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How to Attract and Seduce Women with the Secrets of an Italian Seducer

by David Bales & Davide Balesi

In the world of seduction who has done the same thing, will always get the same results! There is nothing more truthful of this sentence! If you haven't obtained success with women in all this time, you don't...

Mastering Conversational Hypnosis: Psychology Tricks to Influence People Easily and Get Exactly What You Want

by Noah-Jay Michael

Effective communication is necessary both in your professional and personal life. Humans are social creatures; we talk all the time. However, communication only counts if it is effective. Conversational hypnosis...

Better Relationships With Those You Lead

by Nicky, Dr Howe

This book provides a practical guide for leaders and managers to help develop a range of skills and practices to improve business performance.

The focus of the book is on human interactions, constructive workplace...

Suppression of stereotypes

by Francesca Eleuteri

Stereotypes are beliefs regarding the traits, attributes, and behaviors of members of certain groups. They are not only beliefs, but also theories about how and why certain attributes go together. Furthermore,...

Approaching the Navel of the Darkened Soul

by Romano Màdera

In order to conduct a well-grounded search for meaning, this book wants to renew the ancient attempt to seek wisdom in everyday life, training ourselves to modify our own perceptions of the world in as authentic...

Self and Motivational Systems: Towards A Theory of Psychoanalytic Technique

by Joseph D. Lichtenberg, Frank M. Lachmann & James L. Fosshage

In this sequel to Lichtenberg's Psychoanalysis and Motivation (TAP, 1989), the authors show how their revised theory of motivation provides the foundation for a new approach to psychoanalytic technique.  The...

Pathological Narcissism and Emotional Vampirism: how to recognize it and protect yourself

by Martin B.

My book, named "Pathological Narcissism and Emotional Vampirism: how to recognize it and protect yourself", has been written on the basis of my personal experiences following psychological abuse and traumatic...

Knowing Yourself...or Not

by Marti Eicholz

This book will help you find the secrets of your innermost self.

Following a set of practical exercises you'll discover the actual traits that make you unique.

Then you will evaluate those traits to decide if...

The Genius of Opposites: How Introverts and Extroverts Achieve Extraordinary Results Together

by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler

Better Together

FDR and Eleanor. Mick and Keith. Jobs and Woz. There are countless examples of introvert-extrovert partnerships who make brilliant products, create great works of art, and even change history...

Coping with Threatened Identities

by Glynis M. Breakwell

People cope with threats to their identities in many different ways. Until the original publication of this title in 1986, there had been no theoretical framework within which to analyse their strategies for...

Psychology of sex vol I: autoerotism

by Havelock Ellis

The present volume contains three studies which seem to me to be necessary prolegomena to that analysis of the sexual instinct which must form the chief part of an investigation into the psychology of sex. The...

Better a slut than no sex at all

by Barbara Balldini

I love sex. And yes, by God, I have reasons enough to say so. In order to love sex you have to have sex. A lot of sex. And I mean a lot of sex. Good sex, it goes without saying. And women who know a lot about...

What Hides Behind a Gesture?

by Davide Balesi

In the past years the author's poor knowledge of body language led him to disappointing relationships, and made him unable to establish good connections with people. How can you seduce a woman if you can’t...

Family Identity: Ties, Symbols, and Transitions

by Vittorio Cigoli & Eugenia Scabini

Gender, generations, and lineage; faith, hope, and justice; gifts, duties, and debts; affection, responsibility, and generativity; values, secrets, and objectives; transmissions and transitions: these are the...