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The Dark Side of Close Relationships

by Brian H. Spitzberg & William R. Cupach

This collection of essays represents a follow-up to the editors' 1994 publication, The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication. In the preface to that collection of essays, they argued that "To fully understand...

Theories of Mood and Cognition: A User's Guidebook

by Leonard L. Martin & Gerald L. Clore

Approaching the topic from a social psychological viewpoint, this book provides a forum for some currently active theorists to provide concise descriptions of their models in a way that addresses four of the...

Test Theory: A Unified Treatment

by Roderick P. McDonald

This book introduces the reader to the main quantitative concepts, methods, and computational techniques needed for the development, evaluation, and application of tests in the behavioral/social sciences, including...

Modeling Intraindividual Variability with Repeated Measures Data: Methods and Applications

by Scott L. Hershberger & D.S. Moskowitz

This book examines how individuals behave across time and to what degree that behavior changes, fluctuates, or remains stable.

It features the most current methods on modeling repeated measures data as reported...

The Evolution of Intelligence

by Robert J. Sternberg & James C. Kaufman

How is one to understand the nature of intelligence? One approach is through psychometric testing, but such an approach often puts the "cart before the horse"--the test before the theory. Another approach is...

Social Psychology

by Kenneth S. Bordens & Irwin A. Horowitz

This second edition presents the core fundamentals of the subject in 11 manageable chapters while maintaining the book's scientific integrity. The research methods students need to understand, interpret, and...

Cognition and Instruction: Twenty-Five Years of Progress

by Sharon M. Carver & David Klahr

This volume is based on papers presented at the 30th Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Cognition. This particular symposium was conceived in reference to the 1974 symposium entitled Cognition and Instruction. In...

Geriatric Residential Care

by Robert D. Hill, Brian L. Thorn & John Bowling

This book's main goal is to examine the concept of residential care from a psychological perspective. The chapter authors espouse a psychological approach to long-term residential care and an effort is made...

Dramatherapy: Theory and Practice 2

by Sue Jennings

Dramatherapy: Theory and Practice 2 provides both clinician and theatre artist with a basic overview of recent developments in dramatherapy. The international contributors, all practising dramatherapists or...

Epidemiology of Sleep: Age, Gender, and Ethnicity

by Kenneth L. Lichstein, H. Heith Durrence & Brant W. Riedel

What is the prevalence of insomnia in a particular age group, in men and women, or in Caucasians and African Americans? What is the average total sleep time among normal sleepers among these groups? How does...

From Work-Family Balance to Work-Family Interaction: Changing the Metaphor

by Diane F. Halpern & Susan Elaine Murphy

There are many lessons to be learned about work-family interaction. It is clear that some people have learned how to combine work and family in ways that are mutually supporting--at least much of the time--and...

Handbook of Career Counseling for Women

by W. Bruce Walsh & Mary Heppner

The goal of this book is to give career counselors knowledge awareness, and skills to work with diverse girls and women to make their lives as authentic, meaningful, and rewarding as they can possibly be. It...

Discrimination at Work: The Psychological and Organizational Bases

by Robert L. Dipboye & Adrienne Colella

This volume brings together top scholars in industrial and organizational psychology with social psychologists to explore the research and theory relating to various areas of workplace discrimination.

Many of...

Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science

by Alwyn Scott

In 438 alphabetically-arranged essays, this work provides a useful overview of the core mathematical background for nonlinear science, as well as its applications to key problems in ecology and biological systems,...

Clinical Management of Sex Addiction

by Patrick J. Carnes & Kenneth M. Adams

This is the first comprehensive volume of the clinical management of sex addiction. Collecting the work of 28 leaders in this emerging field, the editors provide a long-needed primary text about how to approach...

Autistic Children: A Guide For Parents & Professionals

by Lorna Wing

orna Wing discusses the stresses on the autistic child's family, services that are available and the outlook for the future. This revised updated edition explains how an autistic child views his world and how...

Successful Private Practice In The 1990s: A New Guide

by Joan Kaye Beigel & Ralph H. Earle

Published in 1990, Successful Private Practice in The 1990s is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy.

Your Dieting Daughter...Is She Dying for Attention?

by Carolyn Costin

This book focuses on the essentials of nutrition, offering clear guidelines for healthy eating and dispelling many of the myths promoted by the diet industry. A concise and informative review of the most popular...

The Dictionary Of Managed Care: A Is For Access

by Jodi Aronson

The idea of managed care has sparked much controversy including its impact on the insurance industry, employer providers of care, and the patients themselves. In the confusion that comes with deciphering this...

Add in the Workplace: Choices, Changes, and Challenges

by Kathleen Nadeau

It's one thing to deal with attention deficit disorder in the doctor's office, or at home-but quite another "out there," in the workplace. This unique guide focuses on adults living with ADD, and illustrates...