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Despite What you Did

by Sherree Sheridan

Description This is a story of abuse in it's many forms and life in the care system. Sherree's story tells of her abuse and the effects it had on her at the time and later in life. How she applied for her social...

Lost and Found

by Amara Lorch

Description Lost and Found is a book about alcoholism and Schizophrenia. The author, Amara, suffers a round of hospitalizations after she neglects her brain by feeding it too much alcohol. In her book, she shares...

Going Dutch

by Alan James

Description Alan James is "Chipmunka's" local "Big Issue" vendor. "Chipmunka's" Jason Pegler encouraged him to write about his experiences and "Ten Years After" was the result. His second book "Going Dutch"...

From Agoraphobia to Zen

by Marilyn Mendoza

Description "From Agoraphobia to Zen," is the author's true story of her lifelong struggle with panic attacks, agoraphobia and food addiction. On the dawn of the millennium she makes a decision to break the...

Flirting with Madness

by Louise Ellison

Description 'Flirting with Madness,' focuses upon the mental illnesses, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression. 'Flirting with Madness' is written under the...

Paris in Springtime: An Episode

by Andrew Webster

Description In Paris in Springtime: An Episode, author Andrew Webster charts his distressing and colourful world of 'madness'. His manic depression takes him to France where he destroys his driving licence,...

I Can't Recall

by Suzi O'Connor

Description I Can't Recall is a sister's narrative of her brother's struggle with vascular dementia, diagnosed at age fifty-four. The book delves into family relationships, especially between a brother and sister....

Papyrus of the Pillow

by Luca W.M. Blood

Description Coming Soon About the Author Luca is diagnosed with schizo-feria as he likes to call it, and later described as co-morbid personality ,During his first so-called- brain-breakdown, I described what...

Manic Deflections

by John Welsh

Description These 50 more life poems follow on from the style of the first complilation Manic Reflections 50 Life Poems As well as new material which has come along with the confidence I have gained there are...

Lewton's Affinity with the Pearly Gates

by Matthew David Hill

Description 'Lewton's Affinity With The Pearly Gates.' is an autobiographical account of the first hand mental health experiences of its Author, Matthew Hill, who is played in fiction by the Book's main character...

It Doesn't Rule Me

by Dorothy M. Mitchell

Description It Doesn't Rule Me is a fact-based fiction novel about a woman living with Multiple Sclerosis and the physical and mental anguish that it causes, and how she learns to live with it and lead a healthy,...

No One Believes Me

by Fatma Durmush

Description A diary in the life of me. About the Author Durmush writes in London with constant demons on her heels she is recovering from stress related exhaustion and the diary reflects this time in her life....

Icarus Still Flies

by Nigel Pearce

Description This is a collection of poetry and studies which have there origins and nature in my love of writing and ideas. This devolution to writing and reading are essential to my being and, ironically, contributed...

Expedition to the Northland

by John Zurn

Description In this sci-fi fantasy novel, the author tells the story of the Northland, a mystical world in crisis. Once a magical realm of love and service, the inhabitants of this realm have abandoned their...


by Jonathan Swart

Description This story is about the impracticality of the imagination, it's the story of Quentin, Art and Melody. Quentin is a well to do entrepreneur, Art is a dreamer & Melody is a really renown model. Quentin...


by Dorothy Mitchell

Description Hollybeck is set in the early 1900s, and is a story about how two friends, Emma Watkins and Trudy Spence, take unexpected paths in their lives. Both girls start from similar working class conditions,...

Meeting Mister Mephistopheles

by Zekria Ibrahimi

Description This is a play about the entry into Hell, about the agony that has no relief, about the distress that cannot be soothed, about the pain that will never be cured... It is set in the aloofness of a...

Goodbye Ana

by Kate Le Page

Description 'Goodbye Ana' is Kate Le Page's first publication of poetry. This collection of poems shares the author's battle to achieve and maintain recovery from anorexia nervosa. The work offers the reader...

How to be Sectioned

by Zekria Ibrahimi

Description Let us be as unrepentantly weird as possible about this play... We do not want to be respectable and precise... Schizophrenia is not a neat thing. It is amorphous, it is grotesquely psychedelic,...

Greengrey's Rambles: How to Remember North America

by Marc Latham

Description The Greenygrey proclaims itself Britain's most famous werewolf. It has been a prolific rise in fame for the greenygrey one, and the GG brand is now known all over the werewolf world. Like a cross...