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Strategic Intelligence Management: National Security Imperatives and Information and Communications Technologies

by Babak Akhgar & Simeon Yates

Strategic Intelligence Management introduces both academic researchers and law enforcement professionals to contemporary issues of national security and information management and analysis. This contributed...

Terrorism and the Politics of Social Change: A Durkheimian Analysis

by James Dingley

In this up-to-the-moment and politically relevant work, James Dingley dissects the role of social relations, culture and religion in impelling men and women to behave violently in defence of their own known...

Protecting Our Ports: Domestic and International Politics of Containerized Freight Security

by Suzette R. Grillot & Rebecca J. Cruise

This timely project investigates the issues attending port security in the wake of September 11. The work sheds light on the container security threat and the domestic and international initiatives which have...

Bombs and Ballots: Governance by Islamist Terrorist and Guerrilla Groups

by Krista E. Wiegand

Using Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and the Mahdi Army in Iraq as primary case studies, Krista Wiegand skilfully reveals why these groups have become involved in governance, how mainstream governments...

Power Plays: Enriched Uranium and Homeland Security

by Christopher Hubbard

This book contributes to a new understanding of one of the most serious security implications inherent in the current rapid growth in nuclear power generation. It assesses attempts made to deal with the latent...

Securing Africa: Post-9/11 Discourses on Terrorism

by Malinda S. Smith

This meticulously researched, forcibly argued and accessibly written collection explores the many and complex ways in which Africa has been implicated in the discourses and politics of September 11, 2001. Written...

The Politics of Security in Modern Russia

by Mark Galeotti

Fully up-to-date to reflect the evolving Medvedev presidency, the 2008 Georgian war and the impact of the economic downturn, this volume is a much needed objective and balanced examination of the ways in which...

Mass Media and Modern Warfare: Reporting on the Russian War on Terrorism

by Greg Simons

Greg Simons tackles the complicated yet essential role of mass media in society. Taking the Global War on Terror as a prime example, the author adopts a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the various facets...

Religion, Conflict and Military Intervention

by Rosemary Durward & Lee Marsden

Analyzing the events shaping conflict and conflict resolution today, this book uniquely combines chapters highlighting Christian and Islamist theological approaches and case studies on the role of religion in...

America's War on Terror

by Tom Lansford & Robert P. Watson

Developing ideas established in the successful first edition, this new version of America's War on Terror updates and expands the original collection of essays, allowing the reader to fully understand how the...

Responding to Terrorism: Political, Philosophical and Legal Perspectives

by Robert Imre & T. Brian Mooney

Terrorism and political violence as a field is growing and expanding. This volume provides a cross-disciplinary analysis - political, philosophical and legal - in a single text and covers the full spectrum of...

Terrorism and Societies

by Stephen Vertigans

Considering a range of influential terror groups from the last 40 years, this book explores relationships between people, social processes and activities that result in acts of terrorism. It examines Islamic...

Africa and the War on Terrorism

by John Davis

Abject poverty and official corruption make parts of Africa a very attractive destination for terrorist organizations. This comprehensive volume provides an extensive examination of major terrorist events in...

(En)Gendering the War on Terror: War Stories and Camouflaged Politics

by Krista Hunt & Kim Rygiel

As the war on terror spreads and deepens, it is more important than ever to examine how diverse international actors are using the war on terror as an opportunity to reinforce existing gendered, raced, classed...

EU Counterterrorism Policy: A Paper Tiger?

by Oldrich Bures

A critical analysis of the measures the European Union has taken to combat terrorism which demonstrates how, in a number of key areas, EU counterterrorism policy is more of a paper tiger than an effective counterterrorism...

Disaster Operations and Decision Making

by Roger C. Huder

The only book to combine emergency management principLEs with proven military concepts

Good disaster plans do not guarantee a good response. Any disaster plan rarely survives the first rain bands of a hurricane...

The 5 Unanswered Questions About 9/11: What the 9/11 Commission Report Failed to Tell Us

by James Ridgeway

The 9/11 Commission Report is widely declared to be the definitive account of the most devastating attack ever to take place on American soil, but in truth the most vital questions about 9/11 have not been asked,...

Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence

by James Ingalls, Sonali Kolhatkar & David Barsamian

Through in-depth research and detailed historical context, Sonali Kolhatkar and James Ingalls report on the injustice of U.S. policies in Afghanistan historically and in the post-9/11 era. Drawing from declassified...

The Hidden History of 9/11

by Paul Zarembka

How much insider trading occurred in the days leading up to 9-11? How compromised is the evidence against alleged hijackers? Why were there no military interceptions? To what extent does the testimony of more...

Terrorism and the Economy: How the War on Terror is Bankrupting the World

by Loretta Napoleoni

Economist and best-selling author Loretta Napoleoni traces the link between the finances of the war on terror and the global economic crisis, finding connections from Dubai to London to Las Vegas that politicians...