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Dis-ease in America

by Katharine May Cunningham

Anne-Marie is bipolar, but she's coping well... in her opinion, anyway. She is more productive than ever before and finds new ways to do outrageous things. She's too busy... even to take her pills. But she doesn't...

Being Superficial in Soho

by Zekria Ibrahimi

This is a play about Soho, about its mixture of delight and danger. It revolves around a woman working for a London fashion firm. She enters a state of depression. She becomes attracted to alcohol, she grows...

Clare Our Story

by John Vincent

Clare Our Story' is a very intimate account of Clare's fight against breast cancer through the eyes of her husband John. Unbeknown to Clare, John kept a very personal diary of events as they both came to terms...


by Hollis Dixon

This book is a spiritual journey had by Hollis Dixon leading him to many conclusions about his life and life in general. All of the contents within this book is how it happened and as Hollis saw it. A true accounts...

Listening to the Silences: In a World of Hearing Voices

by Roy Vincent

hearing voices, "schizophrenia", spiritual nature, autobiography, self-help, hope

Easy Touch: The Omerta of The English Legal System

by Simon Kaberry

A frightening and true insight into the inability of our Legal Establishment to understand and acknowledge mental health issues and the effects of prescribed psychoactive drugs. A solicitor is doped up by prescribed...

Flipped: The Mental Health Comedy Show

by Peter Gigi

Flipped' is the script for a pilot episode of a sitcom based on the relationship between a psychiatric doctor and his colleague. Gigi invites the reader to meet people who think they are being watched, doctors...

Behind the Dark Clouds There is Sunshine

by Tamara Thompson

This is a life changing story about Mommy Frog who lives in a land called Lily Pad Pond. She does not live a very healthy lifestyle and is finding out that this is not very good for her. Throughout the story,...

Envy Theory

by M.D., Frank John Ninivaggi

This book introduces envy theory, a conceptual exploration of hypotheses and conjectures about the mind's fundamental cognitive and emotional makeup. It addresses basic propositions about human psychology, consciousness,...

H.E.L.P. For the Adolescent: A Guide to Assessing Academic and Social Adjustment

by M.Ed., Norma Banas

Do you know students who excel in class discussion but fall down on written tests? Who have difficulty learning from reading but whose intelligence is obvious in conversation? Who have shown fluctuating performance...

Delusions and the Madness of the Masses

by Lawrie Reznek

According to the author, there is an alarming inclination for people to succumb to delusional thinking. Contrary to popular opinion, such thought processes are not limited to the mentally ill. Instead, there...

Silent: The Power of Silence

by Gregory Nicholas Malouf

How often do you feel anxious, frustrated, lonely or unsatisfied? Gregory Nicholas Malouf, founder of Epsilon Healing Academy and author of Silent, believes there is a way to consciously create the life you...

The Embodied Self: Movement and Psychoanalysis

by Katya Bloom

By integrating principles from her background as a movement psychotherapist and movement analyst with key concepts from contemporary psychoanalysis, the author offers a new perspective on exploring the interrelationships...

Subjects of Analysis

by Thomas Ogden

In this brilliant contribution to psychoanlaytic theory and practice, Ogden has once again challenged psychoanalytic clinicians to expand the conceptual envelope that confines and constricts their work. Sounding...

Canvas of Change: Analysis Through the Prism of Creativity

by Ilany Kogan

This book presents a detailed account of two analytic case studies examined through the particular viewpoint of creativity.The first part of the book contains a review of the classical and contemporary literature...

Analytical Psychology: A Modern Science

by Michael Fordham

This is a book of two parts: the first focuses on theoretical concepts with special reference to the structure of the psyche, while the second includes more clinical material. Both exemplify the London Society's...

Assessment in Child Psychotherapy

by Emanuela Quagliata & Margaret Rustin

This book describes an approach to children and young people who might be helped by child psychotherapy. Attention is paid to factors within the child's personality, to strengths and impediments in the developmental...

The Claustrum: An Investigation of Claustrophobic Phenomena

by Donald Meltzer

Using the Kleinian concept of projective-identification, with special reference to intrusive identification with internal objects, this work examines claustrophobic phenomena and its relations to the treatment...

Sexual States of Mind

by Donald Meltzer

A ground-breaking psychoanalytic study on sexuality which maintains its originality today, thirty years after its first publication. The book is a revision of psychoanalytic theory, starting with the work of...

A Collection of My Thoughts (Volume 1): Living with Depression

by Anna Ballard

This insightful book takes you on a journey through the feelings of mental health sufferers on the long road to recovery. Anna provides an emotive understanding of depression and seeks to eliminate the stigma...