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Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment: Mental Health Books - Memoirs, Poetry and Fiction as Catharsis Through, Reading, Writing and The Chipmunkapu

by Jason Pegler

Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment is a book that explains how writing and publishing is a cathartic and empowering experience for Jason and Chipmunkapublishing authors. This book contains Jason's views...

Paranoid Lost

by Greg Bauder

PARANOID LOST is a collection of stories from a schizophrenic viewpoint and they range from the sublime to the ridiculous. They are alternately sad, humourous, bizarre and disturbing as well as highly imaginative...

New Science of the Mind

by Darragh Tobin

New Science of the Mind is an expression of personal emotions encountered on a journey navigated through fifteen years of living with mental illness. The book contains a selection of writings in the form of...

The Musical Paintbox

by Fiona Whelpton

Claire is a born loner, although she dreams of becoming a professional concert pianist she has few friends, and feels hounded by the expectations placed on her by her family. Struggling with a low self-esteem,...

Moving On From Depression: 729! Interpretations - Shall we get up in the Morning? The Sequel to 'Move Over Manic Depression - Here I Am'

by Anne Brocklesby

Anne Brocklesby was born in 1951 in Epsom, Surrey. She was educated in Wimbledon and Scotland before studying social sciences at Edinburgh University. She has now returned to live in Wimbledon where she has...

Letters Labelled Lunacy: Love: Love

by Demonmocker

Letters Labeled Lunacy: Love is the love story of a young child who took vows early to champion and defend the uncaptioned, the un-cared for and the undefended. This work carried the function of the imagination...

Knocking On Haven's Door

by Barbara Goulden

Description Coming Soon About the Author Barbara Goulden has worked as a journalist on weekly and evening newspapers for most of the past 35 years. She still remembers the sense of relief she felt after finally...

How I Escaped From A Life Threatening Marriage

by Rosaleen O'Brien

I have been in receipt of trauma counselling since 1999 on a daily basis,at times speaking till the early hours of the morning.Support from my trauma Counsellor helps me to come to terms with accepting that...

My Longest Journey: A Diary

by Ann Samuel

This book is an interesting account of one woman's battle with depression. It demonstrates the difficulty she had in finding herself and trying to understand herself. It is an extremely touching book and it...

I, War: A Novel

by M M Johns

"I, War" is crime thriller which initially follows the actions of an assassin as he fulfils a contract to remove the heads of an established crime organisation in the UK. He is working for the head of a Russian...

Peach Red and the Empty Road

by Ron McLachlan

This is the story of Peter McFarlane's journey back from the brink of madness, following years of sexual abuse. His childhood was blighted with this secret and cynical disease, and his life became filled with...

Burning Candle II

by Terry Beresford

Burning Candle II is a selection of poems written in the various stages of Bi-Polar. Some are sweet and nice, others a lot deeper and from within, as I suffered badly with depression and mania.

None But the Mad

by Jack Fenix

Drugs, delusions and disorders, a five year jaunt through the many afflictions of one man who just refused to die. A true story about how a man's madness turned into a search for the answers to great philosphical...

If I Could Call a Genie: ... and make the black line go

by Deborah Brockbank

Imogen Baxendale is a normal girl (if any pubescent girl can be called normal), living quite a normal sort of life of going to school and weekly riding lessons, until unexplained fatigue and emotional turmoil...


by Jonathan Swart

This story is about the impracticality of the imagination, it's the story of Quentin, Art and Melody. Quentin is a well to do entrepreneur, Art is a dreamer & Melody is a really renown model. Quentin has made...

Learning To Cycle

by James Palmer

This book is original in terms of its format and its content. In writing this book James Palmer gives a true reflection of what it is like to suffer with severe OCD. Much of this autobiographical story is told...

Innocents Abroad

by Kevin Rice

Description Coming Soon About the Author Kevin Rice, author of Innocents Abroad, was born in Birmingham in 1947. He was educated at a school in Birmingham, and on leaving school got a job as a computer operator....

On Knife's Edge: A Young Girl's Journey Through Borderline Personality Disorder

by Michelle Karpus

When Julie becomes so mentally ill she can no longer cope in society, she is put in a psychiatric hospital with the support of her friends. Once inside the hospital, Julie faces some terrible challenges; her...

In The Days Of Love

by Durlabh Singh

This is a love story about two heterosexual lovers from different social backgrounds and depicts their struggles to find a love that is more than fulfillment of their physical needs. It ventures into their emotional,...

Depression Ate My Soul: Depression Ate My Soul A Collection of Poems

by Sue Holt

This is Sue Holt's second collection of poetry. Sue is a poet who suffers from mental distress. Her first book 'Poems of Survival' was Sue's opportunity to open up the Pandora's box that contained memories of...