

Local Governance Innovation in China: Experimentation, Diffusion, and Defiance

by Jessica C. Teets & William Hurst

Despite a centralized formal structure, Chinese politics and policy-making have long been marked by substantial degrees of regional and local variation and experimentation. These trends have, if anything, intensified...

Routledge Handbook of Latin America in the World

by Jorge I Dominguez & Ana Covarrubias

The Handbook of Latin America in the World explains how the Latin American countries have both reacted and contributed to changing international dynamics over the last 30 years. It provides a comprehensive picture...

In Pursuit of Prosperity: U.S Foreign Policy in an Era of Natural Resource Scarcity

by David Reed

In Pursuit of Prosperity provides a much needed exploration of the evolution of environmental sustainability in U.S. foreign policy.

Through expert analysis of nine countries and regions of strategic importance,...

A Different Democracy: American Government in a 31-Country Perspective

by Steven L. Taylor, Matthew Soberg Shugart & Arend Lijphart

Four distinguished scholars in political science analyze American democracy from a comparative point of view, exploring how the U.S. political system differs from that of thirty other democracies and what those...

Party Politics in Japan: Political Chaos and Stalemate in the 21st Century

by Ronald J. Hrebenar & Akira Nakamura

    The Japanese political system is a parliamentary democracy and was the first western style government in Asia when the parliamentary system was adopted in the 1880s. It has a multiparty system, free elections,...

System and Succession: The Social Bases of Political Elite Recruitment

by John B. Nagle

System and Succession provides a comparative analysis of the social composition of national political leadership in the United States, Russia, Germany, and Mexico. These systems were chosen as case studies because...

Putin's Oil: The Yukos Affair and the Struggle for Russia

by Martin Sixsmith

Putin's Oil relates Vladimir Putin's war for control of Russia's vast oil reserves, in particular Mikhail Khodorkovsky's oil firm, Yukos.

The Political Economy of Development in Kenya

by Sr., Kempe Ronald Hope

This critical analysis of sustainable development in post-independence Kenya offers a comprehensive policy framework within the context of the opportunities provided by the 2010 constitution.

Failed States and Institutional Decay: Understanding Instability and Poverty in the Developing World

by Natasha M. Ezrow & Erica Frantz

What do we mean by failed states and why is this concept important to study? The �failed states� literature is important because it aims to understand how state institutions (or lack thereof) impact conflict,...

Dictators and Dictatorships: Understanding Authoritarian Regimes and Their Leaders

by Natasha M. Ezrow & Erica Frantz

Discusses how dictatorships work, looking at leaders, elites, and regime dynamics, synthesizing foundational and cutting-edge research on authoritarian politics, and integrating theory with case studies.

Federalism: A Normative Theory and its Practical Relevance

by Kyle Scott

Using case studies from around the world, the book develops a new theory of federalism, showing that it can enhance deliberative democracy and civil society.

Conflict Resolution of the Boruca Hydro-Energy Project: Renewable Energy Production in Costa Rica

by Jurgen Carls, Warren R. Haffar & Lauren E. Jones

A�case study that�profiles the�best practices for sustainable development, indigenous human rights, and conflict resolution, providing original insights into Latin American environmental and development...

Political Attitudes in Venezuela: Societal Cleavages and Political Opinion

by Enrique A. Baloyra & John D. Martz

Here is a benchmark study of voter attitudes in a Latin American country. This volume is based on extensive survey research conducted during the Venezuelan elections of 1973. The methods employed by Baloyra...

Comparing Asian Politics: India, China, and Japan

by Sue Ellen M. Charlton

Well-written and comprehensive, this text provides a political and cultural comparative perspective on India, China, and Japan.

Summary of Democracy's Good Name: The Rise and Risks of the World's Most Popular Form of Government - Michael Mandelbaum

by Capitol Reader

This ebook consists of a summary of the ideas, viewpoints and facts presented by Michael Mandelbaum in his book “Democracy's Good Name: The Rise and Risks of the World’s Most Popular Form of Government ”....

Summary of The Most Exclusive Club: A Modern History of the United States Senate - Lewis L. Gould

by Capitol Reader

This ebook consists of a summary of the ideas, viewpoints and facts presented by Lewis L. Gould in his book “The Most Exclusive Club, A Modern History of the United States Senate”. This summary offers a...