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Storytelling and Other Activities for Children in Therapy

by Johanna Slivinske & Lee Slivinske

A comprehensive collection of hundreds of thought-provoking stories and activities for use in the treatment of children confronting difficult situations

Storytelling and Other Activities for Children in Therapy...

Understanding, Assessing and Rehabilitating Juvenile Sexual Offenders

by Phil Rich

Praise for

Understanding, Assessing, and Rehabilitating Juvenile Sexual Offenders, Second Edition

"The Second Edition of Understanding, Assessing, and Rehabilitating Juvenile Sexual Offenders showcases Phil Rich's...

How James Joyce Made his Name: A Reading of the Final Lacan

by Roberto Harari & Luke Thurston

In this lucid and compelling analysis of Lacan's twenty-third seminar, “Le Sinthome,” Roberto Harari points to new psychoanalytic pathways that lead beyond Freudian oedipal dynamics.

Lacan's seminar measures...

Lacan's Seminar On Anxiety: An Introduction

by Roberto Harari & Charles Shepherdson

Designed for novices as well as students of psychology and literary criticism, these systematic lectures do much to clarify Lacan's groundbreaking work on the birth of the subject and its links with Freud's...

People Reading: Control Others

by Beier

Every time we talk with people we are trying to influence their behavior, and they are trying to influence ours. The words we use, the way we dress and move, are all ways to seek to control one another. Though...

Uncommon Path: Awakening Authentic Joy

by Mick Quinn

Through his simple yet profound message in The Uncommon Path, author Mick Quinn offers a compelling guide to uncovering and growing beyond concealed conditioning on the road to awakening our full potential....

How to Influence Anyone Effectively: The Art of Persuasion

by Susan JD Parker

Having the ability to influence another can and will be a very useful skill to have in society. Whether you're in a professional business trying to persuade your customers into buying your products or services,...

Self-Esteem and Positive Psychology, 4th Edition: Research, Theory, and Practice

by Christopher J., PhD Mruk

"The author's voice is engaged, authoritative, and convinced of the esential role self-esteem plays in connecting psychological theory to clinical practice, a perspective many readers will welcome....Recommended."--...

Interventions for Addiction: Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 3

by Peter M. Miller

Interventions for Addiction examines a wide range of responses to addictive behaviors, including psychosocial treatments, pharmacological treatments, provision of health care to addicted individuals, prevention,...

Solution Focused Anxiety Management: A Treatment and Training Manual

by Ellen K. Quick

Solution Focused Anxiety Management provides the clinician with evidence-based techniques to help clients manage anxiety. Cognitive behavioral and strategic tools, acceptance-based ideas, and mindfulness are...

Enduring Migration through the Life Cycle

by Eileen McGinley & Arturo Varchevker

Migration in the last decades resulted in mayor conflicts in all aspects of society. This book addresses the psychological response to migration and explores the emotional response to both, the change of habitat...

From Psychoanalysis to Group Analysis: The Pioneering Work of Trigant Burrow

by Edi Gatti Pertegato & Giorgio Orghe Pertegato

This volume gathers a selection of psychoanalytic and group analytic essays by Trigant Burrow (1875-1950), precursor of group analysis and co-founder of the American Psychoanalytic Association. They show the...

Enduring Trauma Through the Life Cycle

by Eileen McGinley & Arturo Varchevker

This is a multi-authored book on the complex subject of psychic trauma as encountered at different stages of the life-cycle, and describes some of the clinical challenges, technical issues and differing theoretical...

Psychoanalytic Social Work

by George Bruns & Michael Gunter

This book represents the first systematic account of the theory and practice of psychoanalytical social work. For students and those entering the field of social work who are interested in psychoanalytical social...

Family Wellness Skills: Quick Assessment and Practical Interventions for the Mental Health Professional

by Joseph Hernandez

A psycho-educational model for assessing individuals and families. In Family Wellness Skills, Joseph Hernandez, a longtime Family Wellness trainer and practitioner, shares the foundational concepts of the Family...

Trauma Essentials: The Go-To Guide (Go-To Guides for Mental Health)

by Babette Rothschild

Basic information about one of the most common problems in therapy, from a best-selling mental health writer. Since 1980, when PTSD first appeared as a diagnostic category, the number of people seeking trauma...

Farther and Wilder: The Lost Weekends and Literary Dreams of Charles Jackson

by Blake Bailey

From the prizewinning biographer of Richard Yates and John Cheever, here is the fascinating biography of Charles Jackson, the author of The Lost Weekend—a writer whose life and work encapsulated what it meant...

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology, Fifth Edition

by Hugh Coolican

This fifth edition of Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology has been revised and updated, providing students with the most readable and comprehensive survey of research methods, statistical concepts...

Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: An Altered Perspective

by Anthony Malone & Barbara H. Quinn

This book sets out what it means for a child to be diagnosed with ASD, PDD (NOS), autism or Asperger Syndrome, and where parents should go from there. It describes the signs and symptoms, how a child fits the...

On Becoming a Jungian Sandplay Therapist: The Healing Spirit of Sandplay in Nature and in Therapy

by Lenore Steinhardt

This book discusses the deep inner process of becoming a sandplay therapist, addressing important creative aspects of understanding and practising sandplay. It describes the current theory behind the Jungian...