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Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent

by Stuart Price & Ruth Sanz Sabido

Contemporary Protest and the Legacy of Dissent offers an insight into modern European protest movements, focusing on the strategies, activities, and developments associated with the current wave of public dissent....

Underminers: A Guide to Subverting The Machine

by Keith Farnish

A user's guide for dismantling modern civilization.

Direct Struggle Against Capital: A Peter Kropotkin Anthology

by Peter Kropotkin & Iain McKay

This compelling collection of Peter Kropotkin’s work helps recast him as the innovative revolutionary he truly was.

The Conquest of Bread

by Peter Kropotkin

Written by a Russian prince who renounced his title, this work promotes an anarchist market economy — a system of autonomous cooperative collectives. A century after its initial publication, it remains fresh...

Paradoxes of Utopia: Anarchist Culture and Politics in Buenos Aires, 1890-1910

by Juan Suriano

A social history of revolutionary ideas and lifestyles.

In Russian and French prisons

by Peter Kropotkin

"In Russian and French prisons is a 1887 essay by Piotr Kropotkin. It is more than a crude and detailed description of the Russian prison system and its comparison to Western European jails. It is also a very...

Quiet Rumours: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader

by Dark Star Collective, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Voltairine de Cleyre & Jo Freeman et al.

Long out of print, a new revised and expanded edition of AK's classic anarcha-feminist compendium!

Anarchy!: An Anthology of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth

by Peter Glassgold

In Anarchy! An Anthology of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth, Peter Glassgold brings to the page political activist and anarchist Emma Goldman’s most radical contribution, Mother Earth, a monthly journal about...

No Logo

by Naomi Klein

NO LOGO was an international bestseller and "a movement bible" (The New York Times). Naomi Klein's second book, The Shock Doctrine, was hailed as a "master narrative of our time," and has over a million copies...

Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play

by James C. Scott

James Scott taught us what's wrong with seeing like a state. Now, in his most accessible and personal book to date, the acclaimed social scientist makes the case for seeing like an anarchist. Inspired by the...

How Not to Be Governed: Readings and Interpretations from a Critical Anarchist Left

by James Martel, Jimmy Casas Klausen, Todd May & Vanessa Lemm et al.

How Not to Be Governed explores the contemporary debates and questions concerning anarchism in our own time. The authors address the political failures of earlier practices of anarchism, and the claim that anarchism...

The Coming Revolution

by Ben Reynolds

A technological revolution is driving capitalism toward crisis and collapse. Can our society evolve in time to rescue the future?   Radical advances in automation, robotics, and computer technology have thrown...

A People's History of Civilization

by John Zerzan

The American anarchist, primitivist philosopher, and author John Zerzan critiques agriculture-based civilization as inherently oppressive and advocates drawing upon the life of hunter-gatherers as an inspiration...

Anarchism & Socialism

by George Plechanoff

The anarchist desire to abolish the State at one blow, and to abolish money, etc., in much the same way, springs from their inability to understand the institutions of capitalist society. To many of them the...

Anarchism in Latin America

by Ángel J. Cappelletti & Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez

  • No comprable history exists.

  • Available material in English tends to be fragmentary and country-specific. This is the first regional history ever published in English.

  • Less a comprehensive history than an overview...

  • Black flags and social movements

    by Dana M. Williams

    Anarchism may be the most misunderstood political ideology of the modern era, and one of the least studied social movements by English-speaking scholars. Black flags and social movements addresses this deficit...

    The Marx Machine: Politics, Polemics, Ideology

    by Charles Barbour

    This book employs recently developed techniques of literary criticism, philosophical argumentation, and bibliographical or manuscript analysis to bring Marx’s early works, and especially his early polemics,...

    Posthuman Urbanism

    by Debra Benita Shaw

    The World Health Organisation estimates that, by 2030, six out of every ten people in the world will live in a city. But what does it mean to inhabit the city in the twenty-first century?

    Posthuman Urbanism...

    Anarchism and Socialism

    by George Plechanoff

    The French Materialists of the 18th century while waging relentless war against all the "infâmes" whose yoke weighed upon the French of this period, by no means scorned the search after what they called "perfect...

    On Henry Miller

    by John Burnside

    The American writer Henry Miller's critical reputation--if not his popular readership—has been in eclipse at least since Kate Millet's blistering critique in Sexual Politics, her landmark 1970 study of misogyny...