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Patterns: Building Blocks of Experience

by Marilyn Charles

In recent years, various tributaries of psychoanalytic and developmental theory have flowed into our dawning understanding of the role of early sensory and affective experiences in the construction of our personal...

Sexuality, Intimacy, Power

by Muriel Dimen

Can contemporary psychoanalysis tell us anything about sexuality that is new and clinically meaningful?  It most certainly can, answers Muriel Dimen in Sexuality, Intimacy, Power, a compelling attempt to revivify...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 18: Postmodern Self Psychology

by Arnold I. Goldberg

Postmodern Self Psychology, the last volume of the Progress in Self Psychology series under the editorship of Arnold Goldberg, charts the path of self psychology into the postmodern era of psychoanalysis. ...

A Spirit of Inquiry: Communication in Psychoanalysis

by Joseph D. Lichtenberg, Frank M. Lachmann & James L. Fosshage

Thoroughly grounded in contemporary developmental research, A Spirit of Inquiry: Communication in Psychoanalysis explores the ecological niche of the infant-caregiver dyad and examines the evolutionary leap...

The Internal World and Attachment

by Geoff Goodman

How, asks Geoff Goodman in The Internal World and Attachment, can we progress further in integrating the fruits of attachment research with the accumulated clinical wisdom of psychoanalytic theorizing about...

Minding Spirituality

by Randall Lehmann Sorenson

In Minding Spirituality, Randall Sorenson, a clinical psychoanalyst, "invites us to take an interest in our patients' spirituality that is respectful but not diffident, curious but not reductionistic, welcoming...

Errant Selves: A Casebook of Misbehavior

by Arnold I. Goldberg

A major addition to the psychoanalytic casebook literature, Errant Selves: A Casebook of Misbehavior is a collection of case studies dedicated to the psychoanalytic understanding and treatment of behavior disorders....

Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 26: Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

by Lois T. Flaherty

Volume 26 of The Annals begins with essays that address the challenge of maintaining human connections in a biological century; Philip Katz focuses on the human encounter between therapist and patient whereas...

Psychoanalytic Conversations: Interviews with Clinicians, Commentators, and Critics

by Peter L. Rudnytsky

In this stunning addition to what has of late become a distinct genre of psychoanalytic literature, Peter Rudnytsky presents 10 substantive and provocative interviews with leading analysts, with theorists from...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 16: How Responsive Should We Be?

by Arnold I. Goldberg

Volume 16 of Progress in Self Psychology, How Responsive Should We Be, illuminates the continuing tension between Kohut's emphasis on the patient's subjective experience and the post-Kohutian intersubjectivists'...

Is There Life Without Mother?: Psychoanalysis, Biography, Creativity

by Leonard Shengold

In this richly textured study of personal growth and creativity hemmed in by childhood disaster, Shengold compares the differing gifts and differing solutions of extraordinary talents as they seek to negotiate...

Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 25: Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

by Aaron H. Esman

Volume 25 of The Annals is a timely reprise on developmental, psychotherapeutic, and forensic issues that enter into the evaluation and treatment of adolescents. It traverses different explanatory perspectives,...

Looking for Ground: Countertransference and the Problem of Value in Psychoanalysis

by Peter G. M. Carnochan

Despite a half-century of literature documenting the experience and meanings of countertransference in analytic practice, the concept remains a source of controversy. For Peter Carnochan, this can be addressed...

Transference: Shibboleth or Albatross?

by Joseph Schachter

The theory of transference and the centrality of transference interpretation have been hallmarks of psychoanalysis since its inception.  But the time has come to subject traditional theory and practice to careful,...

Homosexuality and the Mental Health Professions: The Impact of Bias

by Jack Drescher

For more than half a century, The Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP) has produced position statements on relevant and controversial psychiatric topics. This latest monograph, Homosexuality and the...

The Collapse of the Self and Its Therapeutic Restoration

by Rochelle G. K. Kainer

The Collapse of the Self and Its Therapeutic Restoration is a rich and clinically detailed account of the therapeutic restoration of the self, and speaks to the healing process for analysts themselves that follows...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 15: Pluralism in Self Psychology

by Arnold I. Goldberg

Volume 15 of Progress in Self Psychology conveys the rich pluralism of contemporary self psychology with respect to a central theoretical and clinical issue: the nature of the self and the manner in which is...

Being of Two Minds: The Vertical Split in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

by Arnold I. Goldberg

From the unfaithful husband to the binge eater, from the secret cross-dresser to the pilferer of worthless items, there are those who seem to live two lives, to be divided selves, to be literally of two minds....

The Mark of Cain: Psychoanalytic Insight and the Psychopath

by J. Reid Meloy

The Mark of Cain makes available for the first time the accumulated psychoanalytic understanding of the psychopathic mind. Editor Reid Meloy, a leading authority on the psychology of the psychopath, has brought...

Who Is the Dreamer, Who Dreams the Dream?: A Study of Psychic Presences

by James S. Grotstein

In Who Is the Dreamer Who Dreams the Dream? A Study of Psychic Presences, James Grotstein integrates some of his most important work of recent years in addressing fundamental questions of human psychology and...