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Spaces of Governmentality

by Martina Tazzioli

Much work has been done on the causes and characteristics of the Arab Spring, but relatively little research has examined the political and spatial consequences that have developed following the uprisings.


Minorities of Europeanization

by Hakan Ovunc Ongur

What are the societal effects of Europeanization? How successful is the EU’s project to create an overarching European identity representative of all its citizens, transcending national boundaries, and including...

49 Myths about China

by Marte Kjær Galtung & Stig Stenslie

Communism is dead in China. “China Inc.” is buying up the world. China has the United States over a barrel. The Chinese are just copycats. China is an environmental baddie, China is colonizing Africa. Mao...

Building Hegemonic Order Russia's Way

by Michael O. Slobodchikoff

This book examines Russia’s emergence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its creation of a security architecture in the post-Soviet space. Many scholars argue that Russia is a coercive power in the...

Re-Imagining a Politics of Life

by Leonie Ansems de Vries

The prominence and variety of global movements of resistance indicates that the idea of politics as governance is contested. However, the political canon continues to reinforce a narrow definition of politics...

Agency Change

by John Robert Kelley

Agency Change focuses on changes in diplomatic agency and on power, which is what makes actors in world politics relevant. It looks at the means of diplomatic action through the power of idea entrepreneurship,...

Unlearning the Soviet Tongue

by Natalia Kovalyova

How do countries democratize? What route does the way out of totalitarianism take? Students of Russian politics have pursued answers to these questions by surveying Russians on a variety of attitudes, beliefs,...

Justice Belied

by Sébastien Chartrand & John Philpot

For the first time in a book, defence counsel, investigators, journalists, and academics pool their knowledge and experience to answer the burning questions. What has happened to the fundamental principles of...

The Responsibility to Protect in Darfur

by Abdel Salam Sidahmed, Walter C. Soderlund & Donald E. Briggs

Long-simmering conflict in the Sudanese region of Darfur came to a boil in the spring of 2003 and became a focus of American media attention in September 2004. After the genocide in Rwanda the international...

Historical Dictionary of the International Monetary Fund

by Sarah Tenney & Norman K. Humphreys

In its more than 65 years of existence, the International Monetary Fund has evolved from a small, obscure international agency, with new and uncertain responsibilities, into a powerful institution that today...

China's Democratic Future

by Bruce Gilley

The end of communist rule in China will be one of the most momentous events of the twenty-first century, sounding the death knell for the Marxist-Leninist experiment and changing the lives of a fifth of humanity....

America's Search for Security

by Sean Kay

This book details the ways in which America’s ascendancy to global superpower status was the result of its dueling foreign policy philosophies and forces: an historically expansive idealism balanced with an...

What Diplomats Do

by Brian Barder & Sir Ivor Roberts

What do diplomats actually do? That is what this text seeks to answer by describing the various stages of a typical diplomat’s career. The book follows a fictional diplomat from his application to join the...

Renegade Regimes

by Miroslav Nincic

Rogue states pursue weapons of mass destruction, support terrorism, violate human rights, engage in acts of territorial aggression, and pose a threat to the international community. Recent debates and policy...

American War Machine

by Peter Dale Scott

This provocative, thoroughly researched book explores the covert aspects of U.S. foreign policy. Prominent political analyst Peter Dale Scott marshals compelling evidence to expose the extensive growth of sanctioned...

North Korean Foreign Policy

by Yongho Kim

North Korean Foreign Policy: Security Dilemma and Succession, by Yongho Kim, starts from the point of view that North Korea's provocations have been motivated more by fear than by her in-born provocative nature....

Hemispheric Giants

by Britta H. Crandall

Tracing the full arc of U.S.-Brazilian interaction, Hemispheric Giants thoroughly explores the enigmatic and often-misunderstood nature of the relationship between the two largest countries in the Western Hemisphere....

British Foreign Policy, National Identity, and Neoclassical Realism

by Amelia Hadfield-Amkhan

This groundbreaking study offers a genuinely multidisciplinary exploration of cultural influences on foreign policy. Through an innovative blend of historical analysis, neoclassical realist theory, and cultural...

Future Oil Demands of China, India, and Japan

by George G. Eberling

Future Oil Demands of China, India, and Japan examines how China will most likely address its growing oil energy dependence and what the consequences will be for Indian and Japanese foreign policies. It will...

Military Soft Power

by Carol Atkinson

The military has long been associated with hard power, yet it is engaged in public diplomacy as it represents the U.S. abroad and facilitates the diffusion of ideas. Military Soft Power examines one such aspect...