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Simply Effective Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A Practitioner's Guide

by Michael J. J. Scott

First Published in 2011. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Gestalt Therapy: Advances in Theory and Practice

by Talia Bar-Yoseph Bar-Yoseph Levine

This book is a collaboration of some of the best thinkers in the Gestalt therapy world and offers a high-level summary of recent and future developments in theory, practice and research.

Dramatherapy and Destructiveness: Creating the Evidence Base, Playing with Thanatos

by Ditty Dokter, Pete Holloway & Henri Seebohm

This book aims to provide an evidence base for practice with destructive clients, and raise the profile of dramatherapy as a distinct therapeutic intervention in this field.

Winnicott Studies

by John Fielding, Alexander Newman & Squiggle Foundation

The Squiggle Foundation's aims are to study and disseminate the work of Winnicott, with a particular emphasis on application.

Distance Psychoanalysis: The Theory and Practice of Using Communication Technology in the Clinic

by Ricardo Carlino & James Nuss

'Many analysts around the world have found themselves in a situation of continuing (or even beginning) psychoanalytic treatment from a distance - either by telephone or other means of communication. No one has...

The Edge of Experience: Borderline and Psychosomatic Patients in Clinical Practice

by Andreas Rabavilas & Grigoris Vaslamatzis

Traditionally, the development of psychoanalysis has been based on the study of 'neurotic' patients, for the most part displaying classic symptoms of hysteria, obsessive-compulsion and depression. However, during...

Within Time and Beyond Time: A Festschrift for Pearl King

by Jennifer Johns & Riccardo Steiner

This book is dedicated to Pearl King who is something of an institution in herself within psychoanalysis as well as an important contributor to the development of the institution of psychoanalysis. She is the...

Where Analysis Meets the Arts: The Integration of the Arts Therapies with Psychoanalytic Theory

by Yvonne Searle & Isabelle Streng

This book aims to provide the reader with a theoretical framework that considers how psychoanalysis can enrich the clinical application of the arts therapies. Five specialist arts therapies used in contemporary...

Beyond Belief: Psychotherapy and Religion

by Samuel M. Stein

The burden once put upon natural scientists is here shouldered by psychotherapists. This book asks whether psychotherapy can go beyond belief and gives various answers from a wide variety of people and their...

Therapeutic Care for Refugees: No Place Like Home

by Renos Papadopoulos

This volume addresses the complexities involved in attending to the mental health of refugees. It covers theory and research as well as clinical and field applications, emphasising the psychotherapeutic perspective....

Perspectives on Supervision

by David Campbell & Barry Mason

This reader-friendly and stimulating volume, indispensable to anyone interested in supervision from a systemic perspective, emerged from a conference organised jointly by the Institute of Family Therapy and...

Surviving Space: Papers on Infant Observation

by Andrew Briggs

Surviving Space is a collection of papers on infant observation and related issues by contemporary experts in the field, commemorating the centenary of Esther Bick and the unique contribution she has made to...

Constructing and Deconstructing Woman's Power

by Beth J. Seelig

Constructing and Deconstructing Woman's Power explores power and gender issues from a variety of psychoanalytic, as well as social, cultural and philosophical perspectives. The first three papers examine the...

Ideas in Practice

by Bernardine Bishop, Angela Foster & Josephine Klein

Comprising the second volume in the series The Practice of Psychotherapy, this volume brings together six contributors, all members of the London Centre for Psychotherapy, presenting psychoanalytic ideas lucidly...

Childhood Psychosis: A Lacanian Perspective

by Silvia Elena Tendlarz

Childhood Psychosis is a well-structured and informative study that explores childhood psychosis and its different manifestations in depth, with special emphasis on the relation between psychosis and autism....

Face to Face with Children: The Life and Work of Clare Winnicott

by Joel Kanter

This book presents the life and work of one of the leading British social workers of the 20th century. The wife of Donald Winnicott, an analysand of Melanie Klein, a wartime innovator in helping evacuated children,...

Challenges to Practice

by Bernardine Bishop, Angela Foster & Josephine Klein

The first title in the Practice of Psychotherapy Series that explores the limits of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Each of the five chapters in this book takes up an aspect of this challenge. In an open and enquiring...

You and Your Toddler

by Jenny Stoker

A central theme of this book is the gradual process of separation between parents and toddlers and the growth of autonomy in them all. Jenny Stoker has written with clarity, sympathy and warmth about the multiple...

Infant Observation at the Heart of Training

by Janine Sternberg

The study of infant observation is widely used as part of training to become a psychoanalytic psychotherapist; the skills learned through infant observation can be widely applied to practicing analysis with...

Introduction to Social Dreaming: Transforming Thinking

by W. Gordon Lawrence

This preliminary text explores the phenomenon of social dreaming, a concept first introduced at the Tavistock Institute in 1982. The focus is on the dream and the social context of the dreamers rather than the...