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Family Influences on Childhood Behavior and Development

by Thomas P Gullotta & Gary M Blau

Irrespective of theoretical orientation, families matter. Families are the entity in which children are introduced to words, objects, shapes, and colors. Families are the people related in a myriad of conventional...

IDM Supervision

by Cal D Stoltenberg & Brian W McNeill

The third edition of this book is an updated and expanded presentation of the widely used Integrative Developmental Model of Supervision. In contrast to other volumes on clinical supervision, Stoltenberg and...

A Handbook of Clinical Scoring Systems for Thematic Apperceptive Techniques

by Sharon Rae Jenkins

This comprehensive volume brings together the best available clinical scoring systems for thematic apperceptive techniques (TATs), presented in research summaries along with practice stories and available scoring...

Counseling Military Families

by Lynn Hall

The objectives of Counseling Military Families are to help the practicing counselor understand how the military works, what issues are constants for the military family, and what stressors are faced by the military...

Latina/O Healing Practices

by Brian McNeill & Joseph Cervantes

This edited volume focuses on the role of traditional or indigenous healers, as well as the application of traditional healing practices in contemporary counseling and therapeutic modalities with Latina/o people....

The Handbook of Emotions and the Mass Media

by Katrin Doveling & Christian vonScheve

This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of mass media impacts on human emotions and vice versa. Multidisciplinary in scope, leading scholars analyze the various facets of this mutual influence, ranging...

Essential Skills for Therapists


This text presents a novel approach to teaching and learning the fundamental skills and techniques of counseling and psychotherapy, based on a "non-linear" process of thinking that more accurately reflects the...

Culturally Responsive Counseling with Asian American Men

by William Liu & Derek Kenji Iwamoto

Asian American men represent a complex group with distinct psychological and mental health concerns, yet the current counseling literature is lacking in resources for clinicians working with this population....

The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

by Monica Lanyado & Ann Horne

This second edition provides a uniquely comprehensive guide to the practice and principles of child and adolescent psychotherapy around the world and has been thoroughly updated to take into account the many...

A Handbook of Process Tracing Methods for Decision Research

by Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck & Anton Kuehberger

This handbook provides a critical review and user's guide to conducting and reporting process tracing studies of decision making.

City Reader

by Richard T LeGates & Frederic Stout

The Fifth Edition of the highly successful The City Reader juxtaposes the best classic and contemporary writings on the city. It contains fifty-seven selections including seventeen new selections by Elijah Anderson,...

Tourism Development in India

by Kevin Hannam & Anya Diekmann

Tourism to and within India has undergone some important changes in recent years seen by the rising numbers of international tourists and an increase in domestic tourism; this book is the first to critically...

Sex in Psychotherapy

by Lawrence E Hedges

In this concise, lucid volume, influential psychotherapist Lawrence Hedges takes a psychodynamic approach to investigating major technological and theoretical developments in our understanding of sex's role...

Object Relations, Work and the Self

by David P Levine

In this book, David P. Levine applies psychoanalytic object relations theory to understanding work motivation and the meaning of work. Drawing on the writings of authors such as Donald Winnicott, Otto Kernberg...

When the Past Is Always Present

by Ronald A Ruden

When the Past Is Always Present: Emotional Traumatization, Causes, and Cures introduces three paradigm-changing ideas about trauma and trauma treatment.

Clinical Applications of the Personality Assessment Inventory

by Mark A Blais & Matthew R Baity

Clinical Applications of the Personality Assessment Inventory will cover the various uses of a commonly employed multi-scale self-report inventory of psychological functioning. It proposes to gather leading...

Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong

by Tim Cantopher

This book has helped many thousands of those who have depression. This new edition, written by a leading consultant psychiatrist, explains that depression tests the strongest of us. Dr Cantopher guides the reader...

The Formation of the Solar System: Theories Old and New

by Michael Woolfson

This fully-updated second edition remains the only truly detailed exploration of the origins of our Solar System, written by an authority in the field. Unlike other authors, Michael Woolfson focuses on the formation...

Perspectives on Framing

by Gideon Keren

A major characteristic of any natural language is that the same communication, idea, or intention can be articulated in different ways-in other words, the same message can be "framed" differently. In this book,...

A History of National Socialism (Responding to Fascism Vol 2)

by Konrad Heiden

First published in English in 1934, A History of National Socialism provides a detailed account of the growth of the movement through the 1920's until its assumption of full control of Germany in 1934. It argues...