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Rethinking the Great Depression

by Gene Smiley

Synthesizing new economic research of recent decades, the author offers new insights and some surprising conclusions about the Great Depression.

Value War: Public Opinion and the Politics of Gay Rights

by Paul R. Brewer

In Value War, Paul R. Brewer looks at how the public debate about gay rights has shaped public opinion and conversely how public opinion has shaped the public debate about gay rights.

Imaging the Other: Essays on Diversity

by Marie A. Conn & Thérèse McGuire

These essays explore the creation of the 'other' as the basis for conflict among humans, within the context of each author's background, interests, and research. These essays speak of the 'other,' how we create...

Collective Responsibility: Five Decades of Debate in Theoretical and Applied Ethics

by Larry May & Stacey Hoffman

This anthology presents the best recent philosophical analyses of moral, political, and legal responsibility of groups and their members. Motivated by reflection on such events as the Holocaust, the exploding...

One Nation, One Standard: An Ex-Liberal on How Hispanics Can Succeed Just Like Other Immigrant Groups

by Herman Badillo

Why aren't Hispanics succeeding like Asians, Jews, and other immigrant groups in America? Herman Badillo's answer is as politically incorrect as the question: Hispanics simply don't put the same emphasis on...

International Encyclopedia of Social Policy

by Tony Fitzpatrick, Huck-ju Kwon & Nick Manning

Available in paperback for the first time, this milestone work offers an in-depth treatment of all aspects of the discipline and practice of social policy globally. Supported by a distinguished international...

Poor Health: Social Inequality Before and After the Black Report

by Virginia Berridge & Stuart Blume

The 1980 Black Report by Sir Douglas Black has kept health inequalities at the forefront of the public health agenda. This volume explores the history and development of studies and concern over health inequalities...

Internet and Postcolonial Politics of Representation

by M.I. Franklin

In this ground-breaking study M.I. Franklin explores the form and substance of everyday life online from a critical postcolonial perspective. With Internet access and social media uses accelerating in the Global...

Imperialism and Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century: A System in Crisis

by James Petras & Henry Veltmeyer

We live in a time of dynamic, but generally regressive regime change - a period in which major political transformations and a rollback of a half-century of legislation are accelerated under conditions of a...

Philanthropy and the Philanthropy Sector: An Introduction

by Theo N.M. Schuyt

Offering an introduction to modern philanthropy with regard to the commitment and willingness of citizens, funds, churches and businesses to contribute voluntarily to society Philanthropy and the Philanthropy...

Is Europe Listening to Us?: Successes and Failures of EU Citizen Consultations

by Raphaël|Nanz, Patrizia Kies

How can the European Union engage and connect with the people it aims to represent? What initiatives and schemes have been used to engage EU citizens? To what extent can such procedures be considered a move...

A History of Intelligence and 'Intellectual Disability': The Shaping of Psychology in Early Modern Europe

by C.F. Goodey

Autism, Down syndrome, and other such labels assume that "intellectual disability" is a permanent aspect of human nature. C.F. Goodey demonstrates that intellectual disability and even intelligence are instead...

American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare

by Jason DeParle

In this definitive work, two-time Pulitzer finalist Jason DeParle cuts between the mean streets of Milwaukee and the corridors of Washington to produce a masterpiece of literary journalism. At the heart of the...

Marginality and Crisis: Globalization and Identity in Contemporary Africa

by Akanmu Adebayo, Olutayo Adesina & Rasheed Olaniyi Olaniyi

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this book evaluates the relations between globalization and Africa's multifarious challenges and identities. The nineteen chapters coalesce to demonstrate that the forces...

What Is Your Race?: The Census and Our Flawed Efforts to Classify Americans

by Kenneth Prewitt

America is preoccupied with race statistics--perhaps more than any other nation. Do these statistics illuminate social reality and produce coherent social policy, or cloud that reality and confuse social policy?...

Repealing National Prohibition: Second Edition

by David E. Kyvig

In this new edition of the most comprehensive study of the political reaction against the Eighteenth Amendment, a response that led to its reversal fourteen years later by the Twenty-first Amendment, David E....

Racism, Governance, and Public Policy: Beyond Human Rights

by Katy Sian, Ian Law & S. Sayyid

This book presents a new framing of policy debates on the question of racism through a discursive critique of contemporary issues and contexts, drawing on a program of new European research carried out between...

An Uncertain Inheritance

by Nell Casey

In this eloquent collection of essays—from the editor of the national bestseller Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression—contributors reveal their experiences in caring for family through illness and death


Crime: How to Solve it - And Why So Much of What We're Told is Wrong

by Nick Ross

In a whirlwind demolition of dozens of misconceptions about crime, Nick Ross proposes what is arguably the most radical re-think of crime policy since the dawn of policing. Setting conventional thinking on its...

Welfare and Religion in 21st Century Europe: Volume 1: Configuring the Connections

by Anders Bäckström & Grace Davie

Historically, European churches have played a large part in the provision of welfare. Responsibility, however, has gradually shifted to the state - a shift that forms an integral part of the process of secularization...