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Connecting through Music with People with Dementia: A Guide for Caregivers

by Robin Rio

This user-friendly book demonstrates how even simple sounds and movements can engage people with dementia, promoting relaxation and enjoyment. All that's needed to succeed is a love of music, and a desire to...

Four Lessons of Psychoanalysis

by Moustafa Safouan

In this delightfully readable and clearly written volume, the world renowned psychoanalyst Moustafa Safouan considers the works of Freud and Lacan. When Safouan met Lacan in 1949, he was all but ready to abandon...

Validity Generalization: A Critical Review

by Kevin R. Murphy

This volume presents the first wide-ranging critical review of validity generalization (VG)--a method that has dominated the field since the publication of Schmidt and Hunter's (1977) paper "Development of a...

Sociological Studies

by Jean Piaget & Leslie Smith

Jean Piaget is one of the greatest names in psychology. A knowledge of his ideas is essential for all in psychology and education. Sociological Studies is one of his major works to remain untranslated. Now an...

Family Therapy Review: Preparing for Comprehensive and Licensing Examinations

by Robert H. Coombs

This book offers a clear, readable overview of all the knowledge and skills those training as marriage and family therapists and counselors need to pass final degree program, certification or licensing examinations....

The Child's Creation of a Pictorial World

by Claire Golomb

This book places child art within the broader context of children's creative intelligence and intrinsic motivation to invent a pictorial world. It examines the development of drawing and painting from several...

Relating Events in Narrative, Volume 2: Typological and Contextual Perspectives

by Sven Str"mqvist, Ludo Verhoeven & Sven Stromqvist

Relating Events in Narrative, Volume 2: Typological and Contextual Perspectives edited by Sven Strömqvist and Ludo Verhoeven, is the much anticipated follow-up volume to Ruth Berman and Dan Slobin's successful...

Sixth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling: ICCM - 2004

by Marsha C. Lovett, Christian D. Schunn & Christian Lebiere

The International Conference on Cognitive Modeling brings together researchers who develop computational models to explain and predict cognitive data. The core theme of the 2004 conference was "Integrating Computational...

The Counselor's Companion: What Every Beginning Counselor Needs to Know

by Jocelyn Gregoire & Christin Jungers

Students and recent graduates of counseling and human services programs will consider The Counselor's Companion an indispensible tool to enhance professional practice, knowledge, and skill.

The text is a reference-style...

Human Performance, Situation Awareness, and Automation: Current Research and Trends Hpsaa II, Volumes I and II

by Dennis A. Vincenzi, Mustapha Mouloua & Peter A. Hancock

In 2000, the Conference on Automation joined forces with a partner group on situation awareness (SA). The rising complexity of systems demands that one can be aware of a large range of environmental and task-based...

Family Solutions for Youth at Work: Applications to Juvenile Delinquency, Truancy, and Behavior Problems

by William H. Quinn

Dr. Quinn provides a review on related research and programs and effectiveness. A presentation of the model program provides most of the materials an individual or agency would need to begin to implement the...

Counselling Supervision in Organisations: Professional and Ethical Dilemmas Explored

by Sue Copeland

Counselling supervision is an expanding area, as increasing numbers of counsellors enter the profession and require supervision on a regular basis. Counselling Supervision in Organisations seeks to provide a...

Global Perspectives in Family Therapy: Development, Practice, Trends

by Kit S. Ng

Global Perspectives in Family Therapy: Development, Practice, Trends provides an overview of the development of the family and the issues and concerns they are faced with in different cultural contexts. Contributions...

Helping Bereaved Parents: A Clinician's Guide

by Richard G. Tedeschi & Lawrence G. Calhoun

This book provides a concise, yet comprehensive guide to effective work with bereaved parents, combining a broad overview of current research, theory, and practice with the authors' own extensive clinical experience....

Psychotherapy and the Treatment of Cancer Patients: Bearing Cancer in Mind

by Lawrence Goldie & Jane Desmarais

Psychotherapy and the Treatment of Cancer Patients addresses the need for a more integrated care of cancer patients within hospitals which pays attention to the mental anguish as well as physical distress caused...

The Group as an Object of Desire: Exploring Sexuality in Group Therapy

by Morris Nitsun

Why do people find it so difficult to talk openly about sex?

In this original and ground-breaking book, Morris Nitsun argues that desire and sexuality are key components of human experience that have been marginalized...

Formulation in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Making Sense of People's Problems

by Lucy Johnstone & Rudi Dallos

Formulation is attracting an increasing amount of interest in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and counselling. Drawing on psychological theory, it attempts to examine a client or family's...

Nameless: Understanding Learning Disability

by Dietmut Niedecken

Is learning disability determined from birth?

Psychoanalysis has always striven to reconstruct damaged human subjectivity. However, with a few exceptions, people with learning disabilities have long been excluded...

From Mating to Mentality: Evaluating Evolutionary Psychology

by Kim Sterelny & Julie Fitness

Covering a range of topics, from the evolution of language, theory of mind, and the mentality of apes, through to psychological disorders, human mating strategies and relationship processes, this volume makes...

Implicit Learning and Consciousness: An Empirical, Philosophical and Computational Consensus in the Making

by Axel Cleeremans & Robert French

Can you learn without knowing it? This controversial and much debated question forms the basis of this collection of essays as the authors discuss whether the measurable changes in behaviour that result from...