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The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves

by Stephen Grosz

An extraordinary book for anyone eager to understand the hidden motives that shape our lives. We are all storytellers—we create stories to make sense of our lives. But it is not enough to tell tales. There...

The Origins of Family Psychotherapy: The NIMH Family Study Project

by Murray Bowen, Jack Butler & Joanne Bowen

This book presents original papers from Bowen's NIMH Family Study Project with commentaries concerning the origins and developments of family psychotherapy and the beginnings of a new type of therapeutic relationship....

The Power of Discourse: An Introduction to Discourse Analysis

by Moira Chimombo & Robert L. Roseberry

This text provides an in-depth analysis of the world of discourse, followed by treatments of discourse indomains such as law, literature, and advertising. For students at all levels in linguistics and language...

Item Response Theory for Psychologists

by Susan E. Embretson & Steven P. Reise

An intuitive intro to IRT that minimizes equations and maximizes the use of graphs and analogies to psychologicalprinciples.Includes small-scale cognitive applications. Ideal for psychology professionals, behavioral...

Strategic Job Modeling: Working at the Core of Integrated Human Resources

by Jeffery S. Schippmann

Geared towards human resource specialists, managers, consultants, and students/scholars interested in business and applied psychology, this book presents ideas and techniques for planning and managing job modeling...

Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified: Scientific and Clinical Perspectives on the Other Eating Disorders

by Claes Norring & Bob Palmer

Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified covers all eating disorders that do not fall into either of the two main diagnostic groups: anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Although these less well known conditions...

The Self Psychology of Addiction and Its Treatment: Narcissus in Wonderland

by Richard B. Ulman & Harry Paul

In the time of Freud, the typical psychoanalytic patient was afflicted with neurotic disorders; however, the modern-day psychotherapy patient often suffers instead from a variety of addictive disorders. As the...

Memory and Society: Psychological Perspectives

by Lars-Göran Nilsson & Nobuo Ohta

Memory and Society explores the social factors which influence human memory and our conceptualisation of memory. It examines the relationships between memory, society and culture and considers the relevance...

Growing Critical: Alternatives to Developmental Psychology

by John R. Morss

Growing Critical is an introduction to critical psychology, focussing on development. It takes a fresh look at infancy, childhood and adulthood and makes the startling claim that 'development' does not exist....

A Psychoanalytic Theory of Infantile Experience: Conceptual and Clinical Reflections

by Eugenio Gaddini & Adam Limentani

Eugenio Gaddini, a pioneer within the Italian psychoanalytical movement, devoted a lifetime of research to the organization of infantile mental life.

In this edited collection of his papers Dr Adam Limentani...

The Dream Discourse Today

by Sara Flanders

The Dream Discourse Today offers an unrivalled synoptic view of key American, British and French papers on dream analysis in clinical practice. The purpose of the book is to show the reader different, well articulated...

Individual Learners: Personality Differences in Education

by W. Ray Crozier

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Personality Development: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

by Debbie Hindle & Marta Vaciago Smith

Personality Development is a comprehensive overview of infant observation and personality development. It starts at inter-utero life and goes through to adulthood, focusing on the emotional tasks involved at...

How Much Is Enough?: Endings in Psychotherapy and Counselling

by Lesley Murdin

How Much is Enough? addresses this important question, looking at the reasons why therapy can go on for too long or can come to a destructively premature ending, and offering advice on how to avoid either, with...

The Facilitating Partnership: A Winnicottian Approach for Social Workers and Other Helping Professionals

by Jeffrey S. Applegate & Jennifer M. Bonovitz

In The Facilitating Partnership, Jeffrey Applegate and Jennifer Bonovitz show how D. W. Winnicott's therapeutic ideas and technique are particularly relevant to a agency-based psychodynamic treatment of clients...

The Ego and Analysis of Defense

by Paul Gray

The Ego and Analysis of Defense without a doubt represents a major advance in analytic technique. This book, together with the series of seminal journal articles he published over the past 30 years, are a testament...

Help Him Make You Smile: The Development of Intersubjectivity in the Atypical Child

by Rita S. Eagle

This book focuses on the development of self and intersubjectivity in infants, and the parent-child and family interactions that help facilitate it. A unique, step by step account of how these capacities emerged...

Group Psychotherapy with Children

by Haim G. Ginott

A practical guide to play therapy with children. This book covers aspects of treatment including the selection of appropriate patients, choice of toys, setting limits, and working with parents. The capabilities...

Creative Activities for Group Therapy

by Nina Brown

First Published in 2013. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Social Psychology and Theories of Consumer Culture: A Political Economy Perspective

by Matthew McDonald & Stephen Wearing

In Social Psychology and Theories of Consumer Culture McDonald and Wearing present a critical analysis of social psychology from the perspective of classical and contemporary theories of consumer culture.