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Self-Inference Processes: The Ontario Symposium, Volume 6

by James M. Olson, Mark P. Zanna & C. Peter Herman

Although self-inference processes -- the ways individuals make judgments about themselves -- have been studied in social psychology and sociology for many years, a distinct literature on this topic has not emerged...

Making Sense of Television: The Psychology of Audience Interpretation

by Sonia Livingstone

Taking the soap opera as a case study, this book explores the 'parasocial interaction' people engage in with television programmes. It looks at the nature of the 'active viewer' and the role of the text in social...

Progress in Psychological Science Around the World. Volume 1 Neural, Cognitive and Developmental Issues.: Proceedings of the 28th International Congre

Psychic Equilibrium and Psychic Change: Selected Papers of Betty Joseph

by Michael Feldman & Elizabeth Bott Spillius

Betty Joseph's work has become an outstanding influence in the development and theory of psychoanalytic technique in the Kleinian tradition.

This collection of her most important papers examines the development...

Toward a Theory of Neuroplasticity

by Christopher A. Shaw & Jill McEachern

This book provides a broad survey of many of the major areas in neuroplasticity research by leading investigators in the field. The topics considered range across all levels of nervous system organization from...

Designing Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents: A Shrewd Investment

by J. Gerald Young & Pierre Ferrari

An exceptional opportunity is being missed. A chance to alleviate suffering and to achieve health care cost reductions for society is available, but is being ignored. There is an explosion of new knowledge about...

Counselor and the Group: Integrating Theory, Training, and Practice

by James P. Trotzer

First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Gender Issues in Clinical Psychology

by Paula Nicolson & Jane Ussher

Clinical psychology has traditionally ignored gender issues. The result has been to the detriment of women both as service users and practitioners. The contributors to this book show how this has happened and...

Expository Discourse in Children, Adolescents, and Adults: Development and Disorders

by Marilyn A. Nippold & Cheryl M. Scott

School success in the 21st century requires proficiency with expository discourse -- the use and understanding of informative language in spoken and written modalities. This occurs, for example, when high school...

Principles of Memory

by Aimée M. Surprenant & Ian Neath

In over 100 years of scientific research on human memory, and nearly 50 years after the so-called cognitive revolution, we have nothing that really constitutes a widely accepted and frequently cited law of memory,...

Parents and Toddlers in Groups: A Psychoanalytic Developmental Approach

by Marie Zaphiriou Woods & Inge-Martine Pretorius

This book explores how psychoanalytic principles can be applied when working with parents and toddlers in groups. It discusses how these parent-toddler groups can be an effective medium for early intervention...

Prologue to Violence: Child Abuse, Dissociation, and Crime

by Abby Stein

Despite mounting references to the "transgenerational transmission of violence," we still lack a compelling understanding of the linkage between the interpersonal violence of early life and the criminal violence...

Spirituality and Religiousness and Alcohol/Other Drug Problems: Treatment and Recovery Perspectives

by Brent Benda

Spiritual issues and forgiveness are often neglected topics in treatment programs for substance abusers. This unique book brings those underrated components of recovery to the forefront through current research,...

Positive Psychology, Second Edition: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths

by Alan Carr

Remediating deficits and managing disabilities has been a central preoccupation for clinical psychologists. Positive Psychology, in contrast, is concerned with the enhancement of happiness and well-being, involving...

Handbook of the Clinical Treatment of Infidelity

by Katherine Milewski Hertlein, Fred P Piercy & Joseph L Wetchler

Help your clients’ relationships survive infidelity!

In the Handbook of the Clinical Treatment of Infidelity, a panel of seasoned experts reflects on issues central to affairs, and on how to help couples heal...

Early Recollections: Theory and Practice in Counseling and Psychotherapy

by Arthur Clark

This book reviews the extensive literature on early recollections and organizes various interpretive systems of evaluating early memories. The practitioner will find specific and detailed guidelines for administering...

Living with Grief: Coping with Public Tragedy

by Marcia Lattanzi-Licht & Kenneth Doka

Developed in conjunction with the Hospice Foundation of America's 10th annual tele-conference, Living with Grief: Coping with Public Tragedy examines our varied responses to public tragedy, techniques available...

Treating Depression with Hypnosis: Integrating Cognitive-Behavioral and Strategic Approaches

by Michael D. Yapko

Depression is a debilitating human condition and a common cause of suffering worldwide. This elicits a sense of urgency for mental health professionals to meet this challenge of the treatment of depression....

On Becoming a Group Member: Personal Growth and Effectiveness in Group Counseling

by Muhyiddin Shakoor

This book provides an introduction to the general landscape of group counseling by way of the idea that learning to be an effective group member is essential to becoming a group leader. Interactive scenarios...

The Quest to Feel Good

by Paul R. Rasmussen

Emotions, rather than simply being the result of random or disordered biochemical processes, are adaptive mechanisms that are often overly relied upon as a function of basic learning processes. The Quest to...