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The Rehnquist Court and Criminal Justice

by Michael McCall, Christina DeJong, Christopher E. Smith & Madhavi M. McCall et al.

By analyzing the perspectives and influential decisions of individual justices on the Rehnquist Court (1986-2005), this volume reveals how a divided Supreme Court limited the scope of rights affecting criminal...

The Common Law

by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Only paperback edition of great legal classic. Lucid, accessible coverage of liability, criminal law, torts, contracts, more, from historical perspective. New introduction by Sheldon M. Novick. Table of Cases....

Dying to Live: A Story of U.S. Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid

by Joseph Nevins & Mizue Aizeki

The real story--and human price--of US/Mexico border enforcement.

Enemies Within

by Matt Apuzzo & Adam Goldman

Two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists take an unbridled look into one of the most sensitive post-9/11 national security investigations—a breathtaking race to stop a second devastating terrorist attack on...

All the Centurions

by Robert Leuci

The bestselling book and acclaimed film Prince of the City told only part of Robert Leuci's story. In All the Centurions, he shares the full account of his years as a narcotics detective with the New York Police...

The Case for Capital Punishment

by Alfred B. Heilbrun Jr.

Does the prospect of possible execution save lives by deterring the act of murder? Heilbrun presents evidence concerning whether state death penalties demonstrate the two necessary properties of a true deterrent....

Right-Wing Resurgence: How a Domestic Terrorist Threat is Being Ignored

by Daryl Johnson & Mark Potok

In Right Wing Resurgence, author Daryl Johnson offers a detailed account of the growth of right wing extremism and militias in the United States and the increasing threat they pose. He presents a comprehensive...

The Exceptional Negro

by Traci D O'Neal

Lawyer. Mother. Elected Official. Target. Traci O’Neal was thrust into the national spotlight in 2017 when local threats grew into a national racist outcry after a former GOP Presidential candidate singled...

DECIDE: Tactical Crisis Decision Making

by Augie K Fabela Ii

Today, law enforcement is under siege like never before, creating a need for outof-

the-box thinking and tactics. The DECIDE framework laid out in this book will

serve the public and law enforcement community...

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Police Officer

by Dr. Jeffrey C. Fox

This book is for those interested in becoming an officer or who is already an officer. For those seeking careers in law enforcement, just starting out, or who want new tips to brush, you will find value in this...

The United States of Incarceration

by Tim Anderson

When police agencies began grabbing more power in the 1960s, it began a vicious cycle of relying on imprisonment to solve socio-political, financial, and mental health problems.

The reality is that this approach...

Interviewing, Interrogation & Communication for Law Enforcement

by Davis & Leslie

This book provides an overview of effectively collecting, understanding, and presenting information. First, this book examines various situations via math, grammar, and logic. It is important for officers to...

G.O.P. Damned America

by D. A. Emert

I had rheumatic fever as a child. I read all I could find on my illness when I was 14. I didnt like what I read. I might have had a different life if I didnt read what I did. Ive done a lot of things in my life...


by Cheryl Choate

Can you believe this? The suspect is a DEA agent? He went ballistic and murdered his ex girlfriend in front of her family? Want to hear the best part? The victims boyfriend was hiding in the closet and saw the...

The Current Fight Within

by Edward P. Ackley

Our nation faces daunting challenges. Sometimes the threat of terrorism or disaster comes from within. 1) Have you ever wondered who terrorists really are and what motivates them? 2) Are you aware of the measures...

The Five Rights of the Individual

by Philip Schuyler

The US government makes 350 pages of new laws each day, including directives of policy that limit what an individual may do at home alone or with consenting adults. Such laws are intended to make people safer,...

The U.S. Marshal Badge

by Frederick E. Goodwin

This book has a smattering of California and Texas history woven into the story of the Parsons family.. Like the proceeding books, it has romance and humor. The Texas Rangers are active in the fight against...

Tears from Heaven: Voices from Hell

by Diane Robertson

In Tears From Heaven; Voices From Hell capital punishment issues are discussed from the viewpoint of the victims of violent crime and from those condemned to die on America's death rows. Explore the pros and...

Reflections from the Shield

by Wayne V. Beyea

Emotionally evocative, Reflections From The Shield is an exciting portrayal of the author's career in a family known as the New York State Police. A 25 year labor of love and personal sacrifice.


Doing Time Like A Spy

by John Kiriakou

On February 28, 2013, after pleading guilty to violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, John Kiriakou began serving a thirty month prison sentence. His crime: blowing the whistle on the CIA's use...