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Therapy with Children: An Existential Perspective

by Chris Scalzo

This book explores the existential themes and challenges present in all therapeutic relationships when working with children. Existential ideas and concepts are a rapidly growing influence on the practice of...

Making Freud More Freudian

by Arnold Rothstein

This book demonstrates the clinical value of "making Freud more Freudian". The theoretical contributions of Charles Brenner are summarized and emphasized. They are built on an elaboration of Arlow's "fantasy...

Knowing, Not-Knowing and Sort-of-Knowing: Psychoanalysis and the Experience of Uncertainty

by Jean Petrucelli

A contemporary, wide-ranging exploration of one of the most provocative topics currently under psychoanalytic investigation: the relationship of dissociation to varieties of knowing and unknowing. The twenty-eight...

Attachment and New Beginnings: Reflections on Psychoanalytic Therapy

by Jonathan Pedder & Gary Winship

This collection of written pieces plots the work of an NHS psychotherapist, Jonathan Pedder, turning the science of psychiatry into human encounters. He had a career teaching and inspiring colleagues and students...

The Body of the Organisation and its Health

by Richard Morgan-Jones

Using the frameworks of psychoanalysis, group relations, systemic organisational observation, consulting and research, this book explores the relationship between the health of the work force and the health...

In Search of the Good Life: Emmanuel Levinas, Psychoanalysis and the Art of Living

by Paul Marcus

Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995), French phenomenological philosopher and Talmudic commentator, is regarded as perhaps the greatest ethical philosopher of our time. While Levinas enjoys prominence in the philosophical...

The Mirror Crack'd: When Good Enough Therapy Goes Wrong and Other Cautionary Tales for the Humanistic Practitioner

by Anne Kearns

Revised edition. This title is as a wake-up call to take seriously the climate in which mental health professionals practice in which complaints and civil actions against psychotherapists and counsellors are...

Love: Bondage or Liberation?: A Psycholological Exploration of the Meaning, Values and Dangers of Falling in Love

by Deirdre Johnson

Much has been written about the function of falling in love in the course of therapy itself. This book has a much broader aim. Deirdre Johnson, a Jungian analyst and psychotherapy trainer, uses her teaching...

Bearing Witness: Psychoanalytic Work with People Traumatised by Torture and State Violence

by Andres Gautier & Anna Scalmati

'In their discussion of torture, the contributors to this book write of what its victims cannot put into words and the work that has to be done with them to that end. Working with a victim's account of a traumatic...

Managing Vulnerability: The Underlying Dynamics of Systems of Care

by Tim Dartington

Clinicians, managers and researchers - as well as politicians and religious leaders - are worrying about a lack of compassion and humanity in the care of vulnerable people in society.In this book Tim Dartington...

Fostering Independence: Helping and Caring in Psychodynamic Therapies

by Brafman Brafman

In a series of papers, the author addresses the needs of students, patients, and practitioners of psychodynamic therapies. The work of these professionals with children and with adults is discussed from a pragmatic...

Traumatic Reliving in History, Literature and Film

by Rudolph Binion

Traumatic Reliving in History, Literature, and Film explores an intriguing facet of human behavior never yet examined in its own right - an individual or a group may contrive, unawares, to repeat a half-forgotten...

Resistance, Rebellion and Refusal in Groups: The 3 Rs

by Richard Billow

Richard M. Billow expands and develops his ideas, first presented in Relational Group Psychotherapy: From Basic Assumptions to Passion. He constructs a theoretically sophisticated, yet experience-near approach...

Matters of Life and Death: Psychoanalytic Reflections

by Salman Akhtar

The author's focus in this book is upon the intrapsychic vicissitudes of what it means to be truly alive and how death accompanies us at each step of our life's journey. He attempts to show that, psychologically-speaking,...

Psychosomatics Today: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

by Marilia Aisenstein & Rappoport Elsa

Psychosomatics have classically been of peripheral importance within our wellknown theoretical models, despite the fact that they do have a history in the field of psychoanalysis. This might be owing to the...

A Guide to Assessment for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

by Helen Alfille & Judy Cooper

Psychoanalytic psychotherapists and psychoanalysts inevitably find themselves doing assessment in their work, both in private practice and in a clinical setting such as the NHS. The authors felt a need for a...

Old Testament Stories with a Freudian Twist

by Leo Abse

This collection of Leo Abse's last essays are writings that he was working on from 2006 up to and during his final illness. They take as their starting point stories from the Old Testament. For Abse, the Bible...

E.S.P. Extra Sensory Perception

by J. B. Ph.D. Rhine & Adolph Caso

This is the original account of the basic experiments in parapsychology at Duke University, out of which came the phrase, extra-sensory perception that now appears in all dictionaries. We originally published...

Schizotypal Personality Disorder: A Case Study of the Movie Classic TAXI DRIVER

by Francine R Ph.D. Goldberg

This e-book is designed to be used as a companion to the Columbia Pictures film, TAXI DRIVER, which can be rented or purchased in DVD or VHS format from a vendor of the user's choice. It will explain, demonstrate...

Dancing Around the Volcano: Freeing Our Erotic Lives: Decoding the Enigma of Gay Men and Sex

by Guy Kettelhack

Celebrating the ingenuity with which gay men manage their sexual and aggressives drives and fantasies, Dancing Around the Volcano is a passionately pro-sex book with potentially healing--even revolutionary--implications...