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Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know

by Ronald Bailey & Marian L. Tupy

"Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know is a pleasure: gorgeous, self-contained vignettes on human progress, which you can sample at your leisure or devour in a sitting.? ?Steven Pinker, author of...

Is there a future for Carbon Capture and Storage in Poland?

by Michal Drabik

The climate is changing, the average temperature on Earth is rising, the EU is concerned and Poland is developing. Despite the fact that the country is trying to make up economically for lost time under Communism,...

Celtic Revival?

by Sean Kay

Celtic Revival? explores what happens when a society loses its wealth, its faith in government, and its trust in its Church. The glorious rise of the Celtic Tiger in Ireland was thought by many to be a model...

Globalization and Urbanization

by James H. Spencer

During the past decade, the world reached the point of becoming more urban than not, as the majority of people on the planet now live not in small towns or villages but in provincial, national, and global cities....

Necropolitics, Racialization, and Global Capitalism

by Marina Gržinić & Šefik Tatlić

This book articulates a contemporary, globalized world as one in which radical disparities in distribution of wealth are being reproduced as the basis for depoliticized social, institutional, and ideological...

A Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola

by Ricardo Cortés

VERY SHORT LIST chose A Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola for the #1 Spot on their November 16 Food E-mail

A Brain Pickings Favorite Food Book of 2012 and one of their Best Graphic Novels & Graphic Nonfiction...

The World through Soccer

by Tamir Bar-On

The world’s most popular sport, soccer is a global and cultural phenomenon. The television audience for the 2010 World Cup included nearly half of the world’s population, with viewers in nearly every country....

The Effects of Globalization in Latin America, Africa, and Asia

by Kema Irogbe

In TheEffects of Globalization in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, Kema Irogbe argues the forces of globalization, which include the IMF/World Bank, WTO, and Western media technology, are subordinated to the...

Beyond Global Governance

by James A. Yunker

In these ground-breaking essays, James A. Yunker issues a powerful challenge to conventional thinking on world government. Based on an innovative plan for a limited world government tentatively designated the...

Twenty-First-Century World Powers and Changing Alignments

by Ramesh N. Raizada

Twenty-First Century World Powers and Changing Alignments provides an in-depth analysis of global political relations that exist between the most powerful countries of the world such as United States, Russia,...

The Fantasy of Globalism

by John V. Waldron

For many, the advent of globalization brought with it an end to the way that the world had been viewed previous to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Among the many endings the one that most concerns my book is the...

The Geopolitical Power Shift in the Indo-Pacific Region

by Randall Doyle

As the twenty-first century progresses, the Indo-Pacific theater is experiencing an unprecedented transformation involving economic development, military build-ups, political reforms, social changes, and technological...

Women Navigating Globalization

by Jana Everett & Sue Ellen M. Charlton

This up-to-date text offers a clear and cogent introduction to women in development. Exploring the global structures and processes that impede or support the empowerment of women, Jana Everett and Sue Ellen...

Tourism and Social Change in Post-Socialist Zanzibar

by Akbar Keshodkar

Notions of ustaarabu, a word expressing “civilization,” and questions of identities in Zanzibar have historically been shaped by the development of Islam and association with littoral societies around the...

Grounding Leadership Ethics in African Diaspora and Election Rights

by Jean-Pierre K. Bongila

This book analyzes the leadership ethics dilemma of whether the diaspora ought to vote specifically in their homeland franchise. This quagmire becomes even more complex in the case of Africa, where some diasporas...

From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen

by Stefanie Hürtgen, Peter Pawlicki, Martina Sproll & Boy Lüthje

This seminal study explores the significant changes in the global IT industry as production has shifted from the developed world to massive sites in the developing world that house hundreds of thousands of workers...

Aid Effectiveness in Africa

by Phyllis R. Pomerantz

A significant contribution to the ongoing debate on aid effectiveness, Aid Effectiveness in Africa starts from the premise that money alone will not bring sustained development to Africa. With grounding in years...

Governing European Communications

by Maria Michalis

The liberalization of communications markets, especially from the 1980s onward, has witnessed increased regulatory activity within but also above the national state. By examining the European case_concentrating...

Globalization and the Environment

by Peter Christoff & Robyn Eckersley

This book by two leading scholars offers the first systematic analysis of the relationship between globalization and the environment from the early Modern period to the present. Peter Christoff and Robyn Eckersley...

Central Peripheries

by Marlene Laruelle

  • Contributes to arguments on nation-building in a time of supposed 'postnationalism' globalisation.
  • Offers a comprehensive account on nation-building covering the whole Central Asian region.
  • Contextualises nationhood...