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Introduction to Memory Development During Childhood and Adolescence

by Wolfgang Schneider & Michael Pressley

This integrative introduction to theory and research on memory development during childhood and adolescence also describes the theory of good information processors as an explanation for memory development....

Emerging Issues and Methods in Personality Assessment

by John A. Schinka & Roger L. Greene

for libraries and individuals who are interested in the material but do not subscribe to the journal.

Fifty Years of the Research and Theory of R.S. Lazarus: An Analysis of Historical and Perennial Issues

by Richard S. Lazarus

Lazarus is the Dean of Stress & Emotion Research. This book is a compilation of his life's work in Emotion. It should be the center piece of our developing program in emotion.

Alternatives to Cognition: A New Look at Explaining Human Social Behavior

by Christina Lee

Presents a thoughtful open-minded approach, beyond that of conventional cognitivism, using alternative perspectives such as socio-cultural contexts and social interaction, to explain behavior. For social and...

Chemical Dependency and Compulsive Behaviors

by Richard W. Esterly & William T. Neely

This volume explores the relationship between chemical dependency and compulsive behaviors through various case studies. For clinicians, health professionals, and sociologists.

The Structure of Learning: From Sign Stimuli to Sign Language

by R. Allen Gardner & Beatrix Gardner

Drawing together research and theory in ethology and psychology, this book offers a clear and provocative account of the ways in which living organisms learn. Throughout, the authors' focus is on the importance...

Psychodiagnosis in Schizophrenia

by Irving B. Weiner

Psychodiagnosis in Schizophrenia is a reprint of a classic volume in assessment psychology that first appeared in 1966. The book concerns the use of psychodiagnostic techniques in the differential diagnosis...

Localist Connectionist Approaches to Human Cognition

by Jonathan Grainger, Arthur M. Jacobs & Arthur Jacobs

This volume provides an overview of a relatively neglected branch of connectionism known as localist connectionism. The singling out of localist connectionism is motivated by the fact that some critical modeling...

Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Use in Young Adulthood: The Impacts of New Freedoms and New Responsibilities

by Jerald G. Bachman, Katherine N. Wadsworth & Patrick M. O'Malley

Why do some young adults substantially change their patterns of smoking, drinking, or illicit drug use after graduating from high school? In this book, the authors show that leaving high school and leaving home...

Personality and Family Development: An Intergenerational Longitudinal Comparison

by Klaus A. Schneewind, Stefan Ruppert & Klaus Schneewind

This volume reports an unusual study spanning 16 years with survey data from more than 200 families (parents and children). It will be of interest to researchers and policy-makers concerned with families, personality,...

Knowledge Representation

by Arthur B. Markman

This volume is designed as a text for courses or seminars in cognitive psychology and cognitive science where knowledge representation is the central topic or significant focus. Also convenient for professionals...

Memory Development Between Two and Twenty

by Wolfgang Schneider & Michael Pressley

This text, which examines in detail the growth and development of memory, is intended for an audience of upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in cognitive and memory development.

Adaptive Spatial Alignment

by Gordon M. Redding & Benjamin Wallace

This book presents in-depth investigations of perceptual and motor performance under prism adaptation, with implications for adaptive processes, sensorimotor systems, and learning. For experimental psychologists,...

Teaching and Learning Personality Assessment

by Leonard Handler, Mark J. Hilsenroth & Mark Hilsenroth

How do we move from an understanding of the administration, scoring, and interpretation of responses on various personality assessment instruments to the ability to put our understanding into words and communicate...

Psychophysics: The Fundamentals

by George A. Gescheider

This updated edition of a classic text presents standard approaches and issues in the field of psychophysics from one of its most respected researchers.

Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences

by Jacob Cohen, Patricia Cohen & Stephen G. West

Classic text on applied multiple regression considered the bible among graduate students and researchers.

Intentional Forgetting: Interdisciplinary Approaches

by Jonathan M. Golding & Colin M. MacLeod

This volume examines the phenomena--long questioned by memory researchers--of directed forgetting in humans and animals, and in contexts that are both basic and applied (social, forensic, and clinical). For...

Collective Memory of Political Events: Social Psychological Perspectives

by James W. Pennebaker, Dar¡o Paez & Bernard Rim‚

This volume presents international perspectives on the phenomena of broadly shared -- or constructed -- memories of political events. The causes and implications of such phenomena are of interest to memory researchers...

Assessment and Intervention Issues Across the Life Span

by Stephanie M.C. Dollinger, Lisabeth F. DiLalla & Stephanie MC Dollinger

This volume addresses, across a variety of topics and subject populations, issues in the assessment of behavior and intervention to improve or ameliorate performance. Of interest to life-span, developmental,...

Human by Nature: Between Biology and the Social Sciences

by Peter Weingart, Sandra D. Mitchell & Peter J. Richerson

This volume represents the outcome of a year-long collaboration among biological and social scientists studying issues of the distinction (or fuzziness thereof) between nature and culture. For social and life...