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Minorities of Europeanization

by Hakan Ovunc Ongur

What are the societal effects of Europeanization? How successful is the EU’s project to create an overarching European identity representative of all its citizens, transcending national boundaries, and including...


by Pam Parry & Mary Jean Eisenhower

In the 1950s, public relations practitioners tried to garner respectability for their fledgling profession, and one international figure helped in that endeavor. President Dwight D. Eisenhower embraced public...

Reflections on War and Peace and the Constitution

by George Anastaplo

The attitudes and assumptions of different cultures and historical periods toward war and the maintenance of peace are reviewed by recalling authors who include Euripides, Sophocles, Plato, Cervantes, Shakespeare,...

Imagination in Politics

by Mihaela Czobor-Lupp

Imagination is a complex and ambiguous culture-making power, which, while central to politics, is a rather marginal concept in contemporary political theory. By drawing on works of modern and contemporary Continental...

Engaging Enemies

by Simon Griffiths

Friedrich Hayek was a founding figure of the neo-liberalism that flourished in the 1980s. Yet, despite his antagonistic relationship with socialism, his work became a surprising source of inspiration for several...

Why Are You Here?

by Franklin L. Kury

Why Are You Here?: A Primer for State Legislators and Citizens is a challenge to America’s 7,382 state legislators and their constituents to critically examine their state legislature and take appropriate...

Bearing Society in Mind

by Samuel A Chambers

Political and economic models of society often operate at a level of abstraction so high that the connections between them, and their links to culture, are beyond reach. Bearing Society in Mind challenges these...

Universities in Decline

by Howard J. Wiarda

Universities in Decline examines the declining role of universities in policy generation and analyzes the increasing political influence of Washington-based institutions. This provocative new book identifies...

An Exemplary Whig

by David M. Gold

Historians have paid surprisingly little attention to state-level political leaders and judges. Edward Kent (1802–77) was both. He served three terms as a state legislator, two as mayor of Bangor, two as governor,...

Groupthink Versus High-Quality Decision Making in International Relations

by Mark Schafer & Scott Crichlow

Are good and bad outcomes significantly affected by the decision-making process itself? Indeed they are, in that certain decision-making techniques and practices limit the ability of policymakers to achieve...

The Police Power

by Markus Dirk Dubber

Mention the phrase Homeland Security and heated debates emerge about state uses and abuses of legal authority. This timely book is a comprehensive treatise on the constitutional and legal history behind the...

Wily Elites and Spirited Peoples in Machiavelli's Republicanism

by David N. Levy

In Wily Elites and Spirited People in Machiavelli's Republicanism, David N. Levy uses Machiavelli’s conflict between the elite and the people as the lens through which to understand the other major features...

The Supreme Court against the Criminal Jury

by John A. Murley & Sean D. Sutton

The Supreme Court against the Criminal Jury: Social Science and the Palladium of Liberty is an analysis of the United States Supreme Court decisions in what has come to be called the “jury-size” and “jury-decision...


by Le Duc de

These maxims, of the French Duc, remain one of the best books of its kind, and have been translated into many languages, and frequently into English.

The present edition by John Heard, noted translator of Ronsard,...

The Religious Origins of American Freedom and Equality

by David Peddle

The metaphor of a “wall of separation” between church and state obscures the substantial connection that exists between the Christian religion and American liberalism. The central thesis of this work challenges...

Political Scandals

by La Trice M. Washington

This book questions whether the consequences associated with non sex-based scandals carry greater penalties than sex based political scandals in the 21st century. With analysis of over 50 political scandals,...

Beyond Global Governance

by James A. Yunker

In these ground-breaking essays, James A. Yunker issues a powerful challenge to conventional thinking on world government. Based on an innovative plan for a limited world government tentatively designated the...

Freedom's Right

by Axel Honneth

Theories of justice often fixate on purely normative, abstract principles unrelated to real-world situations. The philosopher and theorist Axel Honneth addresses this disconnect, and constructs a theory of justice...

Harvard and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (WCFIA)

by Howard J. Wiarda

Harvard's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (WCFIA) is one of the nation's premier institutions for research on foreign policy, comparative politics, security policy, and international relations....

The German Stranger

by William H. F. Altman & Michael Zank

Leo Strauss's connection with Martin Heidegger and Carl Schmitt suggests a troubling proximity to National Socialism but a serious critique of Strauss must begin with F. H. Jacobi. While writing his dissertation...