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Artificial Consciousness

by Antonio Chella & Riccardo Manzotti

The book is interdisciplinary and focuses on the topic of artificial consciousness: from neuroscience to artificial intelligence, from bioengineering to robotics. It provides an overview on the current state...

Amazing Ageing

by David Buswell

Amazing Ageing' is the must-have psychological survival manual for those approaching older age. When you buy this book you will discover that: 1) Ageing is an opportunity for inner growth. 2) Amazing Ageing...

The Social Psychology of Good and Evil

by Arthur G. Miller

This compelling work brings together an array of distinguished scholars to explore key concepts, theories, and findings pertaining to some of the most fundamental issues in social life: the conditions under...

Sons and Fathers: Challenges to paternal authority

by John Crosby

Sons and Fathers explores the age-old dilemma of conflict between sons and fathers, especially conflict stemming from issues of paternal authority.

Stress and the Brain: The Science of Mental Health

by Steven E. Hyman

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Human Performance: Cognition, Stress and Individual Differences

by D. Roy Davies, Gerald Matthews & Rob B. Stammers

Human Performance is a comprehensive textbook providing an accessible review of both performance in the real world and essential cognitive science theory.

Mental Health Promotion: Paradigms and Practice

by Keith Tudor

Offers a new framework for mental health promotion, applying it to policy, assessment, consultation, education and training. A significant addition to the study of health promotion, will be widely welcomed.

Contemporary Jungian Analysis: Post-Jungian Perspectives from the Society of Analytical Psychology

by Ian Alister & Christopher Hauke

Essential reading for anyone wishing to know more about contemporary Jungian psychotherapy. Written by members of the Society for Analytical Psychology it covers the key concepts of Jungian analysis and therapy...

Remaking Men: Jung, Spirituality and Social Change

by David Tacey

Examining his own and other men's experiences, David Tacey discusses the nature of masculinity. He takes the unique approach of looking at masculinity from both a psychological and social perspective.

The Psychology of Money

by Michael Argyle & Adrian Furnham

Comprehensive and cross-cultural, this book examines such diverse subjects as: money and power, gender differences, morality and tax, the very rich, the poor, lottery winners, misers, gamblers, philanthropists...

The Handbook of Music Therapy

by Leslie Bunt & Sarah Hoskyns

This handbook traces the history of recent developments in music therapy and the range of current applications.

Friendship in Childhood and Adolescence

by Phil Erwin

A clear overview of the nature and significance of children's and adolescents' friendships which examines issues such as the impact of social / cognitive development, relationship problems and methods of promoting...

Jung and the Postmodern: The Interpretation of Realities

by Christopher Hauke

Setting Jung against a range of postmodern thinkers, Hauke recontextualises Jung's thought as a response to modernity. Themes include; meaning, power, knowledge and the contribution of architectural criticism...

Stereotypes, Cognition and Culture

by Dr Perry R Hinton

Focuses on social inference, the assumptions we make about others such as their personality, status, or attitudes, using a limited amount of information.

The Psychology of Happiness

by Michael Argyle

This new edition of The Psychology of Happiness provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of research into the nature of happiness.

Animal Cognition

by Nick Lund

An accessible and engaging account of how non- human animals process information from their environment.

Sex Offender Treatment: Accomplishments, Challenges and Future Directions

by Edmond J Coleman & Michael Miner

Sex Offender Treatment: Accomplishments, Challenges, and Future Directions points the way toward humane, dignified, effective treatment regimes for sexual offenders. In addition to providing an essential overview...

Biblical Stories for Psychotherapy and Counseling: A Sourcebook

by Kalman Kaplan & Matthew Schwartz

The Joint Commision on the Accreditation of Hospitals now mandates taking spiritual assessments of all patients. Biblical Stories for Psychotherapy and Counseling is devoted to helping therapists employ Biblical...

Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment

by Bruce Carruth

Here, in a single source, is an essential overview of trauma treatment for people in addiction treatment settings. Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment presents specific methodologies and techniques...

Acceptance and Mindfulness at Work: Applying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Relational Frame Theory to Organizational Behavior Management

by Steven C. Hayes, Frank W. Bond & Dermot Barnes-Holmes

An innovative and effective approach to organizational behavioral management

Despite more than 40 years of empirical and conceptual research, the contribution of behavior analysis to the world of business remains...