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Everyday Occupations: Experiencing Militarism in South Asia and the Middle East

by Kamala Visweswaran

Everyday Occupations engages visual culture and the ethnography of space, satire and parody, poetry and political critique to examine militarization as it is wielded as a cultural and political tool, and as...

Activating Human Rights and Peace: Theories, Practices and Contexts

by GOH Bee Chen & Baden Offord

Using a diverse cross-section of case studies, Activating Human Rights and Peace argues that we need to appreciate that cultivating a human rights and peace consciousness is choice-less. There is a moral imperative...

In Sensible Judgement

by Max Deutscher

Opening with the landmark Mabo High Court case in Australia and with detailed reference to other significant debates of judgement of the twentieth century Max Deutscher seeks to explore and explain approaches...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Migration Law, Theory and Policy

by Satvinder S. Juss

The Ashgate Research Companion to Migration Law, Theory and Policy complements the already successful Ashgate series Law & Migration. The purpose of this Companion is to augment that series, by taking stock...

Looting and Rape in Wartime: Law and Change in International Relations

by Tuba Inal

Looting and Rape in Wartime examines the causes of the hundred-year gap between the prohibition against wartime looting and that against rape, theorizing the conditions necessary for the emergence of a global...

Waging Peace: Reflections on Peace and War from an Unconventional Woman

by Anne Deveson

One of Australia's most highly regarded media people looks back on her life through the prism of an intellectual journey and personal memoir.

Fighting for Rights: From Holy Wars to Humanitarian Military Interventions

by Tal Dingott Alkopher

In the light of NATO's humanitarian war in Kosovo is it possible to understand or explain wars as an outcome of perceptions of rights? How did rights, be they divine rights in the Middle Ages, territorial rights...

Maroon the Implacable: The Collected Writings of Russell Maroon Shoatz

by Russell Maroon Shoatz, Quincy Saul & Fred Ho

During a lengthy incarceration spent mostly in solitary confinement, Russell Maroon Shoatz has developed into a prolific writer and powerful voice for the disenfranchised. This first published collection of...

State Terrorism and Human Rights: International Responses since the End of the Cold War

by Gillian Duncan, Orla Lynch & Gilbert Ramsay

This book aims to improve understanding of the broad trends in the utilisation of political violence by examining the use of state terror in world politics.

The Politics of Protest and Us Foreign Policy: Performative Construction of the War on Terror

by Cami Rowe

This book offers a study of post-9/11 anti-war organizations in the United States and their role in domestic foreign policy debates.

The moment of the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been much cited in political...

Clan Cleansing in Somalia: The Ruinous Legacy of 1991

by Lidwien Kapteijns

Clan Cleansing in Somalia deals with the transformative violence that helped cause the collapse of the Somali state in 1991. Kapteijns argues that public acknowledgment of the clan cleansing of this period is...

Politicization of Sexual Violence: From Abolitionism to Peacekeeping

by Carol Harrington

The politics of rape was a marginal field until the 1990s when rape suddenly emerged as an international security problem. Carol Harrington traces the historical change in the politicization of rape as an international...

Justice and Morality: Human Suffering, Natural Law and International Politics

by Amanda Russell Beattie

Bridging the contending theories of natural law and international relations, this book proposes a 'relational ontology' as the basis for rethinking our approach to international politics. The book contains a...

Development in an Insecure and Gendered World: The Relevance of the Millennium Goals

by Jacqueline Leckie

The Millennium Declaration was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 and explicit targets were set to eradicate key problems in human development by 2015. This collection focuses specifically...

Foreign Interventions in Ethnic Conflicts

by Robert Nalbandov

This volume analyzes the successes and failures of foreign interventions in intrastate ethnic wars. It considers successes of third party actions by actual fulfilment of the goals and objectives of multilateral...

Anatomy of Violence: Understanding the Systems of Conflict and Violence in Africa

by Belachew Gebrewold

With a focus on Africa, this study examines three structurally interdependent conflict systems to highlight the complexities of transboundary and transregional conflict systems. The systemic approach permits...

Negotiating Sovereignty and Human Rights: Actors and Issues in Contemporary Human Rights Politics

by Noha Shawki & Michaelene Cox

Providing an overview of institutional developments and innovations in human rights politics, this volume discusses some of the most important current and emerging human rights issues. It takes stock of the...

Ethics Education for Irregular Warfare

by Don Carrick & James Connelly

Following on from Ethics Education in the Military which analyzed the existing theory and practice of educating soldiers, sailors and airmen in the ethics of 'old fashioned' warfaring, this volume considers...

The Use of Force in Humanitarian Intervention: Morality and Practicalities

by John Janzekovic

Humanitarian intervention is a many layered and complex concept. This study analyzes the various ethical positions, particularly consequentialism, welfare-utilitarianism and just war theory to unravel this intricate...

The Ethics of Foreign Policy

by David B. MacDonald & Robert G. Patman

This ground-breaking volume considers the ethical aspects of foreign policy change through five interrelated dimensions: conceptual, security, economic, normative and diplomatic. An impressive group of international...