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Organisational Culture: Concept, Context, and Measurement(In Two Volumes)

by Elizabeth Kummerow & Neil Kirby

In 1989, the prominent organisational culture scholar, Stephen Ott, lamented what he saw as the failure of the organisational culture perspective to have the kind of lasting influence — whether empirical,...

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work

by Dr. Paul Babiak & Dr. Robert D. Hare

Revised and updated with the latest scientific research and updated case studies, the business classic that offers a revealing look at psychopaths in the workplace—how to spot their destructive behavior and...

Handbook of Families and Work: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

by D. Russell Crane & Jeffrey E. Hill

This handbook is designed to illuminate issues involved in the intersection of family life and paid employment from a broad range of disciplines. These contributions by leading national and international work-family...

Amazing Workplace

by LiBook

Do you want to improve your productivity by having a good workplace?

Do you want to work as a team with any kind of person?

Are you looking to work with others and achieve the goal in the best way?

With "Amazing...

The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology

by Alison Attrill-Smith, Chris Fullwood, Melanie Keep & Daira J. Kuss

The internet is so central to everyday life, that it is impossible to contemplate life without it. From finding romance, to conducting business, receiving health advice, shopping, banking, and gaming, the internet...

The Likeability Trap

by Alicia Menendez

Be nice, but not too nice. Be successful, but not too successful. Just be likeable. Whatever that means?

Women are stuck in an impossible bind. At work, strong women are criticized for being cold, and warm women...

Going Broke

by Stuart Vyse

Over the last four decades, debt, bankruptcy, and home foreclosures have risen to epidemic levels, and the personal savings rate has sunk dangerously low. Why, in the richest nation on earth, can't Americans...

The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

by Philip M. Podsakoff, Scott B. MacKenzie & Nathan P. Podsakoff

The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Citizenship Behavior provides a broad and interdisciplinary review of state-of-the-art research on organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs), and related constructs such...

The Psychology of Management

by Lillian Moller Gilbreth

Psychology, in the popular phrase, is "the study of the mind." It has for years been included in the training of all teachers, and has been one of the first steps for the student of philosophy; but it has not,...

Loving’s the Strange Thing

by Anne-Marie Storrs

This groundbreaking volume argues that Carmen Martín Gaite and Carl Jung form an ideal combination. All the main features of the Jungian individuation process are present in the Spanish writer’s fairy tales:...

Interpersonal Arguing

by Dale Hample

Interpersonal Arguing is an accessible review of scholarship on key elements of face-to-face arguing, which is the interpersonal exchange of reasons. Topics include frames for understanding the nature of arguing,...

The Importance of Wise Decisions

by Robert Ackerman & J. Ibeh Agbanyim

The Importance of Wise Decisions has a great lesson for the reader starting with the title in Robert Ackerman, and J. Ibeh Agbanyims new book. Decisions simply are the process of deciding between different paths...

The Five Principles of Collaboration

by J. Ibeh Agbanyim

Relationships are built around five principles of collaboration, and when any of them are lacking, human relationships suffer. J. Ibeh Agbanyim outlines how to apply trust, respect, willingness, empowerment,...

True Empowerment in the Workplace

by Ansie Thirion-Fourie Dlitt et Phil

This book is for Managers, Industrial Psychologists, HR Professionals and Organizational Development Consultants who wish to enhance employees' human potential, competencies and performance which in turn will...


by Frances Dunn Butterfoss

Frances Dunn Butterfoss, Ph.D., captured the attention of academics and practitioners everywhere with her landmark textbook, Coalitions and Partnerships in Community Health, which provided a comprehensive approach...


by J. Ibeh Agbanyim

Fear is powerful, and it has a presence in whatever we do in lifewhether that is passing our exams, keeping peace in our homes, or simply adjusting to the constantly changing world. In Fear, author J. Ibeh Agbanyim...

The Power of Engagement

by J. Ibeh Agbanyim

In todays chaotic world, we are all trying to balance work and life. But it is not easy. With constant technical distractions and work demands, it can be difficult to focus on one priority at a time. In his...

Networked Remembrance

by Samuel Merrill

Networked Remembrance is the first book to explore questions of urban memory within what are some of the most commonly experienced subterranean margins of the contemporary city: underground railways. Using London’s...

A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor

by Menah Pratt-Clarke

A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor: Lessons about Race, Class, and Gender in America traces the journey and transformation of Mildred Sirls, a young Black girl in rural east Texas...

Out of K.O.S. (Knowledge of Self)

by Steven Kniffley Jr., Ernest Brown Jr. & Bryan Davis

Out of K.O.S. (Knowledge of Self): Black Masculinity, Psychopathology, and Treatment provides a comprehensive analysis of the development of racialized masculinity in Black males. This text explores the current...