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Enhancing performance for action and perception: multisensory integration, neuroplasticity & neuroprosthetics, part II

by Franco Lepore, Andrea Green & C. Elaine Chapman

This volume of Progess in Brain Research follows on from the 32nd International Symposium of the Groupe de recherche sur le système nerveux central (GRSNC), May 2010, and aims to provide an overview of the...

Taming Aggression in Your Child: How to Avoid Raising Bullies, Delinquents, or Trouble-Makers

by Henri Parens

Taming Aggression in Your Child: How to Avoid Raising Bullies, Delinquents, or Trouble-Makers is a guide to preventing children from developing aggressive behaviors. Dr. Henri Parens explains what causes aggression...

Peak Performance Every Time

by Simon Hartley

Peak performances should not be left to chance. Rather than hoping that you will perform at your best, why not engineer your performance?

Peak Performance Every Time incorporates principles from sport psychology...

Manual of Panic-Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

by Fredric N. Busch, Barbara L. Milrod & Meriamne B. Singer

This manual presents a carefully researched, detailed psychodynamic treatment program for the alleviation of a transdiagnostic range of primary Axis I anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, generalized...

Finding Your Way through Cancer: An Expert Cancer Psychologist Helps Patients and Survivors Face the Challenges of Illness

by Andrew Kneier

Cancer psychologist Andrew Kneier has devoted his career to helping patients master the many challenges and dilemmas that come with a cancer diagnosis. From his work with thousands of people in therapy sessions...

The Banality of Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic Suicide Bombing

by Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin

Reveals the centrality of the mother-child relationship in suicide terrorism

Personality, Character, and Leadership In The White House

by Steven J. Rubenzer & Thomas R. Faschingbauer

Analyzing the American presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush

Advances in Child Development and Behavior

by Janette B. Benson

Volume 40 of the Advances in Child Development and Behavior series includes 10 chapters that highlight some of the most recent research in the area. A wide array of topics are discussed in detail, including...

When Our Leaders Do Bad Things: Help Other People in Your Chosen Field and Discover a Fortune for Yourself

by Mangal Dan Dipty

There are three psychological power tools presented in When Our Leaders Do Bad Things. First, the three-dimensional thinking method, which is a decision-making tool. Secondly, the biological stress defense mechanism,...

The Second Wives' Club: Secrets for Becoming Lovers for Life

by Stephen Millian & Lonore Millian

Are you or someone you know a second wife? Are you tired of arguing about your husband’s first marriage? The Second Wives’ Club is the book you’ve been waiting for. Join the Club and learn the six secrets...

The Emotional Life of Your Brain: How Its Unique Patterns Affect the Way You Think, Feel, Andlive--And How You Can Change Them

by Richard J. Davidson & Sharon Begley

What is your emotional fingerprint?

Why are some people so quick to recover from setbacks? Why are some so attuned to others that they seem psychic? Why are some people always up and others always down? In...

Cover Your Assets and Become Your Own Liability: Self-Serving Destroys from Within

by Gene Landrum

Sacrifice Tomorrow for Today and You'll have Destroyed Tomorrow! While America was landing on the moon, Japan was landing in our living room. One nation focused on the conquest of space; the other on the conquest...

Breaking Free: How Chains From Childhood Keep Us From What We Want

by Sheldon Kardener & Monika Olofsson Kardener

These are some of the issues addressed by the Kardeners in Breaking Free: How Chains From Childhood Keep Us From What We Want. Why do our best intentions so often go awry? What prompts people to engage in behaviors...

Anatomy of Success: The Science of Inheriting Your Brain's Wealth & Power While You're Still Alive!

by Saleem Bidaoui

Some people are truly committed to do whatever it takes to change the status quo. They read all they can, attend seminars, and listen to CDs every day, but to no avail. Anatomy Of Success addresses this issue...

The Perfect Ten Define/ding Mr. Right-and its Sequel Defending Mr. Right

by A. P. Filosa

The "Must Be Read Guide", to find your perfect mate, written by a licensed clincal psychologist. It's been called "concise", "funny", "appealing", and "user friendly" enough for not only adults, but also to...

Large-Scale Computing Techniques for Complex System Simulations

by Werner Dubitzky, Krzysztof Kurowski & Bernard Schott

Complex systems modeling and simulation approaches are being adopted in a growing number of sectors, including finance, economics, biology, astronomy, and many more. Technologies ranging from distributed computing...

Workplace Bullying

by Noreen Tehrani

Is bullying really that bad? Why do some people just watch it happening? How do you know if it is bullying or strong management? What kind of leaders are able to create positive working environments?

The effects...

Bothered by Alligators

by Marion Milner

Milner's final text, Bothered by Alligators, came about when, in her nineties, she unexpectedly came across a diary she had kept during the early years of her son's life, recording his conversations and play...

Thinking and Reasoning

by Ken Manktelow

The area of psychological research reviewed in this book is one that is not only increasing in popularity in college curricula, but is also making an ever larger impact on the world outside the classroom. Drawing...

The Development of Emotional Intelligence: A Case Study

by Nadja Reissland

How do children learn about the expression and meaning of emotions - both happy and sad? This book answers questions regarding the foundation of emotional intelligence, and examines how children become emotionally...