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Sexual Health in Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Group Facilitator's Manual

by Douglas Braun-Harvey


Braun-Harvey's manual deserves to become widely adopted at treatment centers across the United States and beyond. His approach offers an effective method for mitigating the shame that binds people to their...

A Compendium of Psychosocial Measures: Assessment of People with Serious Mental Illness in the Community

by Dr. Dale Johnson


Dale Johnson brings a rare and unique assortment of skills to this enterprise. . . .he has personally been immersed in the world of severe mental illness for many years?and adds a compendium of appropriate...

Handbook of Diversity in Feminist Psychology

by Hope Landrine & Nancy Felipe Russo


This handbook presents a multicultural approach to diversity in feminist psychology. Provocative and timely, the text comprehensively discusses the cutting-edge of feminist discourse, covering major topics...

Developmental Psychology for Family Law Professionals: Theory, Application and the Best Interests of the Child

by Dr. Benjamin Garber


[T]he best and most useful social science text I have read in a decade?.It is comprehensive in its research and scope, clearly written and uses excellent case studies and examples to illustrate in simple terms...

Methadone Maintenance Treatment in the U.S.: A Practical Question and Answer Guide

by Wendee M. Wechsberg & Jennifer J. Kasten


Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) has been the primary form of treatment for opiate dependence in the U.S. for over 40 years. It involves providing drug abusers with a less addictive opiate (methadone)...

Localization of Clinical Syndromes in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience

by Joseph M. Tonkonogy & Antonio E. Puente


Within neuropsychology, localization refers to the relationship between the anatomical structures of the brain and their corresponding psychological or behavioral function. There has long been considerable...

Rehabilitation and Health Assessment: Applying ICF Guidelines

by Elias Mpofu & Thomas Oakland


Mpofu and Oakland have given us a volume of exceptional clarity, depth, and breadth, one whose utility extends well beyond rehabilitation psychology. As such, Rehabilitation and Health Assessment: Applying...

Anger-Related Disorders: A Practitioner's Guide to Comparative Treatments

by Eva Feindler

In this ground-breaking exploration, a glittering array of specialists investigate how and why anger is viewed as a secondary emotion by most clinical theories and practitioners and seeks to answer the following...

The Practice of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Second Edition

by Albert Ellis & Windy Dryden

Reissued with a new foreword by Raymond DiGiuseppe, PhD, ScD, St. John's University

"New trainees often get the theory of psychopathology; they struggle to get the case conceptualization and the strategic plan....

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Scripted Protocols: Basics and Special Situations

by Dr. Marilyn Luber

This excellent book contains many different scripts, applicable to a number of special populations. It takes a practical approach and walks therapists step-by-step through the EMDR therapeutic process. [Readers]...

The Evolution of Counseling Psychology

by Donald Blocher

This volume provides a clear and readable history of the development of psychological thought in the field of counseling psychology. The author traces the origins of counseling psychology in the Guidance Movement...

The Handbook of Health Behavior Change, Third Edition

by Sally A. Shumaker & Judith K. Ockene


This work will be the one that students and clinicans keep on their shelves as the gold-standard reference for health behavior change. Summing Up: Essential


The third edition of this handbook provides...

The International Encyclopedia of Depression

by Ingram PhD Rick E.


This encyclopedia distills an amazing amount of information into a book that is easy to read and navigate?.This would serve as a great reference for anyone with an interest in depression. Score: 96, 4 stars...

Handbook of Intellectual Styles: Preferences in Cognition, Learning, and Thinking

by Dr. Li-Fang Zhang & Robert J. Sternberg


?This book is a masterly attempt to bring order and cohesion to a field that for many years has been riven with claims and counterclaims. The editors and authors are to be congratulated for addressing a very...

Advances in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Cognitive-Behavioral Perspectives

by Steven Taylor

Are behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapies sufficiently broad in their effects on trauma-related psychopathology and related factors? This volume considers many of the complexities in treating PTSD, and...

Depression: A Practitioner's Guide to Comparative Treatments

by Mark A. Reinecke & Michael R. Davison

This volume comprehensively compares and contrasts alternative models of, and treatment approaches to, clinical depression. Each contributor, a recognized expert in his or her modality, analyzes the same case...

Empathy Fatigue: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of Professional Counselors

by Mark A. Stebnicki


Many mental health practitioners present symptoms that are consistent with their clients' anxiety and stress-related disorders. It comes as no surprise, then, that secondary traumatic stress - the stress that...

Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Practitioner's Guide to Comparative Treatments

by Frederick Rotgers & Michael Maniacci

Patients with antisocial personality disorder (APD) have traditionally been considered difficult ot treat, or even untreatable, with psychotherapy. Recent clinical and research developments, however, have begun...

Planned Group Counseling: An Alternative Group Method for Reluctant Chemically Dependent and Psychiatric Patients

by Anthony N. Biancoviso & Wandajune Bishop-Towle

This book presents a detailed description of a new group method called Planned Group Counseling (PGC). This method was created to cope with the very reluctant behaviors found in chemically dependent and psychiatric...

A Guide to the Standard EMDR Protocols for Clinicians, Supervisors, and Consultants

by Andrew M. Leeds


This is an excellent guide to the theory and practice of EMDR. It provides great clarity to readers unsure of how this therapy is conducted. If you want to know about EMDR, this is the book to have. Score:...