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The Valley

by Joan MacLeod

Eighteen-year-old Connor, an aspiring author whose fantastical stories foretell his growing struggle with depression, can’t wait to be free of his adverb-wielding, solve-it-all mother, Sharon. But six weeks...

Metaphors of Healing

by Harish Malhotra

Metaphors of Healing features hundreds of metaphors Harish Malhotra has created for use with his patients in therapy, which have yielded positive results. Through his metaphors, Malhotra has passed down a successful...

Fountain House

by Alan Doyle, Julius Lanoil & Kenneth Dudek

Often people with mental illness feel alone in society, with no place to go and little hope. Their isolation can be further perpetuated through typical approaches to treatment, such as case management and psychotherapy....

The V-Spot

by Joan Lachkar

Everyone knows what the "G-spot" is, of course. It is a woman's most sensitive and vulnerable physical area. Although men do not have a G-spot per se, both men and women have what Joan Lachkar calls a "V-spot"—a...

Language and Connection in Psychotherapy

by Mary E. Davis

Language and Connection in Psychotherapy: Words Matter explores the role of language in interpersonal and intrapsychic life, looking at how it can support as well as interfere with our ability to function in...

Depression as a Psychoanalytic Problem

by Paolo Azzone

Over the past few decades, psychoanalysis and dynamic psychiatry have been steadily stepping back from a key role in the understanding and treatment of depressive disorders. This book investigates the basis...

Multicultural/Multiracial Psychology

by Manuel Ramirez

This book presents a cognitive styles framework that explores the relationship between traditionalism/modernism and cognitive styles and offers a method for multiculturalism assessment and psychotherapy that...

Riding the Windhorse: Manic-Depressive Disorder and the Quest for Wholeness

by Robert S. Corrington

In this moving account of his struggles with manic-depressive disorder, distinguished philosopher Robert S. Corrington, creator of the school of ecstatic naturalism, presents a compelling argument for rethinking...

The Disappearing Male

by Joan Lachkar

The Disappearing Male by Joan Lachkar, PhD, provides a psychoanalytic/psychodynamic description of eight different kinds of men who “disappear” from relationships without warning or explanation. The term...

The Happiness Revolution

by Andy Cope & Paul McGee

A new book by two of the biggest powerhouses in positive psychology and personal development – Dr Andy Cope and Professor Paul McGee

Happiness. We chase it, we crave it…it’s so in demand… yet so scarce...

Best Herbal Medicine and Healing Food From Nature to Prevent Insomnia Plus Make Sleep Better English Edition

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

Best Herbal Medicine and Healing Food From Nature to Prevent Insomnia Plus Make Sleep Better English Edition Ebook Version

Insomnia is characterized by an inability to obtain a sufficient amount of sleep to feel...

Unlock Your Resilience

by Stephanie Azri

Resilience has never been more important in helping us navigate the stresses and adversity of modern life. Resilience acts as a protective armour that helps us deal with the toughest challenges that life throws...

Independent Living with Autism

by Wendela Whitcomb Marsh

Independence for Adults with Autism is a guide for young autistic adults leaving the shelter of school and looking for guidance in the important tasks of adult life. It is also for the more mature adult who...

Summary of How to Do the Work

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of How to Do the Work

This is a summary guide of Dr. Nicole LePera’s book titled – How To Do The Work. The book talks about how you can discover your pattern, forget your past and reshape yourself....

Lifting Heavy Things

by Laura Khoudari & Licia Sky

  1. While concepts such as “trauma-informed therapy” and “embodied movement practices” have gained traction in recent years, most embodied movement practitioners focus on gentle forms of movement such as...

The Collected Writings of Marcia A. Murphy

by Marcia A. Murphy

The psychotic break occurred when I was in the vulnerable twenties, for me, a naive time of adventure and risks; and I was devastated. Only later was I to learn that psychotic episodes and hallucinations may...

Running for Judge

by Tim Fall & Renee Branson

You don't often hear of elected officials who are battling mental illness. Social, professional, and political stigma are the problem, yet a quarter of our population has anxiety, depression, or both, and continue...

The Good Book of Mental Hygiene

by Gary E. Bell

In The Good Book of Mental Hygiene, expect insight, humor, healing, and a human perspective on all thought-based disorders. Borrowing from the apostle Paul's letters to various cities and followers, Dr. Bell...

On Satan, Demons, and Psychiatry

by Ragy R. Girgis

The goal of this book is to help change misconceptions that have historically pervaded Christianity by educating both laity and clergy about serious mental illness. It will accomplish this goal via an in-depth,...

Securing Serenity in Troubling Times

by Ventline,Lawrence

Securing Serenity in Troubling Times: Acceptance Solutions is framed in the Serenity Prayer, along with edited notes from the Class in Acceptance of author, Lawrence Ventline's boyhood pastor, Fr. EDWARD D....