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The Rehnquist Court and Criminal Justice

by Michael McCall, Christina DeJong, Christopher E. Smith & Madhavi M. McCall et al.

By analyzing the perspectives and influential decisions of individual justices on the Rehnquist Court (1986-2005), this volume reveals how a divided Supreme Court limited the scope of rights affecting criminal...

The Common Law

by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Only paperback edition of great legal classic. Lucid, accessible coverage of liability, criminal law, torts, contracts, more, from historical perspective. New introduction by Sheldon M. Novick. Table of Cases....

Dying to Live: A Story of U.S. Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid

by Joseph Nevins & Mizue Aizeki

The real story--and human price--of US/Mexico border enforcement.

Enemies Within

by Matt Apuzzo & Adam Goldman

Two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists take an unbridled look into one of the most sensitive post-9/11 national security investigations—a breathtaking race to stop a second devastating terrorist attack on...

All the Centurions

by Robert Leuci

The bestselling book and acclaimed film Prince of the City told only part of Robert Leuci's story. In All the Centurions, he shares the full account of his years as a narcotics detective with the New York Police...

The Case for Capital Punishment

by Alfred B. Heilbrun Jr.

Does the prospect of possible execution save lives by deterring the act of murder? Heilbrun presents evidence concerning whether state death penalties demonstrate the two necessary properties of a true deterrent....

Right-Wing Resurgence: How a Domestic Terrorist Threat is Being Ignored

by Daryl Johnson & Mark Potok

In Right Wing Resurgence, author Daryl Johnson offers a detailed account of the growth of right wing extremism and militias in the United States and the increasing threat they pose. He presents a comprehensive...

Excessive Use of Force

by Loretta P. Prater

The vast majority of the law enforcement officers in this country perform their very difficult jobs with respect for their communities and in compliance with the law. Even so, there have been incidents in which...

Security Governance in East Africa

by Kennedy Agade Mkutu, Tom Ogwang, Doreen Alusa & Laura Wunder et al.

This collection of cases from East Africa, contributed largely by locally-based authors, explores the increasing security governance phenomenon in the region: that is, the mix of state and non-state actors,...

Social Inequality, Criminal Justice, and Race in Tennessee

by Gerald K. Fosten

This book examines the national criminal justice system’s and the state of Tennessee criminal justice system’s policies in terms of how they balance the citizens’ need for prisons with the private sector's...

Policing and Race in America

by James D. Ward, Edward Dillon, Britt S. Aliperti & Brian N. Williams et al.

This edited collection explores policing in America in regards to minority groups. The essays discuss how the relationship between police and minority groups affects politics, the economy, and minority groups’...

Spirit & Truth

by Adam Davis & Neil Kennedy

Refuel before duty, clear your mind of the negative, prepare to do work! 

Having faith in Christ and living out that faith as a law enforcement officer doesn't mean you are a weaker law enforcement officer,...

Street-Level Sovereignty

by John Brigham, Sarah Marusek, Andrea Pavoni & Allen Linken et al.

Street-Level Sovereignty: The Intersection of Space and Law is a collection of scholarship that considers the experience of law that is subject to social interpretation for its meaning and importance within...

Eliot Ness

by Paul W. Heimel

This is the definitive biography of the famous crimefighter, Eliot Ness.

Behind the Hollywood legend portrayed by Robert Stack and Kevin Costner is a fascinating and highly effective lawman whose courage and...

Historic Photos of Texas Lawmen

by Mike Cox

The history of law enforcement in the Lone Star State goes back well before photography, dating to Texas’s days as part of the Spanish empire. After that Texas became a province of Mexico and for nearly a...

Fire Department City of New York

by Paul Hashagen & Janet Kimmerly

Fire Department City of New York honors the department's 137 years of dedicated service to the City of New York by chronicling its history of the department with a updated listing of all the firefighters that...

The Grangegorman Murders

by Alan Bailey

On the morning of 7 March 1997, the bodies of two elderly female patients were discovered in their sheltered accommodation at Grangegorman Psychiatric Hospital in Dublin.

It would be a further 16 years before...

The Guarding of Ireland – The Garda Síochána and the Irish State 1960–2014

by Conor Brady

A very timely analysis of the Garda Síochána, the Irish police force, as it navigates one of the most difficult years since its foundation.

It is a story marked by success and failure, by attempted reform and...

Dance in Chains

by Padraic Kenney

States around the world imprison people for their beliefs or politically-motivated actions. Oppositional movements of all stripes celebrate their comrades behind bars. Yet they are more than symbols of repression...

States in Disguise

by Belgin San-Akca

There is a long history of state governments providing support to nonstate armed groups fighting battles in other countries. Examples include Syria's aid to Hamas, Ecuador's support for FARC, and Libya's donation...