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The Mechanism and Psychology of Voice

by Frank E. Miller & Charles E. Blanchard

Man possesses language, and makes large use of it, while, on the other hand, not even the most intelligent animals have the power of designating objects, or of translating sensations into articulate speech....

Where and How We Remember

by Moses-Allen Starr

The degree of power to remember differs in our various kinds of memory. One man can remember things seen; another can remember things heard; a third is skillful in the performance of certain motions, and may...

Origin and Nature of Pleasure and Pain

by Alfred Fouillée & Herbert Nichols

“Nearly all the greatest thinkers from the beginning of philosophy have grappled with the subject, yet we are inclined to believe that, from the first, no subject has been more profoundly misunderstood. Whatever...

So What Do You Think?

by Clair Swinburne

This psychology guide for teens presents an overview of how the mind works to give you a clearer understanding of how to look after your mental health.

We all need to take care of our mental health. But just...

Indigestion as a Cause of Nervous Depression

by Thomas Lauder Brunton

To most men who are engaged in intellectual work, an autumn holiday has become a matter of necessity, and is not to be regarded as a mere luxury. During eleven months of the year many who are engaged in brain-work...

The Cause of Sea-Sickness and the Vertigo

by Alex Hill, Robert W. Lovett & . Collection

Sea-Sickness symptoms are experienced by many persons when they are subjected to the pitching and rolling motion of a vessel at sea.

Plutarch was, perhaps, the first theorist on the subject. He thought that...

Of our passions and their pathology

by Fernand Papillon

“Passions are penchants, inclinations, desires and aversions carried to a certain degree of intensity, combined with an indistinct sensation of pleasure or pain, occasioned or accompanied by some irregular...

La Psychologie des Sexes

by Alfred Fouillée & Herbert Spencer

L’homme et la femme ont-ils la même nature mentale ? Comment sont déterminés les caractères masculins et féminins ? D’après Herbert Spencer, affirmer que les hommes et les femmes ont la même nature...

How to Read Character: A New Illustrated Handbook of Phrenology and Physiognomy for Students and Examiners with a Descriptive Chart

by Samuel R. Wells

Phrenology, the practice of studying character and mental capacity from the confirmation of the skull, has always been a fascinating subject. As Pope said: "The proper study of mankind is man."

Here is a book...

Understanding Marijuana

Basic and Advanced Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling

by Sik-Yum Lee & Xin-Yuan Song

This book provides clear instructions to researchers on how to apply Structural Equation Models (SEMs) for analyzing the inter relationships between observed and latent variables.

Basic and Advanced Bayesian...