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by Peter Toohey

Compete, acquire, succeed, enjoy: the pressures of living in today’s materialistic world seem predicated upon jealousy—the feelings of rivalry and resentment for possession of whatever the other has. But...

A Girl's Childhood: Psychological Development, Social Change, and The Yale Child Study  Center

by Stephen Lassonde, Linda C. Mayes & Deborah Weinstein

Sixty years ago, a group of prominent psychoanalysts, developmentalists, pediatricians, and educators at the Yale Child Study Center joined together with the purpose of formulating a general psychoanalytic theory...

Psychotherapy Without the Self: A Buddhist Perspective

by Mark Epstein

Immersed in Buddhist psychology prior to studying Western psychiatry, Dr. Mark Epstein first viewed Western therapeutic approaches through the lens of the East. This posed something of a challenge. Although...

The Psychology of Aristotle, The Philosopher: A Psychoanalytic Therapist's Perspective

by Charalambos Ierodiakonou

In this book, the author collects and discusses views and ideas of the ancient philosopher Aristotle which have psychological interest and compares them with today's theories. First, the soul-body problem is...

Containment in the Community: Supportive Frameworks for Thinking about Antisocial Behaviour and Mental Health

by David Reiss & Alla Rubitel

The primary focus of this volume is to support practice by individuals and teams that deal directly either with individuals diagnosed with mental disorder or with those whose presentation causes the same dilemmas...

Relocation, Gender and Emotion: A Psycho-Social Perspective on the Experiences of Military Wives

by Sue Jervis

This book has two main aims: firstly, to provide a rare, detailed description of the use of a psychoanalytically informed, reflexive research method to achieve an in-depth understanding of social phenomena;...

The How-To Book for Students of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

by Sheldon Bach

This is a book that grew out of the many practical "how-to" questions that the author's psychotherapy students have asked him over the years. It is neither an evidence-based compendium nor an attempt to summarize...

Executive Coaching: Systems-Psychodynamic Perspective

by Halina Brunning

A collection of papers by well-known contemporary writers that describe their own models of coaching and their thoughts on the theoretical roots that underpin their thinking and coaching practice.

A Beam of Intense Darkness: Wilfred Bion's Legacy to Psychoanalysis

by James Grotstein

The author surveys Bion's publications and elaborates on his key contributions in depth while also critiquing them. The scope of this work is to synopsize, synthesize, and extend Bion's works in a reader-friendly...

Beyond Happiness: Deepening the Dialogue between Buddhism, Psychotherapy and the Mind Sciences

by Gay Watson

This book attempts to open out the discussion between Buddhist thought and psychotherapy and the new findings of neuroscience in the context of our search for wellbeing. Buddhist teachings are concerned with...

Mentalizing in Child Therapy: Guidelines for Clinical Practitioners

by Schmeets Schmeets, Annelies Verheugt-Pleiter & Jolien Zevalkink

Mentalization-based child therapy, previously known as developmental therapy, is the latest branch on the psychoanalytic tree of knowledge. It comprises a number of techniques that address deficiencies in specific...

On Being Normal and Other Disorders: A Manual for Clinical Psychodiagnostics

by Paul Verhaeghe

'A major achievement from a major scholar...This book is an outstanding review of the highest quality of Lacanian thinking.' - Peter Fonagy, University of London. The central argument of "On Being Normal and...

Standing on their Own Feet: You and Your Younger Adolescent

by Judith Trowell

Young children are cute and delightful or are having temper tantrums. Primary school children are eager and enthusiastic; gaining mastery of their world; defiant and difficult at times, but still mainly wanting...

Entropy of Mind and Negative Entropy: A Cognitive and Complex Approach to Schizophrenia and its Therapy

by Tullio Scrimali

Schizophrenia is the central problem in the sciences of the mind, not only for its etiological, psychopathological and clinical aspects, but also because of its implications for therapy and rehabilitation. In...

Work Discussion: Learning from Reflective Practice in Work with Children and Families

by Jonathan Bradley & Margaret Rustin

'Work Discussion brings together a combination of close observation of, and personal and interpersonal responses to, the minutiae of the work setting and its dynamics, both internal and external. Such a model...

Envy and Gratitude Revisited

by Alessandra Lemma & Priscilla Roth

These stimulating essays are evidence that 50 years after its publication Melanie Klein's Envy and Gratitude is still a rich source of psychoanalytic inspiration. Sixteen highly regarded analysts, representing...

When Work Takes Control: The Psychology and Effects of Work Addiction

by Pernille Rasmussen

The purpose of this book is to explain, first, what happens when we become too involved in our work, and, second, how we avoid being controlled by our work and how we prevent family members, friends, colleagues,...

Dialogue and Desire: Mikhail Bakhtin and the Linguistic Turn in Psychotherapy

by Rachel Pollard

Mikhail Bakhtin, the Russian philosopher and cultural critic, was one of the pioneers of the 'linguistic turn' in philosophy and is now widely associated with the concept of the dialogical self and dialogical...

Passion for the Human Subject: A Psychoanalytical Approach Between Drives and Signifiers

by Bernard Penot & Elizabeth Kelly-Penot

Working as a psychoanalyst to help a patient establish better bonds between the different registers of his psyche does not imply giving in to unifying, globalizing, simplifying, or isolating illusions, but rather...

Psychoanalytic Practice and State Regulation

by Ian Parker & Simona Revelli

'This book arises out of an important international conference held in March 2006 to discuss how regulation by the state has affected psychoanalysis as a clinical discipline in many different parts of the world....