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Early Childhood Education: A Practical Guide to Evidence-Based, Multi-Tiered Service Delivery

by Gina Coffee, Corey E. Ray-Subramanian & Jr., G. Thomas Schanding

In the past several years, models of multi-tiered service delivery have emerged as a framework for supporting the needs of school-aged children in schools across the country and have received much attention...

The Freedom Fighters Handbook

by Perry Ritthaler

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Soldiers in the military, freedom fighters and civilians on the battlefield benefit by reading documented cyber-war zone operations described in this...

The Language of the Body: Physical Dynamics of Character Structure

by Alexander, M.D., Dr. Lowen

The Language of the Body, originally published as Physical Dynamics of Character Structure, brilliantly describes how personality is expressed in the form and function of the body. The body is the key to understanding...

Pacific Identities and Well-Being: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

by Margaret Nelson Agee, Tracey McIntosh & Philip Culbertson

Filling a significant gap in the cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary literature within the field of Pasifika (Polynesian) and Maori identities and mental health, this volume focuses on bridging mental health...

Using Industrial Organizational Psychology for the Greater Good: Helping Those Who Help Others: Helping Those Who Help Others

by Julie B. Olson-Buchanan, Laura L. Koppes Bryan & Lori Foster Thompson

This SIOP Organizational Frontiers volume will be one of the first to show how the field of Industrial Organizational psychology can help address societal concerns, and help focus research on the greater good...

Cognitive Behavioural Prevention of Suicide in Psychosis: A Treatment Manual

by Nicholas Tarrier, Patricia Gooding & Daniel Pratt

This practical and informative text lays out the product of a number of years of clinical research into suicide behaviour and its prevention. While the focus is on non-affective psychosis and the schizophrenia-spectrum...

The Capacity for Ethical Conduct: On psychic existence and the way we relate to others

by David P. Levine

What is the root cause of ethical failure? Why is preoccupation with ethics more a part of the problem than a part of the solution? What makes ethical conduct a natural expression of who we are? What enables...

New Frontiers in Work and Family Research

by Joseph G. Grzywacz & Evangelia Demerouti

The purpose of this volume is to showcase alternative theoretical and methodological approaches to work and family research, and present methodological alternatives to the widely known shortcomings of current...

A Clinician's Guide to Binge Eating Disorder

by June Alexander, Andrea B. Goldschmidt & Daniel Le Grange

Incidence of BED appears to be on the increase. Treating it, and overcoming it, is all the more difficult, especially for those living in a culture that has an intense body image focus.

A Clinician's Guide...

Eating Disorders: A Parents' Guide, Second edition

by Rachel Bryant-Waugh & Bryan Lask

Eating problems are common in children and teenagers. Yet myths about such problems abound and it can be very difficult to separate the facts from popular beliefs; unusual or disturbed eating patterns can be...

Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology

by Peter Mitchell & Fenja Ziegler

This new edition of the highly successful Fundamentals of Development: The Psychology of Childhood has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the exciting new findings in the thriving area of developmental...

Visual Perception: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

by Nicholas Wade & Mike Swanston

Does the world appear the same to everyone? Does what we know determine what we see? Why do we see the world as we do?

Vision is our most dominant sense. From the light that enters our eyes to the complex cognitive...

Cartesian Philosophy and the Flesh: Reflections on Incarnation in Analytical Psychology

by Frances Gray

How do you know anything is true? What relation is there between my psyche and your psyche, does one exist? Can we doubt everything or are some things indubitable? What does Jung have to say about body and psyche,...

Do Funerals Matter?: The Purposes and Practices of Death Rituals in Global Perspective

by William G. Hoy

Do Funerals Matter? is a creative interweaving of historical, sociocultural, and research-based perspectives on death rituals, drawing from myriad sources to create a picture of what death rituals have been;...

Your Dieting Daughter, 2nd Edition: Antidotes Parents Can Provide for Body Dissatisfaction, Excessive Dieting, and Disordered Eating

by Carolyn Costin

Your Dieting Daughter is a must read for anyone wanting to help contribute to a young woman's development of a healthy self and body esteem, whether she is 13 or 30. Costin has updated the first edition of this...

Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

by Marcia Herrin & Maria Larkin

Marcia Herrin and Maria Larkin have collaborated on the second edition of Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders, infusing research-based approaches and their own clinically-refined tools...

Winnicott's Children: Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents: Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Ado

by Ann Horne & Monica Lanyado

Winnicott's Children focuses on the use we make of the thinking and writing of DW Winnicott; how this has enhanced our understanding of children and the settings where we work, and how it has influenced the...

Introduction to Neuropsychotherapy: Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Patients Throughout the Lifespan

by Ritva Laaksonen & Mervi Ranta

This groundbreaking volume provides a theoretical overview and clinical guidelines for the application of neuropsychotherapy. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining neuropsychological knowledge with...

Handbook of Family Theories: A Content-Based Approach

by Mark A. Fine & Frank D. Fincham

Organized by content areas rather than by theory, this comprehensive, accessible handbook helps readers gain greater insight into how key theories have impacted today's family research. Most competing books,...

Cut Down to Size: Achieving Success with Weight Loss Surgery

by Jenny Radcliffe

Cut Down to Size covers everything you need to know about bariatric surgery, from referral through to the challenges you may face after surgery. Most people who seek weight loss surgery have struggled for many...