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Theology, Ethics and Transcendence in Sports

by Jim Parry & Mark Nesti

This book provides an inter-disciplinary examination of the relationship between sport, spirituality and religion. It covers a wide-range of topics, such as prayer and sport, religious and spiritual perspectives...

The Politics of Space

by Eligar Sadeh

This title provides a concise guide to the way in which politics and space exploration interact.

Daily Life in Japan

by Louis Frederic

An acknowledged authority on the 'classical' period of Japanese history, the author reveals what the life of the Japanese people was like during these five centuries, and shows how a transformation of heart...

Teaching the Arts to Engage English Language Learners

by Margaret Macintyre Latta & Elaine Chan

Written for prospective and practicing visual arts, music, drama, and dance educators, Teaching the Arts to Engage English Language Learners offers guidance for engaging ELLs, alongside all learners, through...

The Beloved Ego (Psychology Revivals): Foundations of the New Study of the Psyche

by Wilhelm Stekel

Wilhelm Stekel was an Austrian physician and psychologist and one of Freud's earliest followers. A prolific writer, this book originally published in 1921, was considered by the translator 'the best general...

Family Therapy (Psychology Revivals): The Treatment of Natural Systems

by Sue Walrond-Skinner

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a growing interest in family therapy as a potent tool for helping to bring about change and growth in many families whose lives had become stagnant, joyless or...

Stress And The Family: Coping With Normative Transitions

by Hamilton I McCubbin & Charles R. Figley

First published in 1983. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Black Families In Crisis: The Middle Class

by Alice F. Coner-Edwards & Jeanne Spurlock

First published in 1989. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

From the Words of my Mouth (Psychology Revivals): Tradition in Psychotherapy

by Laurence Spurling

As a psychotherapist, in whose name do I speak? How can I come to speak in my own name? What does 'tradition' mean in psychotherapy? Originally published in 1993, the contributors to this book - all practising...

Sunburnt Cities

by Justin B Hollander

The decline in 'sun-belt' cities of America has followed on from the decline of those in the 'rust-belt'. Hollander addresses the reasons and statistics behind these 'shrinking cities' with a positive outlook,...

Religion and Security in South and Central Asia

by K Warikoo

This book provides local perspectives on religion, security, history, geopolitics and geostrategy in South Asia and Central Asia in an integrated manner. Presenting a holistic and updated view of the developments...

Climate Conflict

by Jeffrey Mazo

This Adelphi explores how cultures have met the climate challenge and provides lessons for how the modern world can handle the new security threats posed by unprecedented global warming.

Globalisation and the Quest for Social and Environmental Justice

by Shawkat Alam & Natalie Klein

The book is an exploration of the intricate nexus that emerges as a result of globalisation, inextricably linking together issues of international law, human rights, environmental law and international trade...

The Children's Book Business

by Lissa Paul

By focusing on the children's book business of the long eighteenth century, this book argues that the thinking, knowing children of the Enlightenment are models for the technologically-connected, socially-conscious...

Understanding Leadership in the Real World

by Mats Alvesson

Seeking to understand the faith we place in leadership, Understanding Leadership draws on a number of in-depth studies of managers trying to 'do' leadership. It offers six metaphors for the leader which provide...

Mental Health and Social Problems

by Nina Rovinelli Heller & Alex Gitterman

Mental Health and Social Problems is a textbook for social work students and practitioners. It explores the complicated relationship between mental conditions and societal issues as well as examining risk and...

Medical Hypnosis Primer

by Arreed Franz Barabasz & KaAndren Olness

Medical Hypnosis Primer presents the basic concepts of modern medical hypnosis and encourages mental health care practitioners to learn how to use hypnosis as an adjunct to standard medical care.


by Ian Apperly

This book establishes the study of ToM in adults as a new field of enquiry and identifies and addresses the key questions that need to be asked by cognitive psychologists to develop a new cognitive model of...

Aging and Caring at the Intersection of Work and Home Life

by Anne Martin-Matthews & Judith E Phillips

There are not many books that address the boundaries of care of older people from a work-life perspective. This book, authored by contributors from various countries, looks at the boundaries of care by looking...

Public Interest Litigation in Asia

by Po Jen Yap & Holning Lau

This edited volume is a very timely and important contribution to the growing field of public law discourse in Asia. Surveying many of the important jurisdictions in Asia including Mainland China, Hong Kong,...