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Relating Theory and Data: Essays on Human Memory in Honor of Bennet B. Murdock

by William E. Hockley & Stephan Lewandowsky

This festschrift represents the proceedings of a conference held in honor of Bennet B. Murdock, one of the foremost researchers and theoreticians on human memory and cognition. A highly renowned investigator...

Child Care in Context: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

by Michael E. Lamb, Kathleen J. Sternberg & Carl-Philip Hwang

Child care is an integral part of the web of influences and experiences that shape children's development. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that covers both historic and economic contexts, this unique...

Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death and Grief: Diversity in Universality

by Donald P. Irish, Kathleen F. Lundquist & Vivian J. Nelsen

First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Psychoanalysis Science and Masculinity

by Karl Figlio

First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Development According to Parents

by W. Andrews Collins & Jacqueline J. Goodnow

To their everyday life with children, parents bring a number of ideas about development and about parenting. Some of these ideas are about their own children and about themselves as parents. Others are more...

Motivation and Emotion in Sport: Reversal Theory

by John H. Kerr

Why did Michael Jordan quit basketball and take up baseball? Why was Martina Navratilova so successful as a professional tennis player? These and many other questions about aspects of motivation and emotion...

Principles of Developmental Psychology: An Introduction

by George Butterworth

Developmental psychology is concerned with the scientific understanding of age-related changes in experience and behaviour, not only in children but throughout the lifespan. The task is to discover, describe,...

Principles of Comparative Psychology

by Nicky Hayes

This textbook covers aspects of animal behaviour featured in both A-Level Psychology and Social Biology courses. It includes accounts and discussions of imprinting, maternal behaviour, courtship and territoriality,...

Transcendental Meditation(r) in Criminal Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention

by Kenneth G Walton, David Orme-Johnson & Rachel S Goodman

In contrast to the generally dismal results of various approaches to rehabilitation, these consciousness-based strategies have proven effective in preventing crime and rehabilitating offenders!

This book will...

Human Evolution

by John L. Bradshaw

The last decade has seen an explosive burst of new information about human origins and our evolutionary status with respect to other species. We have long been considered unique as upright, bipedal creatures...

Stress and Trauma

by Patricia A. Resick

Stress and Trauma provides a well-written, accessible overview of traumatic stress studies. It reviews the full range of clinical disorders that may result from extreme stress, with particular emphasis on the...


by Maree Teesson, Louisa Degenhardt & Wayne Hall

Addictions is designed for students and professionals who wish to gain an authoritative, research-based knowledge of a variety of addictions. It covers issues such as diagnosis, epidemiology, psychological and...

A Cognitive Neuropsychological Approach to Assessment and Intervention in Aphasia: A Clinician's Guide, Second Edition: A Clinician's Guide

by Anne Whitworth, Janet Webster & David Howard

This is a second edition of the highly popular volume used by clinicians and students in the assessment and intervention of aphasia. It provides both a theoretical and practical reference to cognitive neuropsychological...

Psychoanalytic Complexity

by William J. Coburn

Psychoanalytic Complexity is the application of a multidisciplinary, explanatory theory to clinical psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. It carries with it incisive and pivotal attitudes that aim to transform our...

The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner: Includes DSM-5 Updates

by Arthur E. Jongsma, L. Mark Peterson & William P. McInnis

The bestselling treatment planning system for mental health professionals

The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fifth Edition provides all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal...

Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management

by Amy Weintraub

A toolkit of “no mat” yoga strategies for you and your clients. Drawing on her study of multiple traditions and lineages—from ancient yoga practices to current neuroscientific research on yoga benefits...

Fear: A Dark Shadow Across Our Life Span

by Salman Akhtar

Beginning with Freud's celebrated case of Little Hans, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists have been intrigued with the topic of fear. Eclipsed in theoretical writings by the term 'anxiety', fear remains a pervasive...

Mutuality, Recognition, and the Self: Psychoanalytic Reflections

by Christine C. Kieffer

Mutuality, Recognition, and the Self examines emerging trends in contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice, highlighting intersubjective and relational models of the mind. It presents vivid and extended...

What Makes Us Stay Together?: Attachment and the Outcomes of Couple Relationships

by Rosetta Castellano, Patrizia Velotti & Giulio Cesare Zavattini

In recent years commentators have speculated on the "collapse" of the couple and the family, highlighting the increasing fragility of couple relationships making them vulnerable to crises and break ups. Now,...

Listening with the Fourth Ear: Unconscious Dynamics in Analytic Group Psychotherapy

by Leonard Horwitz

There are multiple meanings to the term 'group-as-a-whole' and all have a contribution. This book emphasizes that the therapist ideally listens with the fourth ear, not only attending to the latent communication...