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The Handbook of Life-Span Development, Social and Emotional Development

by Richard M. Lerner & Michael E. Lamb

In the past fifty years, scholars of human development have been moving from studying change in humans within sharply defined periods, to seeing many more of these phenomenon as more profitably studied over...

On the Frontiers of Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: Essays in Honor of Eric R. Kandel

by Edith Laufer, Mark Solms & Joseph LeDoux

Building crucial bridges between psychoanalysis and the neurosciences, this compelling volume brings together prominent authorities from multiple disciplines. The volume highlights the contributions of Eric...

Social and Academic Abilities in Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Nirit Bauminger-Zviely

A uniquely comprehensive resource for practitioners, this research-based book addresses both the social-emotional and cognitive-academic challenges faced by children and adolescents with high-functioning autism...

Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave

by Adam Alter

A revelatory look at how our environment unconsciously yet dramatically shapes the judgments and decisions we make every day

Most of us go through life believing that we are in control of the choices we make-that...

The Addictive Organization

by Anne Wilson Schaef

Schaef and Fassel show how managers, workers, and organization members exhibit the classic symptoms of addiction: denying and avoiding problems, assuming that there is no other way of acting, and manipulating...

The Handbook of Life-Span Development, Cognition, Biology, and Methods

by Richard M. Lerner & Willis F. Overton

In the past fifty years, scholars of human development have been moving from studying change in humans within sharply defined periods, to seeing many more of these phenomenon as more profitably studied over...

(No More) Mediocre Me: How Saying No to the Status Quo Will Propel You From Ordinary to Extraordinary

by John E Michel

It's certainly easy to understand why mediocrity seems to be the new norm in our country. After all, take a look around. As you read this we find ourselves burdened with immense national debt, polarized political...

Introduction to the Reading of Lacan: The Unconscious Structured Like a Language

by Joel Dor

About this Book...

"A major and long overdue addition to the America/English psychoanalytic literature. . . . All major concepts—among them the mirror stage, the Name-of-the-Father, metaphor and metonymy, the...

Clinical Lacan

by Joel Dor

About this Book...

This companion text to Introduction the Reading of Lacan focuses on the concept of the psychic structures of desire. Using case examples, Dor explains the crucial difference between symptomsówhich...

History Beyond Trauma

by Francoise Davoine, Jean-Max Gaudilliere & Susan Fairfield

In the course of nearly thirty years of work with patients in psychiatric hospitals and private practice, Francoise Davoine and Jean-Max Gaudilliere have uncovered the ways in which transference and countertransference...

Bion's Sources: The shaping of his paradigms

by Nuno Torres & R.D. Hinshelwood

This book traces where Bion's ideas came from, what he required of them, how he used his context and how that has fertilised psychoanalysis.

The Dark Side of Transformational Leadership: A Critical Perspective

by Dennis Tourish

Through incisive critical argument and illustrative case studies this book offers a rare critical perspective on transformational leadership theory and presents an alternative approach.

Women and Problem Gambling: Therapeutic insights into understanding addiction and treatment

by Liz Karter

This book explores how troubled lives and damaging relationships lead to the trap of problem gambling, the anxiety whilst locked inside, and then offers realistic hope of a way out.

The Psychoanalytic Vision: The Experiencing Subject, Transcendence, and the Therapeutic Process

by Frank Summers

This book departs from defining the analytic goal as the resolution of particular content toward viewing analytic process as an open-ended inquiry.

Love, Intimacy, Sex, and the Black Couple

by Katherine M. Helm & Jon Carlson

This exciting new text on counseling African American couples outlines critical components to providing culturally-sensitive treatment. Built around a framework that examines African American couples' issues...

Assessing Common Mental Health and Addiction Issues with Free-Access Instruments

by Katie M. Sandberg, Taryn E. Richards & Bradley T. Erford

While some traditional assessment instruments have become prohibitively expensive, as with many other fields, the Internet offers a host of more affordable and equitable alternative assessment tools at little...

Understanding the Self and Others: Explorations in Intersubjectivity and Interobjectivity

by Gordon Sammut, Paul Daanen & Fathali M. Moghaddam

How do we, as human beings, come to understand ourselves and others around us? This question could not be more timely or pertinent to the issues facing humankind today. At the heart of many of our world's most...

Rationality and Pluralism: The selected works of Windy Dryden

by Windy Dryden

Leading psychologist, lecturer, and author Windy Dryden has compiled his most valuable writings on Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy from the last thirty five years.

Development as a Social Process: Contributions of Gerard Duveen

by Serge Moscovici, Sandra Jovchelovitch & Brady Wagoner

This volume discusses the interface between human development and socio-cultural processes by exploring the writings of Gerard Duveen, an internationally renowned figure, whose untimely death left a void in...


by Virgil Zeigler-Hill

In this edited collection a distinguished set of contributors present a broad overview of psychological research on self-esteem.