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From Goldfish Bowl to Ocean: Personal Accounts of Mental Illness and Beyond

by Zoe McIntosh

Zoe McIntosh's book is based around sixteen recorded conversations with people who have volunteered to open-up about their experiences with serious mental health problems. Their accounts illustrate the varying...

Molly Cullen - Blessings on The Wild Child

by Maureen Oliver

Molly Cullen is a naive seventeen year old on the brink of the London art scene in the 1960's. Fuelled by dreams of success and fame as an artist, she gains a place at a London art school and it is her dreams...

Garden Lover's Birthday Book

by Rosaleen O'Brien

One can only describe this book as a little gem. Award winning author Doctor Rosaleen O`Brien has helped you the reader to get right inside the inner thoughts of family and friends so that on their next birthday...

Over On The East Side

by Rachel Gunn

Over on the East Side, a story by Rachel Gunn is about a young woman, Tuesday, who over time becomes disgusted with men and society and its unrealistic expectations. She details her childhood, how she was confused...

It Will Not Last The Night

by Sid Prise

This novel takes place in the thrilling years of the Weimar Republic in Germany, a time when the first modern queer movements and feminist movements were converging with radical political movements of various...

Mother II

by L A Westfall

Mother II' is the brave follow up to 'Mother', LA Westfall's equally brave and revealing book on childhood abuse and depression. 'Mother II' brings the story up-to-date and focuses on how a childhood of abuse...


by Philip Hill

Overcoming the label of learning disability may be an achievement but also triumphing over the obstacles caused by prejudice at being labeled with schizophrenia is highly unusual. Philip Hill uses his auto-biographical...

Gungi Blues

by Sanchita Islam

Gungi Blues chronicles the trials and tribulations of a dysfunctional Bangladeshi family growing up in Manchester. The main character Mina, who after being widowed at 25 with three little girls, remarries and...

Fighting the Corners

by Patsy Gifford

My story is the personal account of my life through a middle-class background, achievements, tragedy, happiness and personal struggle with my father's Victorian-type attitudes and beliefs, as well as living...

Burning Candle

by Terence Beresford

Terry Beresford's Poems describe the experiences of manic depression and the range of emotions that this illness brings. A consistent themes through the poetry is Terry's experiences as a fire fighter and how...

Free Falling: Living On The Edge Of Insanity

by Ken Vrana

"Free Falling" traces a year in the life of writer and producer, Ken Vrana, who one day suddenly found himself ensnared in the web of anxiety disorder and clinical depression. Written in real time, as these...

Letters to Leigh

by Robert Sherman Nix III

Leigh Earle once told me that I should write a book, a comment on my lengthy letters. Yes, yes well someone must suffer. How well would everyone like to read ''Letters To Leigh'' which may soothe in a world...

One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

by Dorothy Mitchell

One for Sorry, Two for Joy is set in the early 1900s and tells of the struggle between the members of the Ford family. Reuben Ford fights in the First World War 1914-1918 and is reported missing in action on...

Melancholy Star

by John Carter

This is the real-life story of John Carter's experience of living with depression. It is not a step-by-step guide to "beat" depression. Rather, this is the actual story of how one person living with depression...

Going Dutch

by Alan James

Alan James is "Chipmunka's" local "Big Issue" vendor. "Chipmunka's" Jason Pegler encouraged him to write about his experiences and "Ten Years After" was the result. His second book "Going Dutch" is his account...

Heart of Hurts

by QT Saunders

QT Saunders has had a tough life that would have ruined any ordinary person, yet she remains strong and positive in the face of all this hurt and struggle. QT suffered child sexual abuse, on a regular basis,...

One In Four

by Joy Ford

One In Four' uses a mixture of prose and poetry to tell the important and tragic story of a teenage boy who becomes seriously mentally ill, with paranoid schizophrenia, from a mother's point of view. It travels...

For Madmen Only: Adventures of a Writer

by Evan Scott Schaffer

This book is one young man's look the world, or worlds which he experiences, internal and external, heavenly and earthly and everything imbetween. Shaffer's lens allows the reader different angles from the norm,...

Monkey's Talk: A Diary

by Fatma Durmush

Monkey's Talk is a diary and poetry collection. Durmush found this book very difficult to manage. It seemed that she gushed emotions which spiralled and made wounds heal. Her health restored she was left with...

Initializing a Point of View in Poetry: Poems, Pieces, Short Stories, and many other things...

by Sarah Rose

This large and purposeful collection of works by Sarah Rose contains poems, pieces and short stories - personal modern poetry, irony reflections, memory including poetic themes drawn from family history, and...