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Thought Revolution - Updated with New Stories

by William A. Donius

Discover your hidden brainpower with this newly expanded guide to the simple but powerful technique that unlocks potential in all areas of your life.

Former banker and CEO Bill Donius drove his bank’s eightfold...

Catch the Fire: An Art-full Guide to Unleashing the Creative Power of Youth, Adults and Communities

by Peggy Taylor & Charlie Murphy

The key to facilitating vibrant, deep, and motivating programs for youth and adults.

Drawing Autism

by Jill Mullin & Temple Grandin

Autism spectrum disorder is found in one of every eighty-eight children—this gorgeous book offers powerful insight into the disorder.

Drawing Life: Narratives and the Sense of Self

by Thomas J. Cottle

Cottle examines the ways people interpret their life experiences and construct meanings for the events they have encountered. In reading the sixteen life studies in Drawing Life, we encounter both inner reflections...

Everyone's An Artist (or At Least They Should Be)

by Ron Tite, Scott Kavanagh & Christopher Novais

Can a Canali-clad million-dollar banker learn anything from a paint-stained artist? Definitely. Especially now.

Clearly, succeeding in business is an art form. We’ve informally labelled activities and pursuits...


by Paul Johnson

Kingsley Amis described Paul Johnson's Intellectuals as “a valuable and entertaining Rogues' Gallery of Adventures of the Mind.” Now the celebrated journalist and historian offers Creators, a companion volume...

Creative Expression Activities for Teens: Exploring Identity through Art, Craft and Journaling

by Bonnie Thomas

This book is bursting with art and journal activities, creative challenges, and miniature projects, all of which help teenagers to understand and express who they are and what is important to them. These fun...

Figures of the One Must Go

by Victor Living

The each path presents challenging ideas about the nature of life and the long history of the human race. While these ideas have serious ramifications, author Victor Living never loses his love of language....

No More BrokeAssNess

by Carvalho Michelle

Is there anything more important than being able to afford the life you want? Some would argue that family, love, and friendships are certainly more precious than money. This book is for those who know better,...

Touching Lives, One Song at a Time

by Jennifer Jonas

This book will transform you through its moving stories about reaching into the world of an Alzheimers patient, about helping someone die a more peaceful death, and about inspiring a child with a special need...

The Psychology of Genius

by William Hirsch & Sully James

This book deals with the Psychology of Genius and the relation between Genius and Insanity.

"The psychological analysis of famous poets will show that the intellectual function is no whit less important a factor...

Phenomenology of Creativity

by Samad Seyidov

The book presents a contrasting study of the views of ancient Indian, Chinese, Greek, Middle Eastern, and Russian philosophers on creativity. It also discusses the subject of creativity as viewed by Freud, Jung,...

Concepts of Intelligence

by Thomas J Hally

Currently the Vice President of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) as well as featured writer for the Mensa International Journal, Hally takes an active interest in human intelligence...

Creative Intelligence [Halls of Wisdom]

by John Dewey, Addison Moore, Harold Chapman-Brown & George Mead et al.

The Essays which follow represent an attempt at intellectual coöperation. No effort has been made, however, to attain unanimity of belief nor to proffer a platform of "planks" on which there is agreement. The...

The Empowered Mind

by Gini Graham Scott

The powerful techniques described in this book are designed to help you tap into and direct the creative force we all have within us, enabling you to more easily achieve your business and personal goals and...


by T. Byram Karasu

We all have indistinct outlines of our life’s trajectory, but we need to formulate a much clearer guiding principle of existence and learn the art of living. From our accumulated knowledge base, we need some...

First Sight: ESP and Parapsychology in Everyday Life

by James C. Carpenter

Carpenter offers a new way of looking at ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and other parapsychological activities that affect our everyday lives. Often seen as supernatural, anomalous, unpredictable,...

The Logic of Human Mind & Other Works

by John Dewey

Musaicum Books presents to you this carefully created volume of "The Logic of Human Mind & Other Works". This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability...

LSD: Doorway to the Numinous

by Stanislav Grof

A pioneering book that explores the unknown landscape of human consciousness induced by LSD and other psychedelics

• Shows the relationship between shamanism, near death experiences, and other mystical and...

Play Intelligence

by James W. Findlay

On the whim of an idea, a sophomore student, unlike any other sophomore, takes on the might of the academic world with one of the most thought provoking books written on psychology and philosophy. Play Intelligence:...