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Two Hours that Shook the World: September 11, 2001: Causes and Consequences

by Fred Halliday

As the dust settled around the devastation of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 11 September 2001, a host of questions emerged surrounding the attacks, the motives behind them and their future implications....

Security & Development: Investing in Peace and Prosperity

by Robert Picciotto & Rachel Weaving

The new contributions in this book, by acknowledged leaders in the field, examine the delivery of effective aid under fire, and securing the peace in environments where governance is fragile.

They bridge the...

Transnational Islam & Region Secur: Cooperation and Diversity Between Europe and North Africa

by Frederic Volpi

This volume investigates the impact of a new brand of transnational terrorism and political violence produced by radical Islamist groups from the Maghreb on the regional security dynamics. It describes the causes...

Communicating Security: Civil-Military Relations in Israel

by Udi Lebel

This book analyzes the changes and tendencies expressed in the relation between army and society in Israel.

Since its inception, Israel has been defined as a nation in arms, a public space in which the security...

Civilian or Military Power?: European Foreign Policy in Perspective

by Helene Sjursen

This text critically examines the belief that the EU not only has an impact on the international system but also a 'normative', 'civilian' and 'civilizing' power. The contributors question whether this assertion...

Peace Operations and Human Rights

by Ray Murphy & Katarina Mansson

The protection and promotion of human rights is an integral part of contemporary international peacekeeping operations. It is also a controversial aspect of peace operations at both an institutional and operational...

Intelligence, Crises and Security: Prospects and Retrospects

by Len Scott & R. Gerald Hughes

This collection of essays by leading experts seeks to explore what lessons for the exploitation and management of secret intelligence might be drawn from a variety of case studies ranging from the 1920s to the...

Democratization in the Muslim World: Changing Patterns of Authority and Power

by Frederic Volpi & Francesco Cavatorta

This book examines the role that political Islam plays in processes of democratization in the Muslim world, detailing the political processes that facilitate the collective learning of democratic ways of solving...

Israels Strategic Agenda

by Efraim Inbar

Divided into two clear parts, the first part of this book examines political and economic factors in the global strategic environment including, the approach of US and EU foreign policies towards Israel, global...

Terrorism & Human Rights - Ranstorp

by Magnus Ranstorp & Paul Wilkinson

This book reinforces our knowledge and understanding of the problems involved in balancing human rights protection and security concerns, considering how these human rights issues have been raised by the various...

The Protection of Sexual Minorities: Progress and Stalemate in Developed and Developing Countries

by Phil C.W. Chan

The Stonewall Riot in New York in 1969 marked the birth of the sexual minority rights movement worldwide. In the subsequent four decades, equality and related rights on grounds of sexual orientation and gender...

Nationalism and Global Justice: David Miller and His Critics

by Helder De Schutter & Ronald Tinnevelt

Previously published as a special issue of the Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy, this collection brings together some of the most influential political contemporary philosophers to present...

Politics of Rights - Cornwall: Dilemmas for Feminist Praxis

by Andrea Cornwall & Maxine Molyneux

Since the late 1990s, development institutions have increasingly used the language of rights in their policy and practice. This special issue on feminist perspectives on politics of rights explores the strategies,...

Managing Insecurity - Peake: Field Experiences of Security Sector Reform

by Gordon Peake, Eric Scheye & Alice Hills

Effective peacebuilding in the aftermath of civil war usually requires the deep reform of security institutions, a process frequently known as security sector reform. Nearly every major donor, as well as a growing...

Long War - Insurgency Counter&coll

by Mark T. Berger & Douglas A. Borer

The rise and fall of the Cold War coincided with the universalization and consolidation of the modern nation-state as the key unit of the wider international system. A key characteristic of the post-Cold War...

Religion Politics Law Eu - Leustean

by Lucian N. Leustean & John T.S. Madeley

EU enlargement - to countries in Central and Eastern Europe in 2004, the inclusion of Bulgaria and Romania in 2007, and increasing debates on Turkey's membership - has dramatically transformed the European Union...

The New Media Surveillance - Magnet

by Shoshana Magnet & Kelly Gates

The spread of new surveillance technologies is an issue of major concern for democratic societies. More ubiquitous and sophisticated monitoring techniques raise profound questions for the very possibility of...

Wanted on Warrants: The Fugitive Safe Surrender Program

by Daniel J. Flannery

Since 2005, the Fugitive Safe Surrender (FSS) program has been implemented in more than twenty cities around the country. Tens of thousands of individuals with active warrants for their arrest have voluntarily...

Philosophical Perspectives on Social Cohesion: New Directions for Educational Policy

by Mary Healy

What would the civic relationship between citizens in a socially cohesive society look like? What models might we use to educate young people to support developing these bonds? Do these different models have...

Global Obligations for the Right to Food

by George Kent

A child may be born into a poor country, but not a poor world. If global human rights are to be meaningful, they must be universal. Global Obligations for the Right to Food assesses the nature and depth of the...