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Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy: Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships

by Jill P. Weber

This book is directed at those women, including high school and college students, who use sex as a means to achieving intimacy, and who fail to do so by using this method. It shows them how to recognize signs...

Boys of the Cloth: The Accidental Role of Church Reforms in Causing and Curbing Abuse by Priests

by Vincent J. Miles

Boys of the Cloth presents a unique analysis of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, combining a first-hand account of seminary life during the 1960s with a review of scientific knowledge about abusive...

Brain Power: Improve Your Mind as You Age

by Michael J. Gelb & Kelly Howell

Virtually everyone fears mental deterioration as they age. But in the past thirty years neuroscientists have discovered that the brain is actually designed to improve throughout life. How can you encourage this...

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

by Thomas De Quincey & Howard Marks


Once upon a time, opium (the main ingredient of heroin) was easily available over the chemist's counter. The secret of happiness, about which philosophers have disputed for...

Darkened Light

by Susan Splaine

Description Darkened Light is an epic tour-de-force of a book, an awakening for people who do not understand the mind of a manic depressive. In this book Susan explains the past hardships of her life. She has...

Neurocognitive and Physiological Factors During High-Tempo Operations

by Steven Kornguth & Rebecca Steinberg

Neurocognitive and Physiological Factors During High-Tempo Operations features world-renowned scientists conducting groundbreaking research into the basic mechanisms of stress effects on the human body and psyche,...

Safety Culture: Theory, Method and Improvement

by Stian Antonsen

The aim of this book is to show how a cultural approach can contribute to the assessment, description and improvement of safety conditions in organizations. The relationship between organizational culture and...

Unchained Memories: True Stories of Traumatic Memories Lost and Found

by Lenore Terr

Can a long-forgotten memory of a horrible event suddenly resurface years later? How can we know whether a memory is true or false? Seven spellbinding cases shed light on why it is rare for a reclaimed

Neurobiology of Attention

by Laurent Itti, Geraint Rees & John K. Tsotsos

A key property of neural processing in higher mammals is the ability to focus resources by selectively directing attention to relevant perceptions, thoughts or actions. Research into attention has grown rapidly...

Attachment and Psychoanalysis: Theory, Research, and Clinical Implications

by Morris N. Eagle

Although attachment theory was originally rooted in psychoanalysis, the two areas have since developed quite independently. This incisive book explores ways in which attachment theory and psychoanalysis have...

Night Journey

by Roderick Mackenzie

Set in South Africa during the 60's and 70's, Night Journey is a novel about a young soldier who deserts the army and when he is recaptured by the military he refuses to return to military service on religious...

The Anatomy of Regret: From Death Instinct to Reparation and Symbolization through Vivid Clinical Cases

by Susan Kavaler-Adler

Anatomy of Regret has a highly clinical focus, with cases that illustrate how critical psychic change can emerge from the mourning of the grief of "psychic regret". This book highlights the developmental achievement...

Positions and Polarities in Contemporary Systemic Practice: The Legacy of David Campbell

by Sara Barratt, Charlotte Burck & Ellie Kavner

This book provides a rich collection of the work that has been informed by the ideas of the eminent family therapist and clinical psychologist, Dr David Campbell who died in August 2009 . Contributors are drawn...

The Freudian Moment: Second Edition

by Christopher Bollas

With a new foreword by Andre Green.Bollas eloquently argues for a return to our understanding of how Freudian psychoanalysis works unconscious to unconscious. Failure to follow Freud's basic assumptions about...

The Clinic and the Context: Historical Essays

by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Gillian Preston & Peter L. Rudnytsky

This book comprises a collection of the distinguished psychoanalyst Elisabeth Young-Bruehl 's papers ranging from 'Psychoanalysis and Social Democracy', 'Civilization and its Dream of Contentment', 'Reflections...

Career Development and Counseling: Putting Theory and Research to Work

by Steven D. Brown & Robert W. Lent

Praise for Career Development and Counseling: Putting Theory and Research to Work, Second Edition

"This volume is an essential resource for the library of anyone interested in the field of career development,...

Group Counseling: Concepts and Procedures

by Robert C. Berg, Garry L. Landreth & Kevin A. Fall

First published in 1979, Group Counseling has consistently been a widely used and praised text, providing both novice and experienced counselors with a framework from which to expand their group counseling skills...

Essentials of Executive Functions Assessment

by George McCloskey & Lisa A. Perkins

Quickly acquire the knowledge and skills you need to understand and assess children and adolescents struggling with executive functions deficits

Essentials of Executive Functions Assessment is designed for professionals...

Beautiful Wreck: Sex, Lies & Suicide

by Stephanie Schroeder

A riveting memoir about one woman's journey through mental illness.

The Sacred Path: The Way of the Sprititual Warrior

by Stephen Jeffrey, Ph.D. Johnson

The Sacred Path is timely, deep and very readable. For men and fathers, it is a concrete roadmap for the journey to and through mindful manhood. It is a gem of a book for women as well, providing a vivid opportunity...