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Emotion, Cognition, Health, and Development in Children and Adolescents

by Elizabeth J. Susman, Lynne V. Feagans & William J. Ray

This book focuses on integrating health and developmental issues in children and adolescents. Its primary objective is to demonstrate how development of emotions and cognition are involved in promoting health,...

The World of Touch

by David Katz & Lester E. Krueger

For the first time, David Katz's classic monograph The World of Touch has been translated into English. Regarded as one of the premiere experimental psychologists, Katz vigorously opposed the atomism and "tachistoscopic"...

Psychological Concepts and Dissociative Disorders

by Raymond M. Klein & Benjamin K. Doane

This book is based on a symposium that was inspired by the late Donald O. Hebb who, in his latter years while an Honorary Professor in the Department of Psychology at Dalhousie University, became very interested...

Advanced Basic Meta-Analysis: Version 1.10

by Brian Mullen

In response to the growing emphasis on precision in the summarization and integration of research literature, Advanced BASIC Meta-Analysis presents an overview of strategies, techniques, and procedures used...

Development and the Arts: Critical Perspectives

by Margery B. Franklin & Bernard Kaplan

This volume's unifying theme is the question: Is a concept of development relevant to art? Bringing together contributions from the perspectives of philosophical aesthetics, psychoanalysis, architecture and...

Stress, Coping, and Disease

by Philip Mccabe, Neil Schneiderman & Tiffany M. Field

The third volume based on the annual University of Miami Symposia on Stress and Coping, this book focuses on the role of biophysical factors in four of the greatest health problems confronting us today: cardiovascular...

Computational and Clinical Approaches to Pattern Recognition and Concept Formation: Quantitative Analyses of Behavior, Volume IX

by Michael L. Commons, Richard J. Herrnstein & Stephen M. Kosslyn

The ninth volume in this highly acclaimed series discusses the computational and clinical approaches to pattern recognition and concept formation regarding: visual and spatial processing models; computational...

Tradition and Innovation in Psychoanalytic Education: Clark Conference on Psychoanalytic Training for Psychologists

by Murray Meisels & Ester R. Shapiro

This book, a record of the Clark Conference sponsored by the APA, consists of a series of papers on psychoanalytic education.

The Development and Treatment of Childhood Aggression

by Kenneth H. Rubin & Debra J. Pepler

Comprised of papers and commentaries from the Earlscourt Symposium on Childhood Aggression held in Toronto, Canada, this volume reflects the Earlscourt Child and Family Centre's commitment to linking clinical...

In Search of Coronary-Prone Behavior: Beyond Type a

by Aron Wolfe Siegman & Theodore M. Dembroski

In Search of Cornoary-Prone Behavior: Beyond Type A provides a methodology of enormous potential for examining the relationship between behavioral variables and basic pathophysiological mechanisms.

Developmental Disorders: Diagnostic Criteria and Clinical Assessment

by Stephen R. Hooper, George W. Hynd & Richard E. Mattison

These two companion volumes provide a comprehensive review and critical evaluation of the major DSM-III and DSM-III-R child disorders. Their major goal is to provide diagnostic and assessment guidelines that...

Child Psychopathology: Diagnostic Criteria and Clinical Assessment

by Stephen R. Hooper, George W. Hynd & Richard E. Mattison

These two companion volumes provide a comprehensive review and critical evaluation of the major DSM-III and DSM-III-R child disorders.

Children's Strategies: Contemporary Views of Cognitive Development

by David F. Bjorklund

One of the issues central to both classic and contemporary theories of cognitive development is children's goal-directed behavior, which is typically investigated in terms of strategies. This book brings together...

Toward a Logic of Meanings

by Jean Piaget, Rolando Garcia & Philip Davidson

This book, the last one written by Piaget, presents a new line of empirical studies based on a revised formulation of his theory of the development of logical reasoning. The amended theory overcomes many problems...

Morphisms and Categories: Comparing and Transforming

by Jean Piaget, Gil Henriques & Edgar Ascher

Despite dissent in many quarters, Piaget's epistemology and the developmental psychology derived from it remain the most powerful theories in either field. From the beginning, Piaget's fundamental epistemological...

Multidimensional Functional Assessment of Older Adults: The Duke Older Americans Resources and Services Procedures

by Gerda G. Fillenbaum

Reliable, easily administered, and objective ways of assessing the well-being of the elderly and their use of, and need for, services are rare. The author of this study provides current information on the Multidimensional...

The Life of the Mind

by Jason W. Brown

First Published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Patterns of Life History: The Ecology of Human Individuality

by Michael D. Mumford, Garnett S. Stokes & William A. Owens

This work summarizes an ongoing longitudinal study concerned with the nature of human differences as manifest in peoples' life histories. The traditional models for the description of human differences are reviewed,...

Psychosocial Perspectives on AIDS: Etiology, Prevention and Treatment

by Lydia Temoshok & , Andrew S. Baum

AIDS and the virus that causes it have challenged the world's scientists, health care systems, and public health policies as much or more than any medical problem in recorded history. Perhaps this is so because...

Stability and Continuity in Mental Development: Behavioral and Biological Perspectives

by M. H. Bornstein & N. A. Krasnegor

Filling a gap in current literature on human development, this volume explores the influence of psychophysiological, behavioral, and social factors on stability and continuity in the development of the mind...