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How to seduce a man

by Giusi Maugeri

This book is meant for all those women who want to discover new secrets to draw men attention and to be courted. The book tells you why, to be great seducers, it doesn't matter being beautiful: there are many...

Landscapes of the Psyche

by Paolo Aite

This book is the result of research carried out by Paolo Aite, who for over thirty years has introduced sandplay in adult analysis into Italy. This method is becom¬ing more and more popular among Jungian analysts,...

Freud and the Baroque

by Raymundo Mier Garza

In 1892, eight years before the cardinal appearance of The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud published an outstanding brief reflection on a crucial enigmatic perturbation of language, On Aphasia. A Critical Study,...

Amore a prima svista

by Yves-Alexandre Thalmann

Nella vita amorosa più che negli altri ambiti le insoddisfazioni che si ripetono portano a grandi sofferenze. I fallimenti sentimentali, i rifiuti, le rotture o i divorzi non sono mai facili da accettare e...

Working More Creatively with Groups

by Jarlath Benson

A new edition of the classic group work textbook!

In Working More Creatively with Groups, Jarlath Benson presents the essential knowledge required to set up and work with a group. He looks at how to plan and...

Handbook of Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Personality Assessment

by Richard H. Dana

Throughout the world as in the United States, psychologists are increasingly being called upon to evaluate clients whose backgrounds differ from their own. It has long been recognized that standard personality...

Researching, Reflecting and Writing about Work: Guidance on Training Course Assignments and Research for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

by Fiona Gardner & Steven J. Coombs

Researching, Reflecting and Writing about Work provides a guide to the research skills and critical thinking required to complete a research project for professional learning courses in counselling and psychotherapy....

The Emotionally Focused Casebook

by James L. Furrow, Susan M. Johnson & Brent A. Bradley

There is currently no single resource that compiles the various applications to the many clinical populations being served by EFT today. The Emotionally Focused Casebook fills that void as a substantive reference...

Setting Up and Running a Peer Listening Scheme

by Kathy Salter

Many children and young people in our schools are in need of someone to talk to. They have problems at home, difficulties with school work, or find that, for whatever reason, they just don't 'fit in'. A sympathetic...

Intellectual Disability, Trauma and Psychotherapy

by Tamsin Cottis

People with intellectual disabilities have emotional and mental health needs just like anyone else. Until recently however there has been little research of effective psychological treatment or direct, accessible...

Lacanian Psychotherapy

by Michael J. Miller

The work of Jacques Lacan is associated more with literature and philosophy than mainstream American psychology, due in large part to the dense language he employs in articulating his theory - often at the expense...

This Art of Psychoanalysis: Dreaming Undreamt Dreams and Interrupted Cries

by Thomas H Ogden

Winner of the 2010 Haskell Norman Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Psychoanalysis!

Why is dreaming the mind's single most important psychoanalytic activity?

This Art of Psychoanalysis offers a unique perspective...