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Machiavelli : the Founder of the Political

by John Morley & Thomas B. Macaulay

Machiavelli was an italian philosopher, humanist and writer, considered as the founder of the modern political science. The term Machiavellianism comes from his work describing personalities characterized by...

Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century: Activism, Big Data, and Dark Money

by Dennis W. Johnson

In view of the 2016 US election season, the second edition of this book analyzes the way political campaigns have been traditionally run and the extraordinary changes that have occurred since 2012. Dennis W....

Journalism at risk

by Collectif

Is journalism under threat? The image of journalists, as helmeted war correspondents protected by bullet-proof vests and armed only with cameras and microphones, springs to mind. Physical threats are only the...

What Happened to the Republican Party?: And What It Means for American Presidential Politics

by John Kenneth White

The Grand Old Party-once moderate and even magnanimous-has fallen into a prison of its own making when it comes to presidential politics. Republicans may be having a heyday in the Congress but their prospects...

Film and the American Presidency

by Jeff Menne & Christian B. Long

The contention of Film and the American Presidency is that over the twentieth century the cinema has been a silent partner in setting the parameters of what we might call the presidential imaginary. This volume...