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Men in Love

by Nancy Friday

An extraordinary, explicitly masculine journey, Men In Love develops a startlingly honest portrayal of what it means to be a man in contemporary America. Here are the unexpurgated dreams, fantasies and fetishes...

Enemy, Cripple & Beggar: Shadows in the Hero's Path

by Erel Shalit

"'Enemy Cripple & Beggar' provides an informed and thoughtful perspective concerning literary good and evil alongside society's norms and mores. An original work by Erel Shalit . . . a unique blend as a literary...

The Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way

by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Who is She, this Sister from Below? She's certainly not about the ordinary business of life: work, shopping, making dinner. She speaks from other realms. If you'll allow, She'll whisper in your ear, lead your...

The Psychology of Strength and Conditioning

by David Tod & David Lavallee

An effective strength and conditioning program underpins the training regime of every successful athlete or sportsperson and it is now widely recognized that psychology plays a significant role in the application...

Attachment Theory in Sport, Exercise and Wellness

by Sam Carr

Attachment theory is a concept well known to 'mainstream' psychologists, informing the literature in areas as diverse as psychodynamics, developmental psychology, social psychology and counselling. This important...

Evolution and the Social Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and Social Cognition

by Joseph P. Forgas, Martie G. Haselton & William von Hippel

This book seeks to combine the study of human social cognition - the way we think, decide, plan and analyze social situations - with an evolutionary framework that considers these activities in light of evolutionary...

Neuropsychology and Substance Use: State-Of-The-Art and Future Directions

by Ari Kalechstein & Wilfred G. van Gorp

Substance use continues to be a major public health problem, and the ramifications of this are manifold. For instance, at present, on a yearly basis, the total economic cost of substance misuse is literally...

The Handbook of Aging and Cognition

by Fergus I. M. Craik & Timothy A. Salthouse

Cognitive aging is a flourishing area of research. A significant amount of new data, a number of new theoretical notions, and many new research issues have been generated in the past ten years. This new edition...

Contemporary Neurobehavioral Syndromes

by Gerald Goldstein, Theresa M. Incagnoli & Antonio E. Puente

During the twentieth century, new neurobehavioral diseases appeared or were described for the first time. Exposure to certain toxins or noxious environments, for example, produced illnesses that did not exist...

Guilt with a Twist: The Promethean Way

by Lawrence H. Staples

"Guilt with a Twist is highly recommended for community library psychology collections and for anyone who wants a better understanding of humanity's natural moral alarm." -Midwest Book Review..... Lawrence Staples...

We're No Fun Anymore

by Robert Schwarz & Elaine Braff

In the 21st century, we tend to expect more than ever from our relationships without knowing how to sustain them. Often a married couple juggling the many demands of life, work and children take their bond for...

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Treatment Manual

by Sue C. Bratton, Garry L. Landreth & Theresa Kellam

This manual is the highly recommended companion to CPRT: A 10-Session Filial Therapy Model. Accompanied by a CD-Rom of training materials, which allows for ease of reproduction and enhanced usability, the workbook...

The Trickster in Contemporary Film

by Helena Bassil-Morozow

This book discusses the role of the trickster figure in contemporary film against the cultural imperatives and social issues of modernity and postmodernity, and argues that cinematic tricksters always reflect...

Data Analysis

by Charles M. Judd, Gary H. McClelland & Carey S. Ryan

This completely rewritten classic text features many new examples, insights and topics including mediational, categorical, and multilevel models. Substantially reorganized, this edition provides a briefer, more...

Enhancing performance for action and perception: multisensory integration, neuroplasticity & neuroprosthetics, part II

by Franco Lepore, Andrea Green & C. Elaine Chapman

This volume of Progess in Brain Research follows on from the 32nd International Symposium of the Groupe de recherche sur le système nerveux central (GRSNC), May 2010, and aims to provide an overview of the...

Taming Aggression in Your Child: How to Avoid Raising Bullies, Delinquents, or Trouble-Makers

by Henri Parens

Taming Aggression in Your Child: How to Avoid Raising Bullies, Delinquents, or Trouble-Makers is a guide to preventing children from developing aggressive behaviors. Dr. Henri Parens explains what causes aggression...

Peak Performance Every Time

by Simon Hartley

Peak performances should not be left to chance. Rather than hoping that you will perform at your best, why not engineer your performance?

Peak Performance Every Time incorporates principles from sport psychology...

Manual of Panic-Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

by Fredric N. Busch, Barbara L. Milrod & Meriamne B. Singer

This manual presents a carefully researched, detailed psychodynamic treatment program for the alleviation of a transdiagnostic range of primary Axis I anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, generalized...

Finding Your Way through Cancer: An Expert Cancer Psychologist Helps Patients and Survivors Face the Challenges of Illness

by Andrew Kneier

Cancer psychologist Andrew Kneier has devoted his career to helping patients master the many challenges and dilemmas that come with a cancer diagnosis. From his work with thousands of people in therapy sessions...

The Banality of Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic Suicide Bombing

by Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin

Reveals the centrality of the mother-child relationship in suicide terrorism