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Ending Analysis: Theory and Technique

by Gilda De Simone

This book, beyond dealing with the theoretical and technical questions concerning the termination of analysis, gives a picture of the particular nature of the psychoanalytic cure in relation to the therapies...

Unusual Interventions: Alterations of the Frame, Method, and Relationship in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

by Salman Akhtar

Radical departures from the set and familiar rules of technique often become necessary in the course of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. These can include conducting a session outside the office, giving advice,...

The Values of Psychotherapy

by Jeremy Holmes & Richard Lindley

This first-class book provides an unrivalled basis for further discussion on to how to make psychotherapy more effective both, ethically and professionally.

Assessment in Psychotherapy

by Helen Alfille & Judy Cooper

Addresses the complexities of psychoanalytic assessment. Comprises a comprehensive review of relevant literature and contributions from various psychotherapists on the different aspects of the assessment process....

Psychosis (Madness)

by Paul Williams

In this volume a number of British psychoanalysts introduce us to psychoanlaytic definitions of intra-psychic and subjective meaning in patients suffering psychotic conditions. Irrespective of the particular...

The Talking Cure: Mind and Method of the Tavistock Clinic

by David Taylor

The Talking Cure shows how the mind operates through all stages of life. Drawing on Tavistock Clinic research and case studies, it demonstrates just how much "the heart has its reasons the reason knows not of"....

Psychoanalytic Theories of Affect

by Ruth Stein

An attempt to collate and clarify psychoanalytic theories on affect, and how they relate to the clinical process. Stein outlines and analyses the most important theories on affect, and examines empirical work...

Approaching Psychoanalysis: An Introductory Course

by David L. Smith

A comprehensive user-friendly introductory account of Freudian theory and other major currents in psychoanalytic thought. It also includes biographical material on the major theorists. It helps to clear up many...

Reverie and Interpretation: Sensing Something Human

by Thomas Ogden

A text exploring the frontiers of contemporary psychoanalytic thinking: the experience of the analyst and patient in the dynamic interplay of subjectivity and intersubjectivity. The author shows how the development...

No Lost Certainties To Be Recovered: Sexuality, Creativity, Knowledge

by Gregorio Kohon

"A fitting end-of-century celebration of the true virtues of the psychoanalytic passion." An important book which addresses a wide range of psychoanalytic subjects.

Psychoanalysis and Culture: A Kleinian Perspective

by David Bell

This book provides a long-overdue view of the relationship of psychoanalysis to culture. Uniquely positioned to bridge the gap that exists between clinical and academic psychoanalytic studies, it is dedicated...

Work with Parents: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

by Siv Boalt Boethious, Birgit Hallerfors & Ann Horne

Drawing on the rich range and depth of the clinical experience of the contributors, this welcome volume will be a valuable tool for clinicians and trainees. The authors share a powerful commitment to the relevance...

W.R. Bion: Between Past and Future

by Franco Borgogno, Silvio A. Merciai & Parthenope Bion Talamo

A collection of papers on and about the work of Wilfred Bion and its continuing development. Most were presented at the International Centennial Conference on the work of Bion in Turin in 1997. Contributors...

Imprisoned Pain and Its Transformation

by Joan Symington

A Festschrift for Sidney Klein, the eminent British psychoanalyst. In this volume a wide range of clinicians reflect on the debt they owe to his work, and in particular on the idea of analysis as a means for...

'It is a New Kind of Diaspora': Explorations in the Sociopolitical and Cultural Context of Psychoanalysis

by Riccardo Steiner

This book examines the effects of the emigration of German and Austrian analysts during the Nazi persecutions, especially to London. In particular it draws upon the correspondence between Ernest Jones and Anna...

Tradition, Change, Creativity: Repercussions of the New Diaspora on aspects of British Psychoanalysis

by Riccardo Steiner

A companion volume to "It is a New Kind of Diaspora". Taking up where that book leaves off, it traces some of the consequences of the emigration of German and Austrian psychoanalysts to London, particularly...

Mental Slavery: Psychoanalytic Studies of Caribbean People

by Barbara Fletchman Smith

Barbara Fletchman Smith examines the complex effects of the experience of slavery and its impact on generations of Caribbean people whether they live in the West Indies or elsewhere. The author brings many subtle...

Dreaming and Thinking

by Rosine J. Perelberg

Including papers on the dream space and countertransference, the dream space, the analytic situation and eating disorders, dreams of borderline patients and the 'oracle' in dreams: the past and the future in...

The Mind-Brain Relationship

by Regina Pally

This book is a review of aspects of neuroscience literature relevant to psychoanalysis. It provides an accessible route into the overwhelming profusion of literature in this area for the uninitiated psychoanalytic...

Clinical Studies in Neuro-psychoanalysis: Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology

by Karen Kaplan-Solms & Mark Solms

In 1895 Freud attempted to join the emerging discipline of psychoanalysis with the neuroscience of the time. He was forced to abandon his project, however, due to the lack of pertinent neuroscientific knowledge...