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Intersections in Basic and Applied Memory Research

by David G. Payne & Frederick G. Conrad

In recent years there has been increasing interaction between basic and applied memory researchers, ranging from heated debates to highly productive collaborations. This collection of papers -- based on presentations...

Activity Anorexia: Theory, Research, and Treatment

by W. Frank Epling & W. David Pierce

This volume provides researchers and clinicians with an insight into recent developments in activity anorexia. Much of the basic information on the topic has come from animal literature; the theory of activity...

The Mythomanias: The Nature of Deception and Self-deception

by Michael S. Myslobodsky

Recently, there has been a renewal of interest in the broad and loosely bounded range of phenomena called deception and self-deception. This volume addresses this interest shared by philosophers, social and...

Models of Action: Mechanisms for Adaptive Behavior

by Clive D.L. Wynne & John E.R. Staddon

This volume presents an international group of researchers who model animal and human behavior--both simple and complex. The models presented focus on such subjects as the pattern of eating in meals and bouts,...

Development of Person-Context Relations

by Thomas A. Kindermann & Jaan Valsiner

This volume is an exploration of the idea that how we describe and explain human development will be closely tied to our understanding of what contexts are, how individuals and contexts become influential for...

Optimality in Biological and Artificial Networks?

by Daniel S. Levine & Wesley R. Elsberry

This book is the third in a series based on conferences sponsored by the Metroplex Institute for Neural Dynamics, an interdisciplinary organization of neural network professionals in academia and industry. The...

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Applications of Neural Networks to Telecommunications

by Joshua Alspector, Rodney Goodman & Timothy X. Brown

The world is witnessing the rapid evolution of its own nervous system by an unparalleled growth in communication technology. Like the evolution of the nervous systems in animals, this growth is being driven...

Compensating for Psychological Deficits and Declines: Managing Losses and Promoting Gains

by Roger A. Dixon, Lars B„ckman & Lars Backman

Designed to contain broad, deep, and current perspectives on compensation, this volume continues the processes of:

* explicating the concept of compensation;

* linking and distinguishing compensation from neighboring...

Perceiving Events and Objects

by Gunnar Jansson, Sten Sture Bergstr"m & William Epstein

This volume presents -- for the first time -- an extensive precis of the out-of-print classic 1950 monograph prepared by Johansson.

Values and Knowledge

by Edward S. Reed, Elliot Turiel & Terrance Brown

It is widely recognized that a person's values will profoundly affect what that person attends to, thinks about, and remembers. Yet, despite this, psychologists have only begun to study and think about the deep...

Brain Plasticity and Behavior

by Bryan Kolb

There are few books devoted to the topic of brain plasticity and behavior. Most previous works that cover topics related to brain plasticity do not include extensive discussions of behavior. The first to try...

Autobiographical Memory: Remembering What and Remembering When

by Charles P. Thompson, John J. Skowronski & Steen F. Larsen

Providing an unusual perspective on self and social memory different from the norm in social cognitive research, this volume describes the results of the authors' diary research now in progress for more than...

Expertise and Technology: Cognition & Human-Computer Cooperation

by Jean-Michel Hoc, Pietro C. Cacciabue & Erik Hollnagel

This book's basic philosophy is the conviction that human operators remain the unchallenged experts even in the worst cases where their working conditions have been impoverished by senseless automation. They...

Threats to Optimal Development: Integrating Biological, Psychological, and Social Risk Factors: The Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology, Volume 27

by Charles A. Nelson

This volume reflects a continuation of the concerns of the Institute of Child Development with the nature and content of development in multiple contexts. It comes at a most welcome point since the Institute--in...

Consciousness in Philosophy and Cognitive Neuroscience

by Antti Revonsuo & Matti Kamppinen

This book demonstrates the dialogue between philosophical and empirical points of view. The writers present alternative solutions to the brain-consciousness problem and they discuss how the unification of biological...

Assessment of Biological Mechanisms Across the Life Span

by Lisabeth F. DiLalla, Stephanie M. Clancy Dollinger & Stephanie MC Dollinger

Based on the First Biannual Lifespan Development Conference, this volume offers a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach to the study of lifespan development in the areas of neuropsychology, cognition,...

Fetal Development: A Psychobiological Perspective

by Jean-Pierre Lecanuet, William P. Fifer & Norman A. Krasnegor

Based on the presentations given by well-known specialists at a recent multidisciplinary conference of developmental psychobiologists, obstetricians, and physiologists, this book is the first exhaustive attempt...

Beliefs, Reasoning, and Decision Making: Psycho-Logic in Honor of Bob Abelson

by Roger C. Schank & Ellen Langer

It is not unusual for a festschrift to include offerings from several areas of study, but it is highly unusual for those areas to cross disciplinary lines. This book, in doing just that, is a testimony to Bob...

Mother-Headed Families and Why They Have Increased

by Ailsa Burns, Cath Scott & Catherine Scott

The last two decades have seen a dramatic growth in the proportion of families headed by women. Most of these families are poor and include dependent children--causing the development of a large underprivileged...

Neurobehavioral Plasticity: Learning, Development, and Response to Brain Insults

by Norman E. Spear, Linda P. Spear & Michael L. Woodruff

This book describes a unique combination of research programs based on a striking variety of hypotheses and procedures directed toward understanding the sources and consequences of neurobehavioral plasticity....