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Reflective Enquiry into Therapeutic Institutions

by Lesley Day & Pam Pringle

Therapeutic practice needs constant examination to ensure that it remains responsive and dynamic. Living organisms must communicate with their environment if they are to survive, and institutions are no different....

Untying the Knot: Working with Children and Parents

by A. H. Brafman

Untying The Knot sets out to present a clinical approach to cases where the referred patient is a child or adolescent, but in which the parents are intimately involved in the therapeutic situation.Three fundamental...

Key Papers on Borderline Disorders: With IJP Internet Discussion Reviews

by Paul Williams

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis Key Papers Series brings together the most important psychoanalytic papers in the journal's eighty-year history in a series of accessible monographs. Approaching the...

The Undead Mother

by Christina Wieland

'A state of mourning is something that the late Twentieth Century has been uniquely unable to achieve. A culture based on the interchangeability of products and people, and a throw-away culture, is not conducive...

The Pre-Psychoanalytic Writings of Sigmund Freud

by Duncan Barford, Filip Geerardyn & Gertrudis Van de Vijver

The traditional dating of the origin of psychoanalysis to 1900, when Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams, ignores the massive body of work he produced well before this date. Covering fields as diverse...

A Pattern of Madness

by Neville Symington

Author of many respected psychoanalytic works including Narcissism: A New Theory, Emotion and Spirit, Making of a Psychotherapist and Spirit of Sanity, the distinguished psychoanalyst Neville Symington's latest...

The Brain and the Inner World: An Introduction to the Neuroscience of Subjective Experience

by Mark Solms & Oliver Turnbull

This work is an eagerly awaited account of this momentous and ongoing revolution, elaborated for the general reader by two pioneers of the field. The book takes the nonspecialist reader on a guided tour through...

Unconscious Phantasy

by Riccardo Steiner

'There is no doubt that "phantasy" or "unconscious phantasy", as it started to be used in the English translation of Freud's work in the late 1920s and 1930s to differentiate it from "fantasy", is one of the...

Psychoanalysis and Management: The Transformation

by David Gutmann & Oscar Iarussi

David Gutmann is a highly successful consultant to leading institutions and organisations. In this enriching and challenging dialogue with the Italian journalist Oscar Iarussi, he brings his passion for life...

Acquainted with the Night: Psychoanalysis and the Poetic Imagination

by Hamish Canham & Carole Satyamurti

This book explores some of the ways in which an understanding of poetry, and the poetic impulse, can be fruitfully informed by psychoanalytic ideas. It could be argued that there is a particular affinity between...

Infantile Sexuality and Attachment

by Daniel Widlocher

Freud wrote in 1905 that children's sexual life, although dominated by the erogenous zones, also has components in which, from the beginning, other people appear as sexual objects. These people - the child's...

Unexpected Gains: Psychotherapy with People with Learning Disabilities

by Lynda Miller & David Simpson

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a new development in the treatment of people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, which traditionally has utilised behavioural management and limited counselling....

Influential Papers from the 1920s

by R. D. Hinshelwood

A collection of papers from the International Journal of Psychoanalysis that were originally published in the 1920s. The papers are divided into their subject matter and contextualised through comprehensive...

Trauma-Focused CBT for Children and Adolescents: Treatment Applications

by Judith Cohen & Anthony P. Mannarino

Featuring a wealth of clinical examples, this book facilitates implementation of trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) in a range of contexts. It demonstrates how assessment strategies and treatment...

Motivational Interviewing in the Treatment of Anxiety

by Henny A. Westra

This practical book provides effective strategies for helping therapy clients with anxiety resolve ambivalence and increase their intrinsic motivation for change. The author shows how to infuse the spirit and...

The Scientific Basis of Child Custody Decisions

by Robert M. Galatzer-Levy, Louis Kraus & Jeanne Galatzer-Levy

The legal system requires mental health professionals to provide research summaries to support their evaluations in child custody cases. Contributions from leading developmental researchers, legal professionals,...

Explaining Conversations: A Developmental Social Exchange Theory

by R. Murray Thomas & Marie K. Iding

Explaining Conversations offers a different way of interpreting people’s social exchanges than has been available in the past. The book is replete with examples of people’s verbal interactions in the form...

The Dewey Color System for Relationships: The Ultimate Compatibility Test for Love, Friendship, and Career Success

by Dewey Sadka


More than 70 million people have discovered hidden truths about their personality using the Dewey Color System®, a highly accurate self-test that shows what the colors...

Boyfriend 101: A Gay Guy's Guide to Dating, Romance, and Finding True Love

by Jim Sullivan

You’ve done the bar thing. You’ve let your best friend set you up. You’ve even logged on to a gay dating website. But the man of your dreams is still out there, just waiting for you to find him. What’s...

Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now

by Jane B. Burka & Lenora M. Yuen

With over 150,000 copies sold, a new, fully revised and updated edition of the classic guide to understanding and controlling one of the most common behavioral problems.