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Doctor of Love: James Graham and His Celestial Bed

by Lydia Syson

Widely accepted as the world's first sex therapist, Dr Graham was devoted to the research of the effect of physical stimuli on the psyche, and more specifically on sexual activity. This biography is a depiction...

Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality: A New Clinical Approach

by Joseph Nicolosi

This book explores a reparative psychotherapy based on an understanding of the development of gender identity, offering to help the non-gay homosexual, that is, one who is unhappy with his sexual orientation....

Silent Lives: How High a Price?: For Personal Reflections and Group Discussions about Sexual Orientation

by Sara L. Boesser

This book is a valuable resource that combines autobiographical sources, personal interviews, and questions for reflection to explore issues relevant to everyone's sexual orientation and gender status, be they...

The Cultural Context of Sexual Pleasure and Problems: Psychotherapy with Diverse Clients

by Kathryn S. K. Hall & Cynthia A. Graham

Using rich case material and research presented by distinguished authorities in the fields of sex, couple, family, and psychotherapy, this edited book contributes to our efforts to help individuals and couples...

Ontology of Sex

by Carrie Hull

Poststructuralism, particularly through the writings of Michel Foucault and Judith Butler, has achieved remarkable success in challenging our belief in natural sex categories and instincts. Here, Carrie Hull...

Mating Intelligence: Sex, Relationships, and the Mind's Reproductive System

by Glenn Geher & Geoffrey Miller

Human intelligence is sexually attractive, and strongly predicts the success of sexual relationships, but the behavioral sciences have usually ignored the interface between intelligence and mating. This is the...

I Am: A Personal History--The Formation of a Sexual Consciousness

by Christopher Alan Anderson

A look into history tracing the development of consciousness through a line of thinkers accumulating in a sexual conception of the self. "The immanence that resides throughout creation is the exact sexual nature...

Man and Woman Forever

by Christopher Alan Anderson

A bringing to the surface the eternal connection within each man and woman with their sexual (equal and opposite) other half. "It is 'You' and it is 'I'. Do 'I' finally understand? Shall 'I' say it again? How...

The Abyss and Sexual Creation

Sexual Identity--Understanding Life and Family

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article the author discusses the absolute reason for and nature of sexual identity and its necessity for life and family. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950 - ) received the basis of his education...

Manual Creation

by Machele Kindle

Master Fire has written an intimate and revealing look into her personal life as a Master. She has deliciously chronicled her thoughts and actions on Mastery and consensual slavery. Every aspect of slave management...

Sexual States of Mind

by Donald Meltzer

A ground-breaking psychoanalytic study on sexuality which maintains its originality today, thirty years after its first publication. The book is a revision of psychoanalytic theory, starting with the work of...

How to Save Your Daughter's Life: Straight Talk for  Parents from America's Top Criminal Profiler

by Pat Brown

Girls are being stalked, beaten, raped, abused, and murdered by strangers . . . and by the men in their lives. No girl is safe from harm, particularly in today's world where social media makes it too easy...

Sexual Orientation and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Sexual Science and Clinical Practice

by Richard C. Friedman & Jennifer I. Downey

This book bridges psychoanalytic thought and sexual science. It brings sexuality back to the center of psychoanalysis and shows how important it is for students of human sexuality to understand motives that...

The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction

by PhD, Larry Young & Brian Alexander

How much control do we have over love? Much less than we like to think. All that mystery, all that poetry, all those complex behaviors sur­rounding human bonding leading to the most life-changing decisions...

Understanding Asexuality

by Anthony F. Bogaert

In a world where people often feel compelled to advertise their sexual inclinations and preferences, many people identify as asexual, lacking sexual attraction to either men or women. This book introduces the...

The Achilles Heel Reader (Routledge Revivals): Men, Sexual Politics and Socialism

by Victor Seidler

First published in 1991, The Achilles Heel Reader brings together key articles from Achilles Heel, the path-breaking and influential magazine of men's sexual politics. It also includes an important introduction...

The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It

by Ph.D, M. Gigi Durham

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Orgasms for Two: The Joy of Partnersex

by Betty Dodson

There are many sex manuals on the shelves of bookstores. They offer advice on being sexier, on giving him what he really wants, on making her wild with desire. Most of them are about as substantive as a filmy...

Letters to Penthouse XII: It Just Gets Hotter

by Penthouse International

In these uninhibited letters to Penthouse magazine, the writers reveal everything that goes on behind closed doors, as well as in back and front seats of cars, locked offices, airplane toilets and other places....