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User-Fee-Funded Stormwater Programs

by Water Environment Federation

A must-read for agencies and public works departments interested in developing charge systems for stormwater programs based on fee structures. User-Fee-Funded Stormwater Programs will specify the drivers for...

Dispatches from the Frontlines: Studies in Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, and International Affairs

by Howard J. Wiarda

Dispatches from the Frontlines analyzes some of the world’s most contentious hotspots. It focuses on such compelling global issues as Third World development, the role of the state, corporatism, and foreign...

Community Action against Racism in West Las Vegas: The F Street Wall and the Women Who Brought It Down

by Robert J. McKee

From 2008 to 2013, a group of African American women led a successful protest of a street closure in their community without the dominant involvement of the black church. This book explains the socio-historical...

Marginalizing Access to the Sustainable Food System: An Examination of Oakland's Minority Districts

by Camille Tuason Mata

This book is a comprehensive analysis of the barriers and opportunities confronting minority communities’ ability to access healthy, fresh foods. Mata uses three minority districts in Oakland—Chinatown,...

The Uprooted: Improving Humanitarian Responses to Forced Migration

by Susan F. Martin, Patricia Weiss Fagen, Kari M. Jorgensen & Andrew Schoenholtz et al.

The Uprooted is the first volume to methodically examine the progress and persistent shortcomings of the current humanitarian regime. The authors, all experts in the field of forced migration, describe the organizational,...

Urban Informality: Transnational Perspectives from the Middle East, Latin America, and South Asia

by Nezar AlSayyad & Ananya Roy

The turn of the century has been a moment of rapid urbanization. Much of this urban growth is taking place in the cities of the developing world and much of it in informal settlements. This book presents cutting-edge...

Implementing Sustainable Development: From Global Policy to Local Action

by Phillip J. Cooper & Claudia Maria Vargas

Implementing Sustainable Development focuses on the challenge of turning international commitments and policy promises into action. Using examples and cases from around the U.S. and around the world, it examines...

The Sports Franchise Game: Cities in Pursuit of Sports Franchises, Events, Stadiums, and Arenas

by Kenneth L. Shropshire

Kenneth Shropshire describes the franchise warfare that pits city against city in the bidding competition to capture a major league team, using interviews with major players to present an insider's perspective...

Miami Transformed: Rebuilding America One Neighborhood, One City at a Time

by Manny Diaz & Michael Bloomberg

Former two-term mayor of Miami Manny Diaz shares lessons learned from governing one of America's most diverse and dynamic urban communities.

Shut Out

by Kevin Erdmann

The United States suffers from a shortage of well-placed homes. This was true even at the peak of the housing boom in 2005. Using a broad array of evidence on housing inflation, income, migration, homeownership...

Turning Point Auckland

by Owen Gill

Auckland is at a turning point. At current growth rates it will pass two million people sometime during the decade beginning 2022, at which point social and infrastructure problems will begin to compound. This...

Time to Talk

by Michael Healy-Rae

The biggest regret of Michael Healy-Rae’s life was a time he didn’t talk when somebody needed him the most. After that, he vowed to never stop talking, listening and trying to really hear what people were...

Stolen City

by Owen Toews

Through a combination of historical and contemporary analysis this book shows how settler colonialism, as a mode of racial capitalism, has made and remade Winnipeg and the Canadian Prairie West over the past...

Future and Modernization of Afghanistan

by Sultan Masoud Nawabi

Imagination is everything if you can imagine it you can do it, what we need today is intellect plus Intrigue this two will get a definite result. We must embrace ourselves for tomorrow, what is the expectation...

Russia and the North

by Elana Wilson Rowe

Russia holds more Arctic territory than any other state, yet unlike other Arctic states it does not have a unified strategy identifying economic and political aims for the North. Russia's policies on the North...

Soul of the Grid

by California Independent System Operator

"I felt like we had failed," said director of grid operations Jim Detmers in a pained voice. "In my mind, I pictured people stranded in elevators. I pictured people stranded in stores and checkout lines. All...

Lansing at the Crossroads

by Seymour Smidt

The construction of a new four-lane highway on the outskirts of Ithaca, NY created a rapidly growing commercial center in the previously rural Town of Lansing. The clash between the newcomers and the old-timers...

Comparative Area Studies

by Ariel I. Ahram, Patrick Köllner & Rudra Sil

In the post-World War II era, the emergence of 'area studies' marked a signal development in the social sciences. As the social sciences evolved methodologically, however, many dismissed area studies as favoring...

The Second Colonial Occupation

by Bekeh Utietiang Ukelina

In this insightful book, development historian Bekeh Utietiang Ukelina addresses the crisis of development in Africa by locating it in its colonial historical past. Using Nigeria as a case study, he argues that...

Site Fights

by Daniel P. Aldrich

One of the most vexing problems for governments is building controversial facilities that serve the needs of all citizens but have adverse consequences for host communities. Policymakers must decide not only...