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Losing Tim

by Paul Gionfriddo

Paul Gionfriddo's son Tim is one of the "6 percent"—an American with serious mental illness. He is also one of the half million homeless people with serious mental illnesses in desperate need of help yet underserved...

Metaphors of Healing

by Harish Malhotra

Metaphors of Healing features hundreds of metaphors Harish Malhotra has created for use with his patients in therapy, which have yielded positive results. Through his metaphors, Malhotra has passed down a successful...

Working with Parents Makes Therapy Work

by Kerry Kelly Novick & Jack Novick

Working With Parents Makes Therapy Work demonstrates the crucial role of parent work in child and adolescent therapy. The Novicks suggest that restoring the parent-child relationship contributes to long-lasting...

The Colors of Childhood

by Salman Akhtar & Selma Kramer

How does culture affect child-rearing practices? How do factors such as poverty, ethnic difference, racial minority status, and having immigrant parents alter the experience of a growing child? Are there culturally...

Mothering without a Home

by Ann G. Smolen & Alexandra M. Harrison

Homeless women and their children who reside in a transitional housing facility or shelter have experienced multiple traumas and disruptions in their earliest attachments. These multiple, chronic traumas often...

Play Therapy with Sexually Abused Children

by Robert Ciottone & John Madonna

Here is a disguised but tragically accurate account of a 7-year-old boy who was repeatedly victimized by two uncles who penetrated him, required him under threat of violence to act upon them, and forced him...

Another Chance to be Real

by Donald D. Roberts & Deanda S. Roberts

By most accounts, people with a borderline personality disorder prove exceptionally difficult to treat. Divergent opinions abound about what, if anything, contributes to a positive outcome. Is it the quality...

So the Witch Won't Eat Me

by Dorothy Bloch

In So the Witch Won't Eat Me Bloch draws on 25 years of psychoanalytic practice. Her book is both a summary of her experience as a therapist and a disclosure of what she has learned about the inner workings...

Clinical Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory

by Esther Fine

Clinical Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory provides in-depth descriptions of past and present analytic concepts, with accompanying examples of how these theories affect clinical interventions. A wide range...

Object Relations in Severe Trauma

by Stephen Prior

Building upon the theoretical work of Ferenczi, Fairbairn, and Berliner, the author describes four basic relational patterns in the lives of abused children: the reliving of abusive relationships, either as...

Knowledge under Construction

by Daniel Ness & Stephen J. Farenga

Knowledge under Construction investigates how young children develop spatial, geometric, and scientific thinking skills-particularly those associated with architecture. Based on original research and analysis...

Therapeutic Engagement of Children and Adolescents

by David A. Crenshaw

This book addresses the issues that child and adolescent therapists struggle with the most—how to meaningfully engage and create conditions for transformative change with children and teens who are unwilling...

Dialogue of Touch

by Viola A. Brody

Touch is essential for life, and what Viola Brody calls capable touching is the core of developmental play therapy, building both the self of the hurt child and his or her appreciation of the nurturing other....

Using Self Psychology in Child Psychotherapy

by Jule P. Miller

Shows how self psychology allows child patients who were in the past often considered difficult and even untreatable to be understood and effectively helped.

Treating the Unmanageable Adolescent

by Neil I. Bernstein

The problem of the out-of-control teenager demands immediate and effective attention from clinicians. As American town after town enacts curfew laws for minors and more and more teachers send youths for treatment,...

Working with Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents: Discovering What Matters Most Through Evidence-Based, Sensory Interventions

by William Steele & Caelan Kuban

Praise for Working With Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents

"This much-needed book effectively argues for the use of structured activities as the basis for exploring trauma-specific questions in...

Starving the Anger Gremlin

by Kate Collins-Donnelly

Meet the anger gremlin: a troublesome pest whose favourite meal is your anger, and the more he eats the angrier you get! There's only one way to stop him: starve him of angry feelings and behaviours, and make...

Treating Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety: A Guide for Caregivers

by Eli R. Lebowitz & Haim Omer

"Lebowitz and Omer have taken the latest and most relevant scientific research and synthesized it into an essential read for caregivers of anxious children. Treating Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety: A Guide...

Therapeutic Conversations with Queer Youth

by Julie Tilsen, Sheila McNamee & David Nylund

This is the first therapy book that focuses on clinical work with youth who construct queer identities (as differentiated from essentialized gay or lesbian identities). It's also the first practice-based book...

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin

by Kate Collins-Donnelly

Children's Choice Winner at the School Library Association's Information Book Awards 2014

The Anxiety Gremlin loves one thing - to feed on your anxiety! But watch out, as the fuller he gets, the more anxious...