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The Symbolic and Connectionist Paradigms: Closing the Gap

by John Dinsmore

The modern study of cognition finds itself with two widely endorsed but seemingly incongruous theoretical paradigms. The first of these, inspired by formal logic and the digital computer, sees reasoning in the...

The Psychological Effects of War and Violence on Children

by Lewis A. Leavitt & Nathan A. Fox

The outgrowth of a conference planned as a response to the need for researchers and clinicians to develop integrated plans for addressing the psychological trauma of children exposed to violence, this volume's...

Rules of the Mind

by John R. Anderson

Related to the earlier well-known ACT production system theory, this book's basic goal is to present evidence for the psychological reality of a production system model of mind. Distinguished from the original...

Attitude Strength: Antecedents and Consequences

by Richard E. Petty & Jon A. Krosnick

Social psychologists have long recognized the possibility that attitudes might differ from one another in terms of their strength, but only recently had the profound implications of this view been explored....

Perspectives on Anger and Emotion: Advances in Social Cognition, Volume Vi

by Jr., Robert S. Wyer & Thomas K. Srull

In this volume, Berkowitz develops the argument that experiential and behavioral components of an emotional state are affected by many processes: some are highly cognitive in nature; others are automatic and...

What Might Have Been: The Social Psychology of Counterfactual Thinking

by Neal J. Roese & James M. Olson

Within a few short years, research on counterfactual thinking has mushroomed, establishing itself as one of the signature domains within social psychology. Counterfactuals are thoughts of what might have been,...

Improving Training Effectiveness in Work Organizations

by J. Kevin Ford

This compelling volume presents the work of innovative researchers dealing with current issues in training and training effectiveness in work organizations. Each chapter provides an integrative summary of a...

Design and Analysis of Single-Case Research

by Ronald D. Franklin, David B. Allison & Bernard S. Gorman

This book focuses on one important aspect of psychological research -- the intensive study of people measured one or more at a time. Some important historical material is detailed in several chapters making...

Implicit Memory and Metacognition

by Lynne M. Reder

Metacognition is a term that spans many sub-areas in psychology and means different things to different people. A dominant view has been that metacognition involves the monitoring of performance in order to...

Multivariate Statistical Methods: A First Course

by George A. Marcoulides & Scott L. Hershberger

Multivariate statistics refer to an assortment of statistical methods that have been developed to handle situations in which multiple variables or measures are involved. Any analysis of more than two variables...

The Assessment of Object Relations Phenomena in Adolescents: Tat and Rorschach Measu

by Francis D. Kelly

This book offers clinicians a long-awaited comprehensive paradigm for assessing object relations functioning in disturbed younger and older adolescents. It gives a clear sense of how object relations functioning...

Spatial Neglect: A Clinical Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment

by Peter W Halligan & Ian Robertson

Spatial neglect is a profound clinical problem as well as intriguing scientific problem. In the last ten years, there has been an explosion of interest in this disorder, which as a result is no longer viewed...

101 Interventions in Family Therapy

by Thorana S Nelson & Terry S Trepper

Here is an exciting collection of favorite and successful family therapy interventions from therapists which inspire more creative therapy methods in your own practice. 101 Interventions in Family Therapy features...

Perspectives On Loss: A Sourcebook

by John H. Harvey

Losses are integral to the human experience, but they sometimes unfold in subtle ways. Loss is not just about death, but can encompass a number of situations, such as those gradual losses experienced by the...

Influence and Autonomy in Psychoanalysis

by Stephen A. Mitchell

Stephen A. Mitchell has been at the forefront of the broad paradigmatic shift in contemporary psychoanalysis from the traditional one-person model to a two-person, interactive, relational perspective.  In Influence...

Comparative Methods in Psychology

by M. H. Bornstein

First published in 1980. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Attention and Performance Viii

by R. S. Nickerson

First published in 1980. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Advances in Environmental Psychology: Volume 3: Energy Conservation, Psychological Perspectives

by A. Baum, J. E. Singer & Jerome L. Singer

First published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Pretend the World Is Funny and Forever: A Psychological Analysis of Comedians, Clowns, and Actors

by S. Fisher & R. L. Fisher

First published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Stigma: A Social Psychological Analysis

by I. Katz

First published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.