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It's My Life

by Anne Brocklesby

Description This book is Anne's fourth for Chipmunka Publishing and in many ways one that reaches out to other people. Its aim is to encourage others who have also experienced mental health difficulties to take...

Deep Blue

by Colin Mansell

Description Here are some poems from the heart, some are about prison and some are about pain, but hey you can't cry some are about life, love and laughter. Remember truth is love. About the Author...

Flying My Own Plane

by David A.E.Murdoch. & Christine Wilkie

Description This anthology of poems was written by the author throughout his adult life. Many were found in his flat after his death scribbled on pieces of paper, written in diaries or typewritten. Others had...

Knocking On Haven's Door

by Barbara Goulden

Description Coming Soon About the Author Barbara Goulden has worked as a journalist on weekly and evening newspapers for most of the past 35 years. She still remembers the sense of relief she felt after finally...

Eat Yourself Mentally Fit

by Pamela Moncrieffe

Description This book will give you good mental vision of some of the food that you should eat to keep you mentally fit, and mentally focus. As food is one of the most important areas of our life, I try to put...

Land of Ice

by A. Sole

Description Land of Ice is a book of poems, written over a ten year period. Some of the poems were written in hospital. Their themes range from existential questioning, the media, simple beauty and the effects...

Gardening in the Dark

by Jennifer Syrkiewicz

Description Albert Camus wrote that the only real question a human being has to ask of themselves is; should I live, or should I die? Before this question is answered, we are unable to progress with life, to...

I Saw the Rainbow

by Ruth Cohen

Description Coming soon About the Author Her name is Ruth Cohen and she was born in a small country called Tunisia situated in North Africa. Her journey took her to France, Israel and the United States. She...

Light On Water: Bipolar Reflections

by Jeremy Gluck

Description Complimenting the narrative of his Chipmunka debut "Victim of Dreams", his memoir of his childhood in Canada and adult descent into bipolar illness, and eventual exploration of and recovery from...

Cruel Town

by Debra Louise Reynolds

Description Beverley is a pretty little girl growing up in the 1980's. It's a fairytale, magical world, until she reaches her teens. As a teenager, she lacks confidence and desperately tries to fit-in with the...

Mirror in the Bathroom

by Stephen Elkin

Description Nature or nurture, what is it that makes us who we are? After reading 'Mirror in the Bathroom, The Child who was Father to the Man', you decide. Born to warring parents in the winter of 62', a complete...

It Will Not Last The Night

by Sid Prise

Description This novel takes place in the thrilling years of the Weimar Republic in Germany, a time when the first modern queer movements and feminist movements were converging with radical political movements...

Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment

by Jason Pegler

Description Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment is a book that explains how writing and publishing is a cathartic and empowering experience for Jason and Chipmunkapublishing authors. This book contains...

I Am Forever

by Alex Baillie

Description I AM FOREVER is a story about a world in which everyday items, possessions, ideas and concepts begin vanishing from existence. Charles Freemore is an office worker who leads an uneventful life until...

Into the Fantastic

by Thomas McNeight

Description Tom McNeight's book Into the Fantastic explores the vicissitudes of mental illness. He deals with this broad topic from both an academic, philosophical and a personal viewpoint. Tom feels he has...

Molly Cullen - Blessings on The Wild Child

by Maureen Oliver

Description Molly Cullen is a naive seventeen year old on the brink of the London art scene in the 1960's. Fuelled by dreams of success and fame as an artist, she gains a place at a London art school and it...

Glimpses of Life

by Georgina Wakefield

Description Georgina Wakefield wrote this book immediately after completing her first book 'Schizophrenia A Mother's Story' which charts her youngest sons19 year battle with Paranoid Schizophrenia. The book...

Free Falling

by Ken Vrana

""In Free Falling - Living on the Edge of Insanity, Ken Vrana provides an account of his battle with severe depression with an immediacy that is revealing. His observations and descriptions of his experience...

Dying to Live

by Mandy Allison

Description In 'Dying to Live' Mandy Allison provides an in-depth look at the many faces of Anorexia. She explores possible triggers and contributing factors from the Cultural to the Existential. As a Service...

Madness and Me

by Zekria Ibrahimi

Description This is a journey into schizophrenia, Into the core and heart of it, And the aim is that .... The reader should never find his way out again .... It is a book as a trap, For you who call yourselves...