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Eidetic Imagery and Typological Methods of Investigation: Their Importance for the Psychology of Childhood, the Theory of

by E R, Jaensch

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Common Sense and Its Cultivation

by E Hanbury, Hankin

First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Katie's Diary: Unlocking the Mystery of a Suicide

by David Lester

Katie's Diary is a unique analysis of the diary left behind by a young woman who has committed suicide. As compared to suicide notes, which are typically brief, Katie's diary consists of five separate books,...

Investigating Classroom Talk

by A. Edwards & D. P. G. Westgate

In this fully revised and extended edition, Tony Edwards and David Westgate continue to examine methods of investigation for use in classrooms and ways in which researchers and teachers may advance their knowledge...

Practicing Perfection: Memory and Piano Performance

by Roger Chaffin, Gabriela Imreh & Mary Crawford

The memory feats of famous musicians seem almost superhuman. Can such extraordinary accomplishments be explained by the same principles that account for more ordinary, everyday memory abilities? To find out,...

The Mechanisms of Perception

by Jean Piaget

This book was first published in 1969.

Handbook of Parenting: Volume 4 Social Conditions and Applied Parenting

by Marc H. Bornstein

Please see Volume I for a full description and table of contents for all four volumes.

Handbook of Parenting: Volume I: Children and Parenting

by Marc H. Bornstein

Despite the fact that most people become parents and everyone who has ever lived has had parents, parenting remains a mystifying subject about which almost everyone has opinions, but about which few people agree....

Research Design & Statistical Analysis

by Arnold D. Well & Jerome L. Myers

This book emphasizes the statistical concepts and assumptions necessary to describe and make inferences about real data. Throughout the book the authors encourage the reader to plot and examine their data, find...

Dictionary of Forensic Psychology

by Graham Towl, David P. Farrington & David Crighton

Over the past decade, forensic psychology has grown rapidly as a subject, with an increasing number of forensic psychologists working in demanding roles in prisons, secure training facilities, and high, medium...

Dynamic Therapy in Brief Hospi

by John M. Oldham & Mark L. Russakoff

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Using Self Psychology in Child Psychotherapy: The Restoration of the Child

by Jule P. Miller

Shows how self psychology allows child patients who were in the past often considered difficult and even untreatable to be understood and effectively helped.

Treating the Unmanageable Adolescent: A Guide to Oppositional Defiant and Conduct Disorders

by Neil I. Bernstein

Addresses, in a concrete, practical way, how to deal with disruptive, troubled youth. Emphasis is placed on diffusing resistance to change and facilitating treatment compliance.

Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession

by Janet Malcolm

Through an intensive study of 'Aaron Green,' a Freudian analyst in New York City, New Yorker writer Janet Malcolm reveals the inner workings of psychoanalysis.

Motherhood Optional: A Psychological Journey

by Phyllis Ziman Tobin & Barbara Aria

Reminding women that motherhood is an option, not a given (much less an instinct), New York psychotherapist Phyllis Ziman Tobin contends that choosing to be or not to be a mother is the defining rite of passage...

The Science of the Couple: The Ontario Symposium Volume 12

by Lorne Campbell, Jennifer La Guardia & James M. Olson

Although love and relationships have been focal points for poets and philosophers for thousands of years, these topics had not traditionally been the focus of empirical research. As a result, very little was...

Hero Within - Rev. & Expanded  Ed.

by Carol S. Pearson

The Classic Guide, Updated for Our Contemporary World

A modern classic of Jungian psychology, The Hero Within has helped hundreds of thousands of people enrich their lives by revealing how to tap the power of...

What You Need to Know - Alzheimer's & Dementia

by Wayne Glenn Terry

Wayne Glenn Terry provides a wealth of information on those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia. As an inflicted victim himself, he provides insight from a very personal perspective. His words are touching...

The Science of Consequences: How They Affect Genes, Change the Brain, and Impact Our World

by Susan M. Schneider

Children quickly learn that actions have consequences. This elementary lesson is repeated again and again throughout adulthood as we adjust our behaviors according to the reactions they produce in the social...

What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite

by David DiSalvo

This book reveals a remarkable paradox: what your brain wants is frequently not what your brain needs. In fact, much of what makes our brains "happy" leads to errors, biases, and distortions, which make getting...