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Practicals for Psychology: A Student Workbook

by Cara Flanagan

Practicals for Psychology provides a set of materials that allows introduductory level students to select and devise their own practicals with the minimum of supervision. Each practical can be replicated without...

Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology

by Noel Sheehy & Alexandra Forsythe

Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology introduces the life, thought and work of some of the most influential figures who have shaped and developed modern psychology. It features accessibly written and fully cross-referenced...

Violence on Television: An Analysis of Amount, Nature, Location and Origin of Violence in British Programmes

by Barrie Gunter & Jackie Harrison

Television is often accused of showing too much violence. However, it is rare that anyone stops to ask what this statement means. Violence on Television provides an objective analysis of the violence on television,...

Autism and Personality: Findings from the Tavistock Autism Workshop

by Anne Alvarez & Susan Reid

Taking a psychoanalytic and developmental approach, Autism and Personality outlines in considerable detail the new developments in therapeutic techniques used by the Tavistock Autism Team and Workshop to treat...

Social Influences

by Kevin Wren

Social Influences looks at how we perceive ourselves and others and how this can influence our behaviour. It includes stereotyping and prejudice, obedience and conformity, collective behaviour and leadership....

Psychotherapy with Young People in Care: Lost and Found

by Margaret Hunter

Whilst there is a wealth of literature on working with children and adolescents, very little focuses on those who are in residential or foster care. Psychotherapy with Young People in Care is a practical guide...


by John Stirling & Jonathan Hellewell

Psychopathology is a psychologically based account of the major mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, personality disorders, anxiety and mood disorders as well as eating disorders.

Action, Emotion and Will

by Dr Anthony Kenny & Anthony Kenny

Action, Emotion and Will was first published in 1963, when it was one of the first books to provoke serious interest in the emotions and philosophy of human action. Almost forty years on, Anthony Kenny's account...

Visible Thought: The New Psychology of Body Language

by Geoffrey Beattie

Are you saying one thing whilst your hands reveal another?

Are you influenced by other people's body language without even knowing it?

Darting through examples found anywhere from the controlled psychology laboratory...

Justice Motive in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Origins and Consequences

by Claudia Dalbert & Hedvig Sallay

This book provides a unique overview of the development of justice-related beliefs in different socialization contexts, and also of the role this plays in protecting mental health and promoting career development...

Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology

by Inayat, Hazrat Khan

In Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology Hazrat Inayat Khan explores the purification and training of the psyche, its use as a tool in spiritual growth, and the inner teachings of the mystics on meditation, contemplation,...

The Clinician's Guide to At Ease, Soldier!: Theory and Practice

by John Paul Garrison & Gayle S. Rozantine

Practical and user-friendly, this guide accompanies the book At Ease, Soldier!: How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again. It provides everything a clinician needs to implement the program with active-duty...

Approaching the Navel of the Darkened Soul

by Romano Màdera

In order to conduct a well-grounded search for meaning, this book wants to renew the ancient attempt to seek wisdom in everyday life, training ourselves to modify our own perceptions of the world in as authentic...

The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood and Emotion

by Valerie Ann Worwood

This unique guide to aromatherapy examines the effects of fragrance on our minds and emotions and advises on using fragrance for emotional healing and personality enhancement.

Does the Woman Exist?: From Freud's Hysteric to Lacan's Feminine

by Paul Verhaeghe & Marc Du Ry

This book describes how Freud attempted to chart hysteria, yet came to a standstill at the problem of woman and her desire, and of how Lacan continued along this road by creating new conceptual tools. The difficulties...

The Misleading Mind: How We Create Our Own Problems and How Buddhist Psychology Can Help Us Solve Them

by Karuna Cayton

With lively exercises and inspiring real-world examples, this book will help you neutralize suffering and step onto the path of a radically liberating self-understanding.

Rhetorical Investigations: G. B. Vico and C. G. Jung

by Leslie Gardner

Rhetorical analysis of texts exposes plausible 'truths' and presumptions implied by the writer's presentation. In this volume, Leslie Gardner analyses the master psychologist Jung, who claimed to be expert at...

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

by C.G. Jung, Clara Winston & Aniela Jaffe

In the spring of 1957, when he was eighty-one years old, C. G. Jung undertook the telling of his life story. At regular intervals he had conversations with his colleague and friend Aniela Jaffé, and collaborated...

The Alchemy of Wolves and Sheep: A Relational Approach to Internalized Perpetration for Complex Trauma Survivors

by Harvey L. Schwartz

The literature on psychological trauma and traumatic attachment has progressed over the past few decades, however issues of coerced and internalized perpetration have not been fully explored and deconstructed....

Love and Loss in Life and in Treatment

by Linda B. Sherby

Have you ever wondered what a therapist really thinks? Have you ever wondered if a therapist truly cares about her patients? Have you tried to imagine the unimaginable, the loss of the person most dear to you?...